Since the OptimizePress alternatives review keeps getting updated, this is a page where you can find the reviews of previous versions of the products, that have been removed from the main review.

Authority Pro 2

Authorty Pro Image

AP2 Example Image
Example of a sales page in Authority Pro 2 (click to view full version).

What I need to get off my chest first is that Authority Pro features what is possibly the worst sign-up process I have ever witnessed. After three upsells and three separate prompts to enter your name and email address, you finally arrive in the member’s area… which isn’t very well put together.

Once you’ve located the download link, you then need to install a theme as well as two plugins, to be able to use the theme. If you activate them in the wrong order, the site becomes inaccessible until you delete the offending plugin via FTP. Then, a theme options xml file needs to be imported…

Not a great way to make a good first impression. But all can be forgiven, if the product is good.

The Bad Stuff

Unfortunately, there is no redemption. The Authority Pro menu conflicts with the WordPress admin bar, the options are plentiful, convoluted and cryptical, the short code generator is clumsy and confusing, most of the graphical elements like bullet points and testimonial boxes are amateurishly designed and the whole thing is just very unpleasant to work with.

I could go on, but a picture says more than 1000 words, so here’s a picture:

AuthorityPro Squeeze Page, very broken
Spot the 20 differences between this and a good squeeze page…

On what should just be a simple squeeze page, with Authority Pro 2 you get the following issues:

  • The call to action arrow is misaligned with the top of the page, for unknown reasons.
  • A “broken image” icon shows, unless you find an option far down the page and select or upload an image. Not showing an image is not an option.
  • The button does not fit the dimensions of the opt in box, even though they are both default choices.
  • The button doesn’t have a transparent background and the background color doesn’t match the color of the box it’s supposed to be in.
  • On each pageload, you first see a blank page, then a light grey page and finally the actual squeeze page.
  • The bullets and overall design are kind of ugly.

Note that this was set up using standard options and settings. I didn’t try to break this page or make it look bad. I didn’t deliberately create the mismatches on the page. In fact, I couldn’t even find out how to fix most of them.

And yes, this example is representative of the overall quality you can expect from Authority Pro 2.

Bottom line: it boggles my mind that this is a product someone is charging money for.


OptimizePress image

After the installation, OptimizePress presents the user with settings menus and options that I wouldn’t call particularly intuitive. Thankfully, many detailed tutorials are provided, to help new users find their way around the software.

There are four main aspects to OptimizePress, each with their own set of options:

  1. Squeeze pages
  2. Sales pages
  3. Launch pages
  4. Membership pages

Initially, it can be a bit confusing, because the various options for these four types of pages have a lot of overlap. You define the type of page you’re creating by selecting a page template in the WordPress editor. Below the editor, there are hundreds of options for all four categories of pages, that you can expand and collapse. It can take a while before you find your way around all of these options.

Example page showing off some of the OptimizePress elements (click to view full version).

The Good Stuff

There is an advantage to all this complexity, which is that OptimizePress can probably do almost anything you can think of. From a built-in video player to social sharing icons and delayed content, OptimizePress is very feature rich indeed. It also comes with a wide range of short codes, which let you add boxes, styled bullets, testimonials and more to any page.

It’s worth pointing out that all of the style elements in OptimizePress look polished and well-designed. It really is quite easy to make a good looking page, using this theme.

Also included is an option to run launches and evergreen launches on well-designed pages with social sharing and comments sections included.

The Bad Stuff

The user interface in this theme is far from ideal. You’ll often find yourself scrolling up and down a seemingly endless page of options, trying to find that one field you want to change. Apart from that, the biggest drawback with this theme is the lack of visual variety combined with its popularity. You can change some basic visual elements like fonts, colors, background colors or images and header images, but unless you dive in to the code, your OptimizePress pages will look very similar to every one else’s OptimizePress pages.

Technically, there are many different page templates to choose from, but in practice, many of them are so similar you can barely tell them apart, at all. This is not catastrophically bad, but it can be a bit of a branding issue, when your sales page and member’s area look practically identical to hundreds of other sales pages and member’s areas out there.

Overall, OptimizePress is a good product and its quality seems to justify the great popularity it enjoys.

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