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There is now a review of Easy Video Suite, the follow-up product to EVP2 available.

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Easy Video Player 2 is a video player that claims to be specifically made for Internet marketers. That’s quite an interesting claim because, while video marketing is a very hot topic, one would think that the player used to display the videos is one of the last things that really matter.

Easy Video Player 2 boasts a few features that are actually very useful for marketers and others that aren’t so much. In this review, I’ll show you exactly what the software does and you’ll learn how it compares to other video players (some of which are available for free). As usual, this review is a bit “late”, since the big, hyped-up lauch of EVP2 is already over. For those who haven’t yet decided whether EVP2 is the right thing for them: Here’s perhaps the first and only actual review, made by someone who’s both used the software as well as many other competing products.

Read on to get the scoop on Easy Video Player 2.

Easy Video Player 2 Overview

Name: Easy Video Player 2
Creator: Josh Bartlett
Medium: Video Player
Price: $127 (+$77 for unbranded version)


At it’s most basic, EVP2 embeds video files that you’ve uploaded into nice-looking players and gives you a code that you can stick on your website, where you want that video to display. This may seem very simple and if you haven’t done much work with video, you might be asking yourself why one would need an expensive piece of software to do this. If you have worked with video a lot, then you probably know how complicated things like this can be.

Before I go into a few more details on Easy Video Player 2 features, let’s address one common question:

Why Not Just Use YouTube?

If the answer to this is clear to you, skip on down to the video.

It is, of course, possible to upload video files to YouTube, vimeo, DailyMotion or any number of other video streaming sites, then grab the code from there and embed the video on your site. This costs absolutely nothing and is very easy to do. So why buy something like EVP2?

Mostly, it’s a question of branding and control. A video embedded from YouTube is branded as a YouTube video, will display related YouTube videos (unless this is explicitly turned off) and may not visually fit in with the rest of your web-page.

More importantly, a video like this is not 100% in your control. There are rules regarding the content (videos that are too commercial might be removed), there are limitations on how long your video can be and there’s always the risk that your account might get blocked or a video removed, at any time, for various reasons.

Finally, you also need to consider that it can make you look unprofessional, if you have a sales-page or product-page and your videos are embedded from YouTube.

On top of all that, Easy Video Player 2 offers a whole bunch of features that are not available through video streaming sites. On the other hand, many of those features are overrated…

Overrated Features

The marketing for EVP2 put a lot of focus on the sharing options you can activate for your videos and how these could make your videos go viral and help you make money and/or grow your list.

Those features are:

  • Adding buttons below your video for sharing on facebook, twitter and digg.
  • Adding embed code to your video, so that your viewers can publish the video on their sites as well.
  • Placing a clickable button (e.g. an “Add to Cart” button) right inside your video.
  • Placing an opt-in form right inside your video.
  • Creating a nicely styled page for your video, including the sharing options and facebook comments.

So, the idea is that you make a video and add an opt-in form or a clickable button and then, thanks to the sharing options, it will go viral and be spread all over the Internet, getting you new signups and generating sales on autopilot.

This concept has some serious flaws, unfortunately. To name just two, videos with commercial intent are a lot less likely to be shared and go viral than non-commercial videos (simply think of all the viral videos you know of and ask yourself if they had worked if there’d been a pitch at the end) and your viewers are unlikely to perform two actions with your video (sharing, embedding, opting in or making a purchase all move the user away from the video page – they are unlikely to come back and perform a second action, once they’ve completed one process).

I don’t mean to be discouraging. If you own Easy Video Player 2, I recommend you give the viral thing a shot. It might just work. But these features are not, in themselves, compelling reasons to purchase this product.

The Upsell that Shouldn’t Be

I feel like anyone thinking of purchasing EVP2 needs to be warned of the upsell. Once you’ve made the initial purchase, there will be an upsell for what is called the “commercial” version of EVP2. What this upgrade (for $77) does is remove the Easy Video Player 2 branding from your videos. The “normal” version will display the Easy Video Player logo in the bottom left hand corner of your videos for the first few seconds of playtime and there will be a “Powered by Easy Video Player 2” links above your sharing buttons, if you choose to display them.

In my opinion, the creators of EVP2 made a terrible choice in positioning this as an upsell. What happens is that you make a purchase and are then informed that what you got was acutally a branded version (which makes it seem like what you just bought is somehow limited or less valuable) and you need to hand over more cash to get rid of that branding.

On closer investigation, you’ll find that the non-commercial and commercial options are actually a very good deal and they should have been positioned as a choice between “Easy Video Player 2” for 200 bucks and “Easy Video Player 2 – Branded” for those with a smaller budget. It’s a great deal either way because you can have the branded player use your affiliate link (when people click on the “powered by” link and buy the product, you get a commission) and getting an unbranded version of Flowplayer (the player that EVP2 is based on) happens to cost a fortune.

This is just an example of bad marketing, if you ask me.

What EVP2 Gets Right

I’ve been quite negative about Easy Video Player 2, so far, so it’s time to talk about what this product gets right and what it’s really useful for. The best thing about EVP2 is in it’s name: It makes things Easy.

The most complicated part about it is the installation (EVP2 is installed your server), which comes with very well made and detailed instructions. Once that’s done, you’ve got a very nice, easy-to-use dashboard for managing all your marketing videos. They are very easy to set up and customize and some of the features are really very, very useful. For example:

  • You can add a download button to your video in one click.
  • You can add “events” to your video, which will make any HTML elements appear above or below the video, triggered when the video reaches a certain point. What’s more, you can add several such events.
  • The page creation feature can be very convenient if you want to send a link to your video, but don’t want to embed it on any of your existing websites.
  • You can have your video play in a lightbox at the click of one button (great for showing higher-resolution videos that often don’t fit into a website’s layout).
  • You can set up automatic redirects that take the viewer to a specific page after the video has finished.

For your video marketing needs, Easy Video Player 2 really is an excellent choice. What’s perhaps the most important thing about it: If you link up EVP2 with an Amazon S3 account, you’ve got yourself the cheapest, most reliable and fastest video streaming device I know of. Since most other commercial video streaming solutions come with running costs and EVP2 is available for just one payment, it can save you quite  a lot of money in the long run. Of course, that’s only if you actually do a lot of video marketing. Which brings me to the final point.

Supported Video Formats

Easy Video Player 2 automatically displays either flash video or HTML5 video, if the page is accessed with a device that doesn’t support flash (e.g. iPhone, iPad). This is a neat feature, but it’s fast becoming the standard for any video player.

As for file input, EVP2 supports the following video formats: flv, mp4, m4v, mov, wmv, avi
As well as these audio formats: mp3, m4a, wma

Note that mp4 (H.264) is the recommended format and that wmv, avi and wma formats will lead to certain limitations concerning the advanced EVP2 features.

EVP2 Video Review

Here’s a video tour of Easy Video Player 2:

The Loading Time Problem

The biggest issue with Easy Video Player 2 is how long it takes for videos to load.

Typically, it will take about two seconds before the player even appears on the page where you embedded it. This can already be an issue, as some visitors might scroll down past the point of the video before it appears and never even know they missed it.

In addition, it can take several seconds before the video starts playing, once the player has appeared. I spent quite some time with the support team to make sure this was not a problem unique to me. It’s actually a problem inherent to the player and as far as I can tell, there’s no fix.

Having your site and content load quickly is very important and the simple truth is that a slow loading player can end up costing you money, especially if it’s for a sales-video.

Should You Buy Easy Video Player 2?

It’s very simple:

If you are not doing any video marketing yet, then there’s no need to get EVP2. It will not be the missing link that finally makes you lots of money. The possible exception here would be that you absolutely know that you’re starting with video marketing and you have several projects lined up that require a player such as EVP2.

If you are a video marketer, i.e. you already work with videos for your sales-pages, squeeze pages and products, EVP2 could be a good choice. Just be aware of the loading speed issue mentioned above.

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