How to Find Excellent People to Outsource Your Work to & Replace Yourself in Your Business

How much easier would your life be if you could outsource all the tedious parts of your work? Outsourcing might even be the key to an early retirement, with logic that goes something like this: if your work is worth $20 per hour right now and you can pay someone else $10 per hour to do it for you, you're home free!

Unfortunately, the reality of finding the right people to work with and outsource work to rarely matches up with lofty expectations like those.

In today's post, you'll discover the method I use to find great people to outsource work to (and the big mistake I've learnt to avoid)​.


What to Do (& What to Avoid) when Outsourcing Work

Watch the video below to discover my outsourcing method:


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Process vs. People

You might have noticed that in the video, I didn't address the question of where you should actually go to find people in the first place.

No doubt, a blog post along the lines of "The Top 15 Websites to Hire Amazing Outsourcers" would probably get far more clicks and shares than this one, but it would also be utterly useless. The simple fact is that the question of where ​you go to find people is completely secondary.

For most jobs, sites like Upwork or Freelancer are perfectly fine. You can also often find more specialized marketplaces for specific types of tasks (e.g. WriterAccess for hiring writers).

The thing is, you can find good people and bad people, no matter where you go. What matters is that you have a very clear process. From a clear process follow clear requirements, which act as your filter when selecting candidates for the job. And your clear process also ensures that you can actually tell whether someone's doing a good job or not and gives people a chance to get to know your business, your processes and your preferences, so that they can do a good job and become more autonomous and valuable for your business further down the line.​

If you have any questions about hiring and outsourcing, please leave a comment below! I'd also love to hear about your own experiences with finding good people to work with.

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