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How to Ship Faster & Overcome Entrepreneurial Procrastination

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This is the reference guide that accompanies our "Your Job is to Ship" podcast series. Find every resource and action-step that will help you create and ship your business' product faster and more effectively.

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How to Beat Bright-Shiny-Object Syndrome

Do you keep getting distracted by new business opportunities? Have you bought a lot of "how to make money online" ebooks and haven't read most of them? Do you buy too many products and tools during product launch special offers, even if you don't need them? Then the solutions in this lesson are for you.

Goal Setting Hacks (Scientifically Proven to Make You More Likely to Succeed)

The way you set goals and plan your entrepreneurial journey has a huge influence on your likeliness of success. The bad news is that the typical ways we are taught to visualize success and set goals are all wrong. The good news is that science has come to the rescue and the fix is in this lesson.

How to Beat Procrastination by Perfectionism

Procrastinating isn't always the same as being lazy. In fact, many entrepreneurs are busy, hard-working procrastinators. They work and build and tinker, they just never ship. Here's what you need to do to overcome this problem...

How to Turn Shipping Frequently Into a Habit

The better you are at shipping, the faster you can succeed. So, what if shipping was ingrained in you as a habit, just like brushing your teeth?

How to Use Deadlines to Supercharge Your Productivity

We all know that deadlines make us more productive. But how can you set deadlines for yourself and actually stick to them?

The Shipping Machine: Putting it All Together

An example of what all of our action steps look like, when applied to one project.

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