The Traffic Escalator – Podcast Episode with Rob Cornish

October 14, 2012 , 9 Comments

In today’s podcast episode, we have a chat with Rob Cornish from GainHigherGround. Rob has gone from absolute beginner to being highly successful in the stock trading as well as the online marketing niche, in the space of just 18 months. The kind of success he’s had is a clear indication that he’s doing something right, so we decided to find out more.

Check out the video or audio below to learn how Rob applies the Pareto principle (80/20) to his business and how he uses what he calls the “Traffic Escalator” method, to drive lots of free, non-Google traffic to his sites and products.

Podcast Video

Podcast Audio

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  • Starting to hear a lot about Rob and his insights on how be built his JV business were interesting

    The message is loud and clear,the more you help others and give first the more likely they are to want to help you in return

    Thanks for sharing Tony


  • Great podcast. Thanks Shane, Paul and Rob.


    Tony A


  • Brilliant podcast! Really interesting to see how Rob’s mind works. In particularly, he mentioned a number of different times the notion of how important it is to “think it through” in depth. 

    And I also noticed that he specifically ‘thought through’ his marketing funnel so that he created products to draw people in, and then created others which are ‘upsells’ but are integral to his customer needs, leading them up to his most expensive product offering. I’m sure that is one of the ‘keys’ to his deserved success! 

    I also appreciate the mention of which will be my next read… 

    Great content – thanks guys..



  • yes that word Reciprocity – gets me every time i mention it too – you’re in good company :) Kate


  • I first encountered Rob as a result of a joint venture (!) he did with Martin Avis, the guy in the IM space I consider to be my main mentor (he talked me into doing a weekly newsletter). I’ve become quite impressed with Rob.

    I’m still at a bit of a loss on how to structure an OTO in my niche — and in the actual nuts and bolts of doing it. I understand the idea of a 100% commission followed by an OTO (or several OTOs), but I don’t know how to actually *do* one.

    As a suggestion for a future podcast (or for that matter a future product) you might cover exactly how to do an OTO — what software tools you use, how to track your affiliates, what plugins to use in a WP site to help with that sort of thing, etc.


  • Hi Shane, Rob gave some amazing frank insight didn’t he, I’m about to launch my first online info product, its about podcasting, niched towards bloggers in particular (like you do!!!) – YAY – so you understand the value of podcasting, specially for bloggers. I’d been tossing up to list on Clickbank, but I think it may be better just to go for JVZOO, Lynn Terry is going to launch it to her list first off, so that gives me leverage to demonstrate to others with lists her EPC stats, and also, unlike clickbank, I don’t have to wait weeks to get paid.

    As a result of Rob’s advice, I will def do the $$$ 100% to affiliate on front product, then 50% on upsell. Before I was going to do 50% commission, but I guess I really need to combine list building with money, and money will probably be less anyway if less affiliates run it anyway.

    Great tips – great timing for me too!


  • Great interview guys, I had many aha moments.

    I must say that I have stayed away from creating low priced WSO’s because there are a few marketers who annoy me intensely by pushing a new WSO just about every day.

    However, I can see Rob’s point about creating a WSO based on a small subject of IM and building a buyers list. I might try that!

    Ian McConnell
    Western Australia


  • Josh McNary says:

    It was hard for me to stay focused on this video because there were so many brilliant lessons that I found myself constantly distracted by ideas for the future of my own business. I’ll have to watch again later :D

    Very quality stuff here.



  • Thanks for the insight. I actually opted to watch this on the go and was pleasantly surprised to see you are using Google’s Hangouts. I haven’t tried it yet, but you’ve inspired me.

    Thanks for the reminder – continue to network and give. It does pay off. It’s very easy to forget working from our home offices, etc. that there is a great big world out there behind our computers and people are indeed connected to it all.


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