We’ve created a widget that allows you to quickly and easily customise your YouTube embed parameters for your videos. Simply paste your URL into the input box and then tick the YouTube display options that you want for your video and click “Click here to preview your video“.

Finally, when you’re happy, simply copy the embed code from the text area at the bottom and paste into your own web site!

Please remember that using YouTube for your video hosting comes with several risks. YouTube embeds should only be used on certain kinds of videos and never on sales-videos or other conversion-oriented videos! Check this post to get all the details.

  • Very, very cool tool. I’m looking forward to using it.

    Re non-commercial use of YouTube – surely the thing to do is offer genuinely informative vids that offer authentically valuable information, and point viewers back to our sites.

    Wouldn’t this strategy get around the, very real, problems you’ve outlined? It’s really no different to building post-Panda websites, ie offering authentic value and service.

    I would like to read your thoughts on this.



    • Well, that’s exactly the issue: the YT channel that I had banned was not promotional at all.
      There were no affiliate links, no product promotions, nothing like that. The videos were just like the videos you now find on IM Impact: informative videos and the occasional review.
      I also never used affiliate links. I only linked to my own site.

      I’ve received many emails from people who’ve experienced the same thing. I think no matter how legitimate and non-commercial your content is, your account is always in danger.
      The only exception is if you become one of the big YouTube partners. I’d say that if your account is among the top 100 most popular official YT partner accounts, you’re probably relatively safe.

  • Very nice, definitely makes the videos look a lot ‘cleaner’ – now if you could also block the google ads from popping up.

    What is the difference between checking autohide player controls, and just leaving show player controls unchecked?

    • If you show player controls and use the auto-hide option, the controls appear on mouse-over, but remain hidden otherwise.
      If you have player controls deactivated, the controls never show up.

  • Got it; I didn’t check them both. Did I miss anything to check to get rid of the google ads?

    • You can only get rid of ads on the account-level.

      I.e. you need to own the account and deactivate ads in your account settings. I don’t know if that applies to all ads or not, though.

  • Nice tool, but can this tool generate old style embed code? in some sites i can’t use embed code with

  • Wow – i’m adding it to the FREE TOOLS section of myimplace.com. Thanks Shane.

  • Hi Shane,

    Your company is amazing. So glad I discovered you! Things just keep getting better around here!

    Thanks for the tool above tool. I use it on my Thrive Themes Video Pages. I just tick the “Custom” box instead of the “YouTube” box then paste the code in the field that appears.

    Do you think this tool could ever be added to Thrive Themes Video Pages? That would eliminate the need to flip back and forth from WordPress to this page. Currently there are only six tick options there.

    Thanks again, you guys rock!

    • Hello Tim,

      Thank you for your comment! Can you tell me what you like about this tool that you can’t accomplish with the built-in video module in the Content Builder?

  • This is a great and simple to use tool.

    Do you know why Youtube logo is still appearing?

    • You can’t remove it entirely, but you can make the logo fade out.

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