Cloning Technology for Your Website

This weeks app protects you from losing your website data and makes clones that I like to use for 3 purposes:



Unfortunately, the Replikator plugin mentioned in this video is no longer available But fear not! I’ve found and tested a new alternative which works in almost the same way. Plus, it’s free! Get it here.

Click Here to Check Out the (Replacement) App

Note: I might have under-emphasized the backup and security aspect of this app. The reason for this is that I already have automatic, daily backups running through my hosting service (and I pay a premium for that). If you don’t have any such security measures in place, then that’s actually the most important reason you should be using a tool like this. Moving and cloning sites is just an added bonus, in comparison.

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  • Hi Shane,

    Thanks on two counts: firstly, for sharing about Replikator Pro, which I wasn’t aware of, and second, for your honest comparison with WP Twin, which I already own, but have been in two minds about, because I’m not a techie and don’t find it easy to use.

    Best wishes from Scotland,


  • Thanks for the video.

    I notice that deployment process require cPanel information but if I don’t have cPanel then what I do … like GoDaddy admin panel or MediaTemple?

    Please advice….

  • Juan says:

    Backup creator is 10 x better than this.

    • Tony C says:

      OK Juan

      Why do you say it’s 10x better?
      Would you like to give reasons why you think so?

      Personally, I got WP Twin when it first appeared. As soon as it was limited in number of clonings allowed I thought it was overpriced. The price then went up as well so it’s well out of the market now as Shane quite rightly says.

      Even though I use WP Twin I also have automatic database back-ups created so that should I need to deploy an older clone, with all the site settings, I can then upload the latest database info.

      Would be nice to have it all in one tool but for what I do, it’s not worth the expense.
      I also do development away from my main site then add it in afterwards as Shane says.

      Thanks Shane for the info.


  • Mark Trueman says:

    Hey Shane,

    This is perfect. I’ve recently got into a bit of speeding up my site frenzy (which you have a great post on that helped btw.). So, one of the things I’m doing is moving my hosting to wpengine, because thats what everyone seems to recommend.

    My only concern are the comments. Does it move the comments as well? Because when I switch I don’t what all the posts to have zero comments.

    – Mark T.

    • Shane says:

      It does move the comments, yes. But I don’t know if this will work with WPEngine… WPEngine doesn’t give you cPanel access and I don’t think there’s a way to manually create databases either, so that will probably stop Replikator from being a viable option.

  • Jim says:


    I read your posts and I usually agree with your software picks but I have to disagree on this one.

    I have been a user of BackupBuddy since it was first available and I believe that it is the most reliable WP backup solution available. It is written and maintained in-house by a team of professional developers in the US and is not outsourced to who knows where…

    I checked out the Replikator Pro website and studied the comparison chart they provide which I do not think is accurate, it is in fact somewhat misleading.

    Most of their planned features, and many others not in the comparison chart are already present in BackupBuddy.

    I do not mind paying a yearly license for software that is being continuously updated and I am uneasy about software that comes with a lifetime price tag because the developer does not have a financial incentive to continue to update it.

    All of the above is, of course, IMHO…

  • John says:

    Hey, Shane.

    Sorry I don’t have anything to say about the video because I don’t have time to watch it right now. It’s good timing because I was just thinking about looking for a “clone” plugin like this. I just wanted to say you look exactly like Patrick meninga, just google his name and some pictures pop up. I thought it was him, and I was like WTH?! Lol.

  • Richard says:

    Sounds good, Shane. Your posts are always helpful.

    I’ve also heard good things about BackupBuddy and WPTwin, but don’t use them either.

    I use, instead, a few other tools. I won’t go into all of them, but among them are xMarkPro & Bullet Proof Security Pro.

    But xMarkPro is a bit more expensive and both it and Bullet Proof Security Pro do take a little more sophistication to use. It is also unclear to me as of now whether the developer of xMarkPro is going to continue to develop and improve it.

    He certainly had big ambitions in the beginning … but only time will tell.

    In any case, if you have a whole lot of sites to manage, and considerable patience with the learning curves, I do still recommend xMarkPro and especially, Bullet Proof Security Pro.

    I also recommend a free plugin called “WP User Locker.” It is particularly good for preventing brute-force attacks. There is also, by the way, some good information on another way to protect yourself from that at hostgator:

    But anyhow, I’m sure your suggested solution is a good one and will satisfy most people’s needs.

  • Adrian says:

    Nice one Shane. Just purchased.

    I’ve tried others but, as highlighted, some charge way too much and/or are too complicated.

  • Kian says:

    I use Backupbuddy and it’s great for remote backups. I have used it also to move sites and sometimes it works seamlessly, sometimes I have to fight to get the transfer done.

    Backupbuddy is a very useful tool and I certainly agree that you need to pay for a tool in constant development, but every year the same price as if you are buying it new every time is a bit too expensive.

    So I searched for an alternative and bought Replikator Pro. Creating backups was very easy but I didn’t manage to transfer one of my sites when I tried. Anyway I emailed the developer and received a very friendly email from Carl wanting to help.

    If he develops all the announced features, Replikator Pro could well be a real Backupbuddy competitor.

  • Graeme says:

    Hey Shane, As usual another very good app option for us Melaugh followers to digest… I had received some information about ‘Replikator Pro'[Lisa Gergets] a couple of months ago and whilst it does have many good features, I still prefer the tool I use, which is ‘Backup Creator’ [Robert Plank]. This tool does everything ‘Rep Pro’ does without needing to supply cPanel info and is cheaper – ‘BC’ also has two Versions, Lite [$7] and Unlimited [$40] – For those of you on a tight budget you can also get WP Duplicator made by a company called ‘Life in the Grid’ and is FREE… it also has many of the features shown by Backup Buddy,’Rep Pro’ and BC’ – Hope this helps

  • When I tried using your link today it went to jvzoo but didnt go to the product. Just letting you know to check your link or update your article. Looks like the software is dead.

    • Shane says:

      Thank you for the heads-up! Looks like the product is no longer available and I’ll have to replace it with a different recommendation.

  • Not that anyone asked, but xMarkPro is defunct. Supposedly another company took it over and is developing it, but it is useless for now, and I really don’t expect much for the future. So definitely not recommended.

    But Bullet Proof Security Pro is actually better and easier to use now than it used to be and has proven very reliable for me.

    As for backups, there are a lot of solutions now, some of them very good. I won’t try to steal your thunder, though. Good luck with your search, Shane.

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