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Break through to a new level of productivity & get more done than ever before (while retaining your sanity).

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Module 1: Focus

Introducing the first method for building your "focus skill" and how to start building a strong foundation for a much more productive life.

Watch This First: A Challenge

Watch this video and take the challenge to avoid one of the most common mistakes that prevent people from actually getting value out of an online course.

Note Taking & Writing

Writing is a powerful tool for organizing your thoughts, gaining clarity about your goals and making strategic decisions... if you know how to use it correctly.

Obstacles vs. Deliberate Action

Discover the simple method that can turn your greatest obstacles and failures into your greatest opportunities to learn and make progress.

The Distraction Log: Your New Focus Tool

Put a simple note taking exercise into action, to keep yourself more focused and on track.

Forget Everything You Think You Know About Productivity

3 worst problems that are keeping us distracted and preventing us from being productive.

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Module 2: Optimize Your Environment

Our environment has a far greater influence on our behavior than we realize. In this module, you'll discover how to create a digital and physical environment streamlined for extreme productivity.

Chapter 1: Digital Environment 8 Lessons

Why Environment Matters More Than You Think

Introduction to optimizing your environment and the power of leverage.

The Notification Free Life

The first thing to do, to clean up your digital environment? Start living that notification free life!

App & Browser Tab Minimalism

Declutter your digital environment by creating a habit of app minimalism and browser tab minimalism.

Freedom Time

Discover how you can create and cultivate a slice of "freedom time" in your schedule (and why it's key to becoming super productive).

The Prison & The Fortress

Learn how you can protect what's important in The Fortress and confine what keeps you unproductive (or unhappy) in The Prison.

Cold Turkey: Freedom Time on Your Computer

Discover the desktop (Mac/Windows) program I use and recommend to create Freedom Time and conveniently remove all the usual distractions from your digital environment.

Smartphone App Blocking

The second piece of the puzzle for creating truly distraction free Freedom Time is to manage the many temptations your phone represents. In this lesson, you'll learn the 3 simple rules for phone Freedom Time.

Optimizing Other Digital Distractions

We've done the computer, we've done the phone... let's not leave any stone unturned and make sure we optimize and remove all forms of digital distraction.

Chapter 2: Physical Environment 4 Lessons

Optimize Your Workspace for Productivity

How to optimize your workspace for maximum productivity and minimum distraction. Plus: the most important rule for anyone working from home, on a laptop.

Multi-Device Environment Optimization

Let's expand on the previous lesson and take a look at how you can optimize your environment involving multiple devices like computer, laptop, phone, tablet and TV.

Making Meaningful Change Happen

When you optimize your environment, you run the risk of falling into a trap: the trap of making small changes only. Here's how to avoid that.

Why You Need a Positive, Non-Work Time Filler

When you follow the lessons in this module, you'll find yourself with a lot of time on your hands. In this lesson, you'll discover what you need, to make sure that you don't fall back into "zombie" habits during those times.

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Module 3: Building Sticky Habits

Before we hoover up more information about productivity techniques and tools, let's learn how to build habits and make them stick. In this module, discover what to do, to actually implement what you learn.

Intro to Sticky Habits

A brief introduction to what we'll do in this module, including how habits work and the foundations for how we'll build a productive morning ritual.

Habit Building Tool: The 30 Day Challenge

The first habit building tool I ever tried - and one I use to this day - is the 30 day challenge. In this lesson, you can get the spreadsheet I use to track challenges and habits, old-school.

How to Start Building a Morning Ritual (+ Habit Tracking App)

Discover why morning rituals are so useful for building productive habits and see the app I use to track my morning ritual and other habits.

5 Rules for Better Morning Rituals

Here are my 5 rules. Follow them to start your day right.

My Morning Routine

In this lesson, I walk you through each habit in my morning routine. Plus, the principles behind it, so that you can customize a morning routine that's optimal for you.

Habit Failsafes

When you start building habit stacks, you run the risk of the "ah, screw it..." effect. That's when you look at a long list of habits and decide to not even start. Here's how to safeguard against that.

Measure Your Lead Indicators

What habits you track and what activities you choose to focus on and measure makes a huge difference to your ability to follow through. In this lesson, discover how to identify and track lead indicators, to make your habits stick.

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Module 4: Deep Work

In this module, you'll discover the simple structure and tools that help you create a fully optimized, deep focus work session. The kind of session during which you can do your best work and get more done than you ever thought possible.

Work Types Tool 1: The Quadrant

Discover the "quadrant" tool that helps you quickly classify and prioritize different kinds of work you do. This is the first step to deciding what kind of work should be done during specifically optimized deep work sessions.

Work Types Tool 2: The Trello Board

Do you have the problem of wearing too many hats in your business? Constantly torn about by new tasks and new requirements coming in from all directions? This tool helps you classify and gain control over large amounts of different work types.

The Deep Work Session

Now that we know what kinds of work are most important, here's how to design the optimal deep work session.

Discovering Your Peak Focus Times

To do your best work, you should do deep work sessions - and you should do those sessions during your peak focus hours. In this lessons, discover how to find and modulate your peak focus hours.

To Track or Not to Track

Time tracking can be a valuable tool for your productivity - but only if you do it right. In this lesson, we look at the 2 types of time tracking and the best, productivity-boosting time tracking app.

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Module 5: Goal Setting (the Right Way)

Learn how to set goals that drive action. Most goal setting advice is quite useless, especially for the long term. In this module, we'll look at how to create goals that actually help you get more done and give you more leverage.

Introduction to Goal Setting

Discover why most goal setting techniques are useless and how we'll break goal setting down into 3, results-driven components for maximum effect.

Exercise: Develop Your "Big Picture" Vision

In this lesson, we'll turn vague, uncertain future goals into a clear vision. Plus, we'll turn your goals and wishes into more actionable components using the principles of Pull, Push and Process.

Trello Priority Board: Declutter Your Goals & Projects

Do you always have too many projects going on at once? Constantly seeing new opportunities all around you? Can't decide what your top priorities are (or change them from one week to the next)? I've created a Trello board for you, to fix that.

Define Your Top Priority

In this lesson, we take prioritization to the ultimate conclusion: you will find and describe your single, most important priority.

The Mantra Document - Your Daily Reminder

In this lesson, we'll develop what I call a "mantra" document. A daily reminder that helps keep you motivated and on track towards your goals.

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Module 6: Trello & Task Management

Discover the task management principle that tie together everything we've covered in the previous lessons and how to manage your entire work life in Trello.

Chapter 1: Trello Productivity 6 Lessons

The Personal Productivity Board

Learn how to set up a "personal productivity board" in Trello, to have a complete overview and simple system for all the tasks and projects you work on.

Milestones & The Uncertainty Adjusted Timeline

Is this the best work planning system ever devised? I'll leave that up to you to decide. In this lesson, we'll truly "connect the dots" between our long term goals and our day to day work.

Trello, Checklists & The Principle of Clarity

Discover a process you can use to make procrastination dissolve and make it feel easy to get started with work and be productive.

The Trello Braindump Board

In order to keep your personal productivity board lean and focused, I recommend adding a "braindump" board to your process. In this video, we take a look at how to do that.

How to Use Trello for Working With Teams

Do you work with assistants or teams of people? Then this lesson is for you: learn how to set up a team board in Tello, to make your teamwork more productive.

My Favorite Trello Shortcuts

Trello becomes even more of a time-saving and efficiency boosting tool when you know a few of the keyboard shortcuts.

Chapter 2: Calendars & Time Blocking 4 Lessons

Calendars, Time Blocking & Understanding Your Type

In this lesson, we take a look at the technique of "time blocking", which is as simple as it is effective.

Ongoing Work & Finite Projects

When planning how you spend time on different tasks, it's useful to make a distinction between ongoing work and finite projects. As a founder and entrepreneur, you should be focusing mainly on one of those...

Reminders & Recurring Tasks

You can use your calendar to schedule some recurring tasks that will help you maintain the focus & action system and even optimize it over time.

Batch Your Communication Work

Communication work like emails, Slack, meetings etc. can easily creep up on you and take over your entire work day. Communication batching is the solution.

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Bonus Content

Bonus lessons containing useful advice that sits outside of the main focus & action system as well as answers to questions that members have asked.

Bonus Lessons 8 Lessons

How to Deal With a Lack of Support from Friends, Family & Peers

When you start making real changes in your life to become more productive and make real strides towards your goal, you may find that people around you start to push back. Here are 3 ways to gently deal with this problem.

The "Just Show Up" Method

Learn a reframe that can make it easier to build and maintain good, productive habits.

The Personal Information Filter

Inbox blowing up with interesting offers and opportunities? Constantly suffering from information overload and bright-shiny-object syndrome? Then you need a Personal Information Filter.

Office Hours Replay

Recording of the first focus & action Office Hours live session.

Hyperproductivity, Part 1

What did my daily schedule look like, during my most productive period ever?

Hyperproductivity, Part 2

The 4 factors that make short sprints of hyperproductivity possible.

Hyperproductivity Webinar, Q&A

The recording of the Q&A session from the hyperproductivity webinar.

Webinar Replay: Commitment Devices & Forward Momentum

Learn how to effectively use commitment devices to make yourself more productive. Plus, the principle of "forward momentum", which is like a turbo-charged version of commitment devices.

Emergency Interventions 2 Lessons

Introduction to Emergency Interventions & "Track Everything"

A look at what emergency interventions are about, plus the first extreme-but-useful productivity technique.

Intervention: Rock Bottom

An extreme but effective way to make something happen when you find yourself truly and awfully stuck

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