Build Your Entrepreneurial Skill With this Weird 30-Day Challenge

February 11, 2019 ​- 26 Comments

We've all heard it: "it's not about how often you fail, it's about how often you get back up again".

This quote and countless variations of it are a common sight in any book, blog or social media group about entrepreneurship. And while the message is true, it's not very useful.

That's why in this post, I'll share a method for turning this cliché into action. And you'll discover the one thing no one tells you about what it really means to "fail fast and fail often".


It's About Grit

I think the best word to describe this quality of getting back up again is "grit". Grit is the ability to stick with something, even when it gets difficult. And it's the ability to keep going, even when you suffer failure.

It's true that this quality breeds success. It may be one of the most important qualities for success, as Angela Duckworth's research shows. Here's an interesting talk on the topic:

So, that's all well and good. The motivational posters were right all along.

But how do we make use of this insight? How do we actually develop grit?

That's what my unusual 30-day challenge is all about. Watch the video at the top, to find out more!

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  • desafiandobrasil says:

    Hi Shane!

    Quick request: I left a comment on a previous post, but I don’t think you got to see it, and I can’t find any other way to communicate with you.

    I want to buy your course, and wanted to know if you have a PayPal option available.

  • The parable with the Boxer is really exceptionally effective and clear. I too have thought about the content far too often instead of just producing more of it. I think a 30 day challenge of your own is a really good idea. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

  • Tommy Sikes says:

    I did a 30 day youtube video challenge a few years ago. It was helpful because it makes you focus on getting a simple point across with minimal production.

    Also make me realize that what I thought was a 5 min video topic was actually 30 min. Realized I had to make the bites smaller. Which meant I had WAY more content I could produce.

    Going to do it again thanks for the prompt!

    • Challenges like this can be such good learning experiences! I also did a 30-day video challenge years ago and I feel like I’m still reaping the benefits from it, to this day.

    • Mary Grisolia says:

      I did the exact same thing last year – I’ve actually done it twice. And got to the same conclusion! This is a very useful challenge to make :)

  • Jim Markley says:

    WOW, the boxer analogy was on point, as was the rest of your video. I suffer from “thin skin disease,” going to journal on this tonight to keep it top of mind. Thanks again Shane, you are making the rest of my “guru’s” superfluous.

  • I’m on!

    I was just about to do a last reading-out-loud check of my latest post, but you made me change my mind. You had me at hello. So I’ll just publish today post as is and I’ll start the challenge (accounting today as #1, idealist yes, dumb no).

    Let’s hope my next 29 posts are not too crappy.

    You are a true inspiration Shane. Thx. Marisa

    • Yes, go for it! It’s awesome that you’re taking up the challenge right away. Please report back with your progress, I’d love to know how it’s going for you. :)

  • I remember when I get first time ever hit in my face. It was just his back of the hand, but there was 90% emotion and only 10% aches. Very good comparison.
    I am practicing the “I don’t know” method. And it keeps me away from perfectionism.

    I am looking forward to produce blogs, podcasts and videos without thinking “Is this good enough?”. My website goes online at the end of february.
    I will start at the beginning of March with your 30day challenge and create my crappy content.

    There is a wonderful 30 day challenge with Nathalie Lussier in the web, about list building challenge. Fare too fast for me, because I had no leads, no website, no facebook. Challenging.

    I am curious about your 30days and your timing.


  • Mary Grisolia says:

    This is EXACTLY what I needed! I do get way emotional with failure and the way you explained it resonated a lot with me: the boxer thing + grow up! Thanks a lot for this.

    As for the challenge, I’ve done a videa a day for 30 days twice, so I’m thinking about something else. I don’t want to do posting beacuse I don’t want to rebish stuff to live on my blog (which happened with the 30-day videos, they’re still on my channel and some of them are really awful!).

    I’m thinking maybe an Instagram story (video) a day? Since that only lasts 24h I won’t feel bad about leaving bad content behind (which is my concern). Or if this sounds too much like avoiding failure, maybe a daily live broadcast on FB? I do want to grow my IG audience so I’m more attracted to the IG idea. What do you think?

    • If that’s where you want to grow your audience, then go for it, yes. Just make sure it’s something that actually pushes you out of your comfort zone. Especially if you have already done 30-day video challenges, recording a quick story a day might not be enough to make a difference for you. What can you add or change to make this challenge more challenging?

      • Mary Grisolia says:

        Hmm. You’re right. I’ve been thinking about this (because I really want to do it) and definitely my original idea is too lukewarm and based on keeping myself safe.

        I believe I’ll go for daily posting on IG, which does sound like something that will take me out of my confort zone. This will require me to post imperfect pictures with right-out-of-my-mind text/comments. I’ve been wanting to increase my posting on IG but always stop myself out of fear of exposure and being less than perfect in a social network based on perfectly beautiful, retouched, planned out feeds. I want to break that cycle and be real, but have never managed to do so. It’s time to go for it!

  • I was raised to believe I had to do everything perfectly, this belief has prevented me from enjoying my successes and has magnified my failures.

    As a kid in Junior high school, a bully punched me in the face, I was humiliated and hurt, I never thought to thank him for the experience, its helped me to handle life’s challenging situations and defeats, recalling the memory reminds me of the determination I’ve used in the face of adversity.

    I will start a thirty-day content creation/blogging challenge today. The worst that could happen is I’d create crapy, unusable content.

    But no one will ever punch me in the face again. Shane your content is helping me break through doubt, procrastination and low productivity.

    • Brian, thank you for this comment. It means a lot to me to know that my content is making a difference for you.

      All the best with your 30 day challenge!

  • Hello Shane,

    This was very informative and I am going to take the challenge. I get stuck trying to write good content for my blog and because of it I tend to write less.

    For the next 30 days I will write a post first thing in the morning. I’m going to follow your challenge to your team and only give myself 1 hour.



  • I started a 30 days video challenge but gave up on day 5 :( because I think it’s taking me too much time (2 hours easily) relatively to the result (videos that i dont feel comfortable enough to upload to youtube) i am getting. Should I just see it as a way of learning and not uploading or should I suck it up and spend that much time and make a acceptable video to youtube?

  • I’m considering the challenge but I’m concerned that there will be so much rubish that it could damage my reputation long term.
    I was considering sending an email daily to a list that I had developed through monthly offline Meetup meetings which I stopped doing a while ago. I have since let the list grow cold. I need to do something to rewarm the list but I’m concerned that publishing poor quality content will turn people off completely.

    Thoughts? Recommendations?

  • Love it! In 30 days I will tell you more. I go for it !

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