Easy Video Player 2 Review

Update Note

There is now a review of Easy Video Suite, the follow-up product to EVP2 available.

Read it here!

Easy Video Player 2 is a video player that claims to be specifically made for Internet marketers. That’s quite an interesting claim because, while video marketing is a very hot topic, one would think that the player used to display the videos is one of the last things that really matter.

Easy Video Player 2 boasts a few features that are actually very useful for marketers and others that aren’t so much. In this review, I’ll show you exactly what the software does and you’ll learn how it compares to other video players (some of which are available for free). As usual, this review is a bit “late”, since the big, hyped-up lauch of EVP2 is already over. For those who haven’t yet decided whether EVP2 is the right thing for them: Here’s perhaps the first and only actual review, made by someone who’s both used the software as well as many other competing products.

Read on to get the scoop on Easy Video Player 2.

Easy Video Player 2 Overview

Name: Easy Video Player 2
Creator: Josh Bartlett
Medium: Video Player
Price: $127 (+$77 for unbranded version)


At it’s most basic, EVP2 embeds video files that you’ve uploaded into nice-looking players and gives you a code that you can stick on your website, where you want that video to display. This may seem very simple and if you haven’t done much work with video, you might be asking yourself why one would need an expensive piece of software to do this. If you have worked with video a lot, then you probably know how complicated things like this can be.

Before I go into a few more details on Easy Video Player 2 features, let’s address one common question:

Why Not Just Use YouTube?

If the answer to this is clear to you, skip on down to the video.

It is, of course, possible to upload video files to YouTube, vimeo, DailyMotion or any number of other video streaming sites, then grab the code from there and embed the video on your site. This costs absolutely nothing and is very easy to do. So why buy something like EVP2?

Mostly, it’s a question of branding and control. A video embedded from YouTube is branded as a YouTube video, will display related YouTube videos (unless this is explicitly turned off) and may not visually fit in with the rest of your web-page.

More importantly, a video like this is not 100% in your control. There are rules regarding the content (videos that are too commercial might be removed), there are limitations on how long your video can be and there’s always the risk that your account might get blocked or a video removed, at any time, for various reasons.

Finally, you also need to consider that it can make you look unprofessional, if you have a sales-page or product-page and your videos are embedded from YouTube.

On top of all that, Easy Video Player 2 offers a whole bunch of features that are not available through video streaming sites. On the other hand, many of those features are overrated…

Overrated Features

The marketing for EVP2 put a lot of focus on the sharing options you can activate for your videos and how these could make your videos go viral and help you make money and/or grow your list.

Those features are:

  • Adding buttons below your video for sharing on facebook, twitter and digg.
  • Adding embed code to your video, so that your viewers can publish the video on their sites as well.
  • Placing a clickable button (e.g. an “Add to Cart” button) right inside your video.
  • Placing an opt-in form right inside your video.
  • Creating a nicely styled page for your video, including the sharing options and facebook comments.

So, the idea is that you make a video and add an opt-in form or a clickable button and then, thanks to the sharing options, it will go viral and be spread all over the Internet, getting you new signups and generating sales on autopilot.

This concept has some serious flaws, unfortunately. To name just two, videos with commercial intent are a lot less likely to be shared and go viral than non-commercial videos (simply think of all the viral videos you know of and ask yourself if they had worked if there’d been a pitch at the end) and your viewers are unlikely to perform two actions with your video (sharing, embedding, opting in or making a purchase all move the user away from the video page – they are unlikely to come back and perform a second action, once they’ve completed one process).

I don’t mean to be discouraging. If you own Easy Video Player 2, I recommend you give the viral thing a shot. It might just work. But these features are not, in themselves, compelling reasons to purchase this product.

The Upsell that Shouldn’t Be

I feel like anyone thinking of purchasing EVP2 needs to be warned of the upsell. Once you’ve made the initial purchase, there will be an upsell for what is called the “commercial” version of EVP2. What this upgrade (for $77) does is remove the Easy Video Player 2 branding from your videos. The “normal” version will display the Easy Video Player logo in the bottom left hand corner of your videos for the first few seconds of playtime and there will be a “Powered by Easy Video Player 2” links above your sharing buttons, if you choose to display them.

In my opinion, the creators of EVP2 made a terrible choice in positioning this as an upsell. What happens is that you make a purchase and are then informed that what you got was acutally a branded version (which makes it seem like what you just bought is somehow limited or less valuable) and you need to hand over more cash to get rid of that branding.

On closer investigation, you’ll find that the non-commercial and commercial options are actually a very good deal and they should have been positioned as a choice between “Easy Video Player 2” for 200 bucks and “Easy Video Player 2 – Branded” for those with a smaller budget. It’s a great deal either way because you can have the branded player use your affiliate link (when people click on the “powered by” link and buy the product, you get a commission) and getting an unbranded version of Flowplayer (the player that EVP2 is based on) happens to cost a fortune.

This is just an example of bad marketing, if you ask me.

What EVP2 Gets Right

I’ve been quite negative about Easy Video Player 2, so far, so it’s time to talk about what this product gets right and what it’s really useful for. The best thing about EVP2 is in it’s name: It makes things Easy.

The most complicated part about it is the installation (EVP2 is installed your server), which comes with very well made and detailed instructions. Once that’s done, you’ve got a very nice, easy-to-use dashboard for managing all your marketing videos. They are very easy to set up and customize and some of the features are really very, very useful. For example:

  • You can add a download button to your video in one click.
  • You can add “events” to your video, which will make any HTML elements appear above or below the video, triggered when the video reaches a certain point. What’s more, you can add several such events.
  • The page creation feature can be very convenient if you want to send a link to your video, but don’t want to embed it on any of your existing websites.
  • You can have your video play in a lightbox at the click of one button (great for showing higher-resolution videos that often don’t fit into a website’s layout).
  • You can set up automatic redirects that take the viewer to a specific page after the video has finished.

For your video marketing needs, Easy Video Player 2 really is an excellent choice. What’s perhaps the most important thing about it: If you link up EVP2 with an Amazon S3 account, you’ve got yourself the cheapest, most reliable and fastest video streaming device I know of. Since most other commercial video streaming solutions come with running costs and EVP2 is available for just one payment, it can save you quite  a lot of money in the long run. Of course, that’s only if you actually do a lot of video marketing. Which brings me to the final point.

Supported Video Formats

Easy Video Player 2 automatically displays either flash video or HTML5 video, if the page is accessed with a device that doesn’t support flash (e.g. iPhone, iPad). This is a neat feature, but it’s fast becoming the standard for any video player.

As for file input, EVP2 supports the following video formats: flv, mp4, m4v, mov, wmv, avi
As well as these audio formats: mp3, m4a, wma

Note that mp4 (H.264) is the recommended format and that wmv, avi and wma formats will lead to certain limitations concerning the advanced EVP2 features.

EVP2 Video Review

Here’s a video tour of Easy Video Player 2:

The Loading Time Problem

The biggest issue with Easy Video Player 2 is how long it takes for videos to load.

Typically, it will take about two seconds before the player even appears on the page where you embedded it. This can already be an issue, as some visitors might scroll down past the point of the video before it appears and never even know they missed it.

In addition, it can take several seconds before the video starts playing, once the player has appeared. I spent quite some time with the support team to make sure this was not a problem unique to me. It’s actually a problem inherent to the player and as far as I can tell, there’s no fix.

Having your site and content load quickly is very important and the simple truth is that a slow loading player can end up costing you money, especially if it’s for a sales-video.

Should You Buy Easy Video Player 2?

It’s very simple:

If you are not doing any video marketing yet, then there’s no need to get EVP2. It will not be the missing link that finally makes you lots of money. The possible exception here would be that you absolutely know that you’re starting with video marketing and you have several projects lined up that require a player such as EVP2.

If you are a video marketer, i.e. you already work with videos for your sales-pages, squeeze pages and products, EVP2 could be a good choice. Just be aware of the loading speed issue mentioned above.

Click Here to Get Easy Video Player 2


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  • Neil says:

    If someone is a newbie to all this is, are there decent tutorials preferably video!! that take you through step by step on how to use all aspects of the software from installation to using all the extra features?

    What are other decent alternatives to Easy Video Player 2 in order to see a comparison of price features and ease of use etc?


    • Shane says:

      There are very detailed installation instructions. There are also several tutorial videos on how to use EVP2, but it’s mainly focused on the installation part rather than “how to use”. There are no strategies/methods for how to use it for video marketing.

      Alternatives to EVP would be: JWplayer, Flowplayer, bitsontherun, FLVplayer… to name just a few.
      I’ve used and taken a closer look at several.

      Theoretically, you can get pretty much everything that Easy Video Player 2 does, for free, but you need to be a skilled programmer and probably invest dozens, if not hundreds of hours to make it happen. Other services that make it easy to customize and embed videos similar to EVP will usually come with a monthly fee. In terms of features, I don’t know of any other player or service that has as many features as EVP out of the box. The only feature that’s missing from EVP is playlists.

      • Neil says:

        Many thanks for reply Shane,

        Can I also ask how much the amazon s3 element is per month? All references seem to say its cheap but I cannot seem to find a price?

        Also can I ask if you intend to use it for your own videos and I assume your previous videos you either had the skillset your yourself on how to get videos onto your site or you have a reliable and skilled programmer?

        Is there any chance you could provide a video review using the software? I am visual learner mostly and would really appreciate seeing the software in action from your perspective if possible.

        Thanks again

      • Shane says:

        I’m going to add a video to the review. Just haven’t finished it yet, but wanted to get the review out, anyway.

        You can find pricing information for S3 here. It depends on your location and usage, but the prices are just so ridiculously low that you’ll never have to worry about them. I think my last bill was around 20 bucks and that’s for more than 10.000 video views (most of them at high resolutions) and I don’t know how many Gigabytes of videos stored.
        When you start out, your first few monthly bills are likely to be under $1. :)

        I’ll be using EVP2 for most of my marketing videos, from now on, unless I want to use a playlist. So far, I’ve been using bitsontherun, which is an awesome service and has many of the same features EVP2 does. But they charge for upload volume, so it’s a more expensive solution, in the long run. And EVP2 has a few marketing-specific features that bitsontherun lacks.

      • Victor says:


        I couldn’t find just a comment box so I used the reply button.

        I found exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for a thorough review. My only question now is – will this product replace a video editor such as Cyberlink PowerDirector 11 Ultimate or any other high quality video editor? Or do I edit my videos using a video editor such as the one I mentioned above and then use EVP2 to market the video?

        I would greatly appreciate your response by email.


  • Bence says:

    It’s Flowplayer. Flowplayer looks like exactly the same as this player, check out: http://flowplayer.org/

    They probably licensed the code from Flowplayer, nothing special, just a hyped up marketing bullshit. And I hate those sneaky exit popups. Thumbs down for this shit.

    The other popular video player besides Flowplayer is JW Player: http://www.longtailvideo.com/

    But these Flash-based players are not the recommended video embed solution anymore, you should use the HTML5 video tag, with Flash fallback (so it works in IE6, too). In HTML5 the web browser displays the control buttons, so you don’t have to worry about that.

    Check out this: http://camendesign.com/code/video_for_everybody

    • Shane says:

      Yes, as mentioned in the review, it’s based on Flowplayer.
      Heavily customized Flowplayer.

      That’s the point (as mentioned in a comment above).

      It also automatically switches between flash and HTML5, like any decent player will, nowadays.

      With Easy Video Player 2, you aren’t buying the ability to embed video, you’re buying the “easy” part and all the additional features.

  • Neil says:

    Ok the natural progression from the last comments is can I ask what are the main differences between flowplayer and Easy Video Player 2?

    For a newbie will the price of $127.00 be worth the expense in the time it may save in terms in placing the video on your website?


    • Shane says:

      Only if you already do a lot of video marketing and need a player like this.

      I would not get this if all I needed was placing a few videos on one or two websites. I would get this (and did get this), knowing that I create new videos all the time and that video is a big part of my marketing and product delivery.

  • Stephen says:

    Hi Shane,

    Unless I missed it I don’t think you mentioned what Video Formats EVP2 will handle and whether or not the user has to pre-convert their videos to a certain video format (which can take the Easy out of it) in order to use EVP2.


    • Shane says:

      Good point, Steve. I’ll look up the details on that and add it to the article!

      • Dave says:

        Were you able to find out more details on this?

      • Shane says:

        Yes, I added the details to the article.

  • Hi Shane,

    Thanks for the review of our product, I appreciate it.

    I would however like to point out an inaccuracy in your review.

    You state that AFTER purchase we reveal the option for the commercial license. This is actually done up front before anyone pays for the product as an immediate option during checkout.

    Anyone who reads the checkout pages can clearly see the options and what they get.

    Also, its worth pointing out that the watermark is smaller than EVP1 and only lasts 2 seconds during the loading of the video, NOT during the playback of the video.

    The commercial version at $77 upsell represents amazing value for money as it is less than a ONE site license from Flowplayer. (Flowplayer charge $1,450 for a multisite license, we charge $77)

    This option was included because we had so many customers come to us during EVP1 and ASK for it, before our basic version had a big flowplayer logo on it, we made it smaller for EVP2 and many of our EVP1 customers would pay $97 to Flowplayer for the ONE site license and ask us to integrate it with their copy of EVP. We would do this for free to remove the watermark on one of their sites.

    EVP2 launched with an option to remove it from all of your sites forever, for cheaper than the one site license that Flowplayer customers were used to purchasing.

    We have so far had hundreds of existing and new customers thank us for this option as it represents the best value in the entire marketplace.

    For anyone trying claim the obvious, “but its just flowplayer” I would suggest you actually use the product (it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee) and find out what all the fuss is about, the player part is only 1% of the product.

    We went with Flowplayer for the tiny part of the product that is the playing mechanism because it is tried and tested and proven in the real world, and we built on top of that foundation to make it something completely evolved from a basic player.

    We provide an easy way for anyone to embed videos using Amazon S3, within seconds into any website, a central hub that manages all your videos across all your sites, tracks and provides analytics, including conversion stats for your videos, not to mention all the marketing features that when used, can result in HUGE ROI for anyone investing in the small one time fee.

    I am proud that we not only provide the highest quality and most powerful video marketing software solution in the industry but, in the long term we are also the cheapest.

    Every other competitor are either a basic player mechanism only (and more expensive) or a monthly fee for life to get a smaller and less powerful range of features.

    This is why all of our customers rave about the product once they begin to use it.

    For anyone asking the difference between a basic video player such as Flowplayer vs EVP2, the best question to ask yourself is, do you simply want a player that has to be installed by someone with coding experience on all of the pages you want to use it on one by one? Something that simply allows playback of a video file one set up?

    Or do you want a full video marketing solution? One that provides you with a central hub for all of your videos via a central dashboard, to track every statistic, visitor and viewer (including revenue from video) and a system that allows you to easily split test your videos and serve the most effective, embed opt in forms inside your video, buy now buttons, and allows you to tie in to social marketing by creating basic social buzz pages on the fly as well as offering a whole host of other features including modifying how the video player acts, looks and behaves with the click of a few buttons? (Easily redirect people after the video, hide controls, change the player skin, its all done by clicking a button)

    Either option is a good choice, it simply depends on if you are an internet marketer or not and if you wish to get the best result from your videos or not.

    And finally, as a side note, we will be adding a video playlist option in future as well as many more exciting free upgrades.

    Thanks again for the article.

    Josh Bartlett

    • Shane says:

      Thanks for the clarification, Josh.
      I’m sending you an e-mail concerning the upsell.

      As I wrote in the article, I agree with you concerning the value of the commercial license as well as the “it’s flowplayer” part.

  • Mark says:

    Nice Review Shane,

    I’ve been using EVP1 for just over 1 month now and there is a process of setting it up on a server (I’m using Hostgator) and EVP video instructions are easy to follow.

    Fortunately I’m within the 60 days money back period and have been offered an upgrade to EVP2 (thanks Josh Bartlett)…

    EVP help desk even showed me how to have my video play transparently.

    Highly recommended by me.


  • Jason says:

    I just signed up for Kajabi. Would you recommend something like this, or to go with the built in video for Kajabi?

    • Shane says:

      Well, I’d hope that the built-in player in Kajabi gets the job done.

  • Neil says:

    Hi Shane,

    Have you any idea when you hope to add a video reviewing the Easy Player 2?

    I am pretty close to purchasing it but really want to see someone like yourself using it as you are able to pick up on any potential issues and explain why its so easy etc.


    • Shane says:

      I still have a support issue to sort out, and that’s holding me back atm.
      Will get to it as soon as I can.

  • Rolf says:

    Good of you to review this product as video is becoming more important all the time.

    I fully agree with you regarding the use of YouTube and similar services where you really are not in control. Still they can be valuable “teaser” but one definitely should have an S3 solution or similar as well.

    I have tested a really cheap one from Incansoft at 27 dollars and it was not at all bad for making basic videos to get yourself started.

    Screentoaster is another online and free services to get going in videos. It is more flexible than Animoto and Jing.

    One thing I would like to see in any product is an easy way to add captions. It is a great service to those who have a hearing issue and also to people who may not understand the spoken language so well – whatever language you use.

    It is also a good way to get your points across. Seeing and hearing at the same time does enhance the learning.

    Best wishes


    • Shane says:

      Concerning captions, I think the most recent version of Camtasia Studio has a captions feature. Although I don’t know any video players like EVP2 that would support them.
      You can probably upload the finished camtasia videos to S3 and play them directly, though, since camtasia comes with a rudimentary player of it’s own.

  • Scott says:

    All this player is a dumbed down FlowPlayer……
    They are reselling something that is already created.
    for 100 bucks you can get more and learn how to do more with you videos.

    • Shane says:

      Dude, did you read the article and the other comments?

      The “it’s flowplayer” argument is old and it’s been addressed at least twice already (on this page).

  • Maurice says:

    Hi Shane

    excellent review – well balanced and hype free!

    Regarding EVP2 – I purchased immediately it was released and have started to upload video’s etc via the Dashboard which is an excellent feature.

    The hardest part of EVP2 is the actual set-up on your own server, however there are a number of help-video’s and instructions which led me through a faultless install within minutes, just watch the video’s first to get the big picture then run them again whilst installing and you shouldn’t have any problems.

    Although I’m just at the start of marketing with video I can really see EVP2 paying for itself many times over – I’ve lost track of the hours spent trying to do manually what EVP2 seems to achieve in minutes.

    Hope this helps anyone who is undecided!

  • Robert says:

    Hi Shane,

    I liked your review and it has helped solidify my need for soemthing like EVP2. I am not a computer guy or techie but I am makeing more and more videos. The amount of time this will save me is HUGE. I don’t know what others charge for there time, my mine is $100 per hour. do the math. KISS keep it simple is smart.

    thanks again, Robert

  • jules says:

    nice review

    when I try to use the affiliate feature all the embeds have the affiliate field (it’s ticked no in settings) beneath the video when I’d expect this to disappear when it’s embedded on the affiliates site

    so to clarify in your affiliate page you want them to enter the id, but when they get the embed code they don’t want the affiliate field on their site

    any ideas?


  • Rachel says:


    Thank you for an awesome review. I have been doing a lot of research and trial and error with video marketing. I started off looking at the S3 Video Manager, then Flowplayer and now the Easy Video Player. I’m big on managing my brand so I am really interested in the option of removing the flowplayer or even the easy video player watermark and replacing it with my own logo and branding, but I don’t know if it is worth an additional $77 dollars.

    As I reread your review and the comments, I’m leaning toward the purchase, as videos are a large part of my product delivery model.

    Again, just wanted to say thank you for a balanced review.


  • Ed from Ohio says:

    Good Job on this review. It definitely makes life easier if your going to be doing any video marketing.

  • Maree Harris says:

    Shane as a newbie to video I was very confused about all this. You have written an excellent and very clear review that even I can understand. I wish all the technical experts I interact with running my business could put things as clearly as you. Thanks a million!

  • Hello Shane,
    thanks very much for your presentation, that is Fantastic. One question though, why can I not use my Hostgator server to serve my videos? I thought if I can load the flash, or MP4 or any other format of videos using Filezila onto my server and then stream it to my website?
    Why AmazonS3?

    • Shane says:

      Hi Michael,
      You can use your own hosting account, but if you serve a lot of video through it, you’ll run into limitations pretty soon.
      A typical web-page with text, images and perhaps a few widgets is fairly small in size, probably less than 1 Megabyte. A video can easily be dozens or even hundreds of Megabytes in size. That means that each visitor watching a video that is loading from your server is requiring up to hundreds of times more resources than visitors to text/image webpages.
      Using your own hosting, you’ll likely have to upgrade your plan after a certain amount of traffic. Using Amazon, you never have to worry about that as you can serve thousands, even millions of video views and pay next to nothing for them.

  • Paul says:

    I have one question;how about hidding and securing video links from amazon S3 account or any other server? Is there a feature for this with this player? Thanks you for review!

  • Miron says:

    I have seen that your pages with videos rank in google with a video tumbnail

    is that possible only hosting your own video? Is it possible that the tumbnail appears even if i get the video from youtube and embed it in my content?

    • Shane says:

      Hello Miron,

      Yes, it is possible to have a YT embed on your page appear with a thumbnail listing, but make sure you create a video sitemap for your site (check for WP plugins to create video sitemaps, if you’re using WordPress).
      However, it’s going to be more difficult to convince Google to list your page instead of the YouTube page directly, so using your own player and a self-hosted or cloud-hosted video is the better bet, IMO.

      • Miron says:

        thanks a lot for the information, really.

  • Mike Klinski says:


    Concerning EVP 2.0 I gave it a test drive on one of my site and I was very dissatisfied and dissapointed.

    1, It had several errors while installing it on hostgator and I had to ask technical support to install it for me (took 3days).
    2, Videos sometimes dissapeared when you needed to watch them, they were simply not there !!
    3, HIDE CONTROLS function was not working at all
    4, When the site was loading, the EVP video took at least 15 seconds later than site itself so it was looking embarassing.

    BTW I tested on OptimizePress theme.

    I switched to JW player immediately and it work fine !

  • Gail says:

    Hi Shane,

    Thank you for providing this excellent review. I am not a techie and the amount of time I spend spinning wheels on this kind of item is crazy. Having a terrific solution available is a relief. I really appreciate your clarity, detail, and balanced summary. It was also good that Josh gave his insights.


  • Joe says:


    Excellent post. I will defintely be coming back to your site. I found your review to be lucid and thorough. There is one issue that is still on my mind however.

    I’m using S3flowshield right now to protect my files, but it is not completely compatible with my setup.

    I’m wondering if you’ve found that EVP2.0 prevents downloading and hotlinking as well as S3flowshield?


    • Shane says:

      Hello Joe,

      As far as I know, EVP2 doesn’t do any file protection for your Amazon buckets.

      EDIT: it appears that EVP2 does in fact have this kind of protection for your video files (source: EVP support team).

  • >