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Unfortunately, WP Split Test is no longer available. Check out this review of an alternative WordPress Split Testing Plugin, instead.[/error]

As you may already know, I personally like to use WordPress for building all kinds of marketing sites. From blog-style sites to squeeze-pages or sales-pages, with the right themes and plugins, WP can be the ideal platform for any kind of website.

In today’s review, I take a look at a new plugin called WP Split Test and as the name implies, this tool helps you set up and track split tests on your WordPress websites.


Name: WP Split Test
Creator: Matt Kettlewell
Medium: Split Testing Plugin (WordPress)
Price: $37

WP Split Test is a WordPress plugin which lets easily set up split-tests for posts and pages on a WordPress site. For more information on the point of all this, please check out my Split Testing Basics post.

Installation and Setup

WP Split Test installs like any other WordPress Plugin and I had no difficulties activating it. Once the plugin is activated, you’ll find a new options tab in your WordPress admin panel, from where you can set up your A/B-tests.

You can set up as many different campaigns as you like and for each campaign, you can create up to four different pages. The pages are created in a simple editor, just like the one used for creating normal WP post. If you prefer, you can compose your pages in an HTML editor and copy-paste them into the WP Split Test editor.

In other words, you have complete freedom in creating your pages. There are absolutely no restrictions imposed by the plugin. Whether you want to test small changes like different titles or different order-button colours or make completely different pages (video sales page vs. text sales page, for example), you can do it using WP Split Test.

Once you’ve created your pages, you simply grab a small code snippet and insert that into a new WordPress post. You don’t need to add anything else but that code snippet to the post. Once it’s published, the plugin will rotate the different pages for each visit to the post.


Of course, just rotating page variations is only part of the equation for effective split-testing. You also need to be able to track conversion-rates so that you can determine which version of a page is the most profitable one. WP Split Test does click-tracking for your campaigns and interestingly, it tracks clicks within your page contents and also (separately) tracks clicks to your sidebar, navbar and footer contents. For your main page content, you can determine conversion rates simply by checking out the clicks you get to your affiliate link, order button or sign-up button.

Changes can be made on the fly, so if you see that one of your pages is a clear winner, you can give it more weight, deactivate all the other pages or make another minor change within seconds, from the plugin’s admin panel.

Overall Rating

WP Split Test is a very solid plugin. It couldn’t be easier to install and set up, it rotates pages very cleanly (I like the fact that the URL doesn’t change) and it has no negative impact on page loading times, as far as I can tell.

In my previous post about split-testing, I’ve already expressed how important testing and tracking is for any kind of online money-making venture. You absolutely must do split-testing if you are serious about your online business and if WordPress happens to be your preferred CMS, then WP Split Test is the ideal solution for you.

This is for you, if:

  • You like to use WordPress for your sales-pages/squeeze-pages/landing-pages
  • You have monetized WordPress blogs or blog-style landing pages
  • You are looking for a simple, easy-to-use split-testing solution

This is not for you, if:

  • You already have a split-testing solution in place that you are satisfied with

Click the banner below to grab your copy of WP Split Test right now!

Unfortunately, WP Split Test is no longer available. Check out this review of an alternative WordPress Split Testing Plugin, instead.[/error]

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  • Mal says:

    Good review BUT the price is $37. cheers, M.

    • Shane says:

      Hi Mal,

      Thanks for pointing that out! I’ll correct it straight away.

  • Evgania says:

    Hi Shane,

    thanks for the review! Unfortunately the plug-in isn’t available for sale anymore…

    Do you know of another plug-in for split-testing in WP that works with WP 3?



    • Shane says:


      Thanks for the update. I wasn’t aware that this was no longer for sale.

      I’ll have to have a look around and find a good alternative and will post about it here as soon as I do.

      • Evgania says:

        unfortunately that’s the case… i was researching the topic, your post came up, and I tried to find it, but they sell their website now…

        anyways, will come back and check in, and will let you know if I find a plug-in.

      • Eric says:

        Hi Shane, I have recently released a plugin for doing A/B split testing that works on both posts and pages in WordPress. It integrates with Google Website Optimizer so users can keep track of their split test statistics and determine a winner. It also allows you to track external links as your “goal.”

        Here is the site for my plugin. http://www.wpsplittestoptimizer.com

        Let me know if you would like to try it out.

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