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WordPress Websites Made Easy is a complete and very easy to follow guide on how to build a website from scratch.  I made sure that every step is covered in great detail, so that publishing your first website will not seem like a very daunting task anymore. You don’t need any programming or web-design skills to be able to create a website, following this guide.

Why Did I Make This Guide?

For IM Impact, I test a lot of different “make money online” products. Something that I’ve noticed is that many of these products kind of assume you already know how to create a website and don’t cover this subject at all, or cover it very briefly.

Of course, this is understandable, as we all just want to find out how to make a quick buck and don’t really want to deal with the nuts and bolts of it all, right?

The problem is, without some knowlegde of those nuts and bolts, there’s no chance of being successful in online marketing.

No matter what you do to make money online, building websites is going to be part of it. Whether you are building a blog, a mini-site, a squeeze-page to collect e-mails or a landing page/brigde page for a PPC campaign, you need to be able to publish online properties.

This guide will provide you with the fundamentals needed to do just that.

How is This One Different?

WordPress Websites Made Easy is certainly not the only guide covering the subject of building websites. I have had a look at many of the similar products on offer and I did my best to make my guide better and easyer to follow.

Here is a quick overview over the topics covered inside:

  • Domain and Hosting
    The guide covers, in detail, how to register a domain name and set up cheap hosting for your website(s).
  • CPanel and WP-Admin Area
    You’ll learn how to operate your host’s cpanel-interface as well as the WordPress administration area. Once you see how it’s done, you’ll be surprised how easy it is!
  • WordPress Installation and Setup
    All the steps required to install and optimize WordPress are described and illustrated.
  • Security
    I had the unpleasant experience of having one of my websites hacked. It was a real pain to get everything up and running again and the experience taught me that websites aren’t safe and secure unless you do something about it. In my guide, you’ll find the simplest and most effective ways to secure your website.
  • Design
    You’ll see where you can find themes (designs) for your WordPress websites and what criteria to pay attention to when selecting them.
  • FTP Connection
    Setting up an FTP connection to your host (in order to up- and download files to and from your website) is also covered. You’ll be using a very simple and lightweight tool for your FTP connection.
  • Content
    Not only will you see how to create content for your website, I’ll also show you a (free) tool that makes content creation a lot easier.
  • Search Engine Optimization
    I’ll walk you through the basic setup for making your website more search-engine friendly.
  • Free
    Not only is the guide free to download, you’ll also find that almost everything related to your website can be done for free. I’ll show you the best free tools and resources available for each step. The only thing that will cost you a bit of money is buying the domain name and hosting (and for this, I show you the best, most inexpensive options).

The guide also contains some additional information for website promotion. Every step you need to take is illustrated with screenshots and made easy to follow and understand.

In short, this guide will give you the best possible introduction to the one thing that is most fundamental for any kind of online marketing: Building websites.

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