Why You (Probably) Shouldn’t Get Kajabi

Now that we’ve gotten the inside scoop on Kajabi, it’s time for my “final” verdict. It isn’t really final, as the product will keep evolving and there are some open questions I have yet to find any answers to.

As you can tell by the title, I’m not exactly recommending Kajabi. However, I want to make it clear that I don’t mean to bash the product unreasonably and i do think that it has some absolutely phenomenal features. But I’m guessing there are already enough “reviews” out there, that will tell you all about how great Kajabi is…

Read on to see what the two biggest problems with Kajabi are…

Who is it Good for?

As I say in the video, I do believe that Kajabi is useful and a good choice for some purposes.

If you:

  • Plan to create only a limited amount of products
  • Plan to create membership products with recurring billing
  • Charge relatively high prices for these memberships and products
  • and don't have a strong opinion about how sales-funnels and product delivery should be set up, what it should look like etc.

...then Kajabi could be the perfect choice for you. In the scenario above, none of the weaknesses of Kajabi will really impact your business and you'll just be happy to be able to create nice looking pages and memberships with relative ease.

For other business models, it's probably not the right choice.

Mini Warning

I guess this goes without saying, but let me just mention that Kajabi will not solve any problems for you if you do not yet have a running business of some kind.

Before you make an investment, you should have at least one existing product of your own already out there, plus a clear idea of what products and memberships you'll be creating and delivering through this new platform.

Personally, I will not go with Kajabi and you'll see a rundown of many different alternatives to it as well as my personal setup in a post in the near future.

[info]Looking for alternatives to Kajabi? Check out this post with a comparison of many Kajabi alternatives![/info]


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