AdSense Challenge – Part 5

We’ve come a long way already, with this AdSense Challenge. And quite a few of those who joined are already reporting that they are starting to see traffic and have gotten their first few clicks. Today, the new task is pretty simple: We’re going to expand.

Whether or not you’ve already seen success with the site you’re working on, the next step is to set up a second site, with a different topic and a different keyword group. This second site doesn’t need to be promoted heavily (yet) and we won’t necessarily put loads of content on it (yet), but just to make sure the domain is registered and there’s a site sitting there, accumulating age and ready for an SEO push when we are, makes a big difference. This site can either be the next step to ramping up your income, or it can be a “backup” site in case the first one doesn’t quite work out, for some reason.


Set up your new site.
Get the second keyword group we created in part 3 of the challenge. If there’s one available, get an exact match domain for one of the keywords. Otherwise, just get any fitting domain name. Install WordPress, install a fitting theme (AdSense optimized themes here) and set up AdSense.


Post 3 articles or pages.
For now, that will be enough. And the articles don’t have to be particularly long or brilliant, either. Just put a little bit of content on there for the search engine bots to chew on.


Get it indexed.
Just like last time around, run your new site through the IM Talk website submitter to get it indexed. After that, you can just leave the new site be and get back to promoting the original site. Even just by sitting there for a few months or weeks, the site is accumulating a bit of age and that will help with rankings, down the road.


Keep up the grind.
Obviously, we’ve still got the link-building grind going from the last few parts of the series. Keep that up and keep promoting your main keyword for the first site. Once you reach the top three spots for that keyword, move on to the second keyword on the same site and promote the page you’ve optimized for that keyword. Again: Whatever you do, do it consistently.

Time: One week (7 days) for all the steps above.

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