Web2Mayhem Videos (Massive Video Post)

Web2Mayhem Videos

Once again, I have a rather extensive collection of videos that I proudly present all in one post (a.k.a. Massive Video Post). This time, it’s all about Web2Mayhem, a new all-in-one SEO and website promotion system that aims to out-do SEnuke, BruteForce SEO Evo II and the likes. I’m working on a review of Web2Mayhem and you’ll find it published on this very blog in just a short little while. Until then, check out the videos below to learn about each and every feature W2M offers as well as get all kinds of details and insider info on all it’s aspects.

Below, you find all the videos embedded along with a short description for each clip. Enjoy!

Video 1: Overview of All the W2M Features

As the title says, in this video I run through all of the features included in Web2Mayhem. These features include an automatic account creator, an RSS submitter, an article submitter, a social bookmarking tool, a video distribution tool, a tool that automatically posts to a whole series of free blogging platforms and a PAD (shareware/freeware) submitter. There is also a blog network, a link-exchange system and a bunch of keyword research tools that you get access to when you sign up. NOTE: Shortly after I finished the video, a new submission tool for podcasts was added.

Video 2: The Automatic Account Creation in Action
In this video, I demonstrate the semi-automatic account creation process. You’ll see exactly how the program is set up and what steps it goes through to create your accounts. What’s particularly interesting about this feature is that (where applicable), Web2Mayhem will upload a profile picture and a personal bio to your accounts, which instantly makes them look much more appealing and “real”.
Video 3: Automatic Article Submission in Progress
In this video, I do a “live” screencast of the automatic submission process. I chose to do a submission to the free blogging platforms since that’s a relatively short list and watching the run doesn’t get too boring. Submissions to the article directories are handled in the exact same way, as are other types of submissions.
Video 4: Content Spinner
One of the downloadable tools in Web2Mayhem is the Content Spinner. In this video, I give a quick demonstration of how this little program can make article spinning a bit easier and quicker than if you do it manually. Even though I’m not much of a “spinner”, I think this is a nice addition to W2M.
Video 5: Link Exchange System
This video goes into a little more detail on how the link-exchange system in Web2Mayhem works. Definitely worth taking a look at, as this system is perhaps the easiest way of getting a few targeted backlinks that I’ve ever seen.
Video 6: Syndicate Kahuna
The Syndicate Kahuna is a blog network that you can plug into as a member of Web2Mayhem. It offers a further possibility for distributing your articles and has a lot of potential. However, it hasn’t really been working for me and in the video, I explain what I believe the big problem with this system is.
Video 7: Web 2.0 Co-op
This video is about the so-called Web 2.0 Coop service in W2M. This is a very interesting feature that allows W2M users to exchange “jobs” on social media sites with each other. For example, you can give diggs, thumbs-up and ratings to other users’ content on Web 2.0 sites and in return get the same kind of mini-promotion from them for your content. I really like how this is set up in a way that it can’t be abused for spamming purposes.
Video 8: Web Page Analyzer
This video is about the Web Page Analyzer, an on-page SEO analysis tool that you can also download and use as a Web2Mayhem member. This program can give you some feedback on how your on-page factors like title-tags, meta keywords and keyword density are faring compared to the top listed pages for your targeted keyword.
And that’s it for another video post. As you can see, I didn’t make separate videos for each of the features in W2M. That would have simply been too much. Instead, I tried to give an overview in the first video and then pick out some essential and interesting features to make separate videos for.   If you have any further questions about Web2Mayhem, ask away in the comments section. Also: Watch this space for a link to my soon-to-be-published full review of W2M. Cheers,

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  • GRP Roofing says:

    Hi Shane,

    Thank you very much for your excellent review on W2M, I have found it very informative and glad to finally find an unbiased review.

    I have spent the last year trying to teach myself about internet marketing. It can defiantly feel like looking for a needle in a haystack with everyone giving conflicting advise.

    I used to work as a carpenter and fully believe that the best way to make money is to have the best tool for the job! I really like the idea of using programs that speed up the process of internet marketing (time is money after all).
    I am torn between going with W2M and SENUKE (very interested in soon to be released SENUKE X). I have come to an understanding that all these types of programs are excellent if used in the right way and that most newbie internet marketers submit to many spun articles which result in there rankings dropping over the long term. Does W2M tutorials give you an effective SEO strategy that will keep building your search engine rankings?
    I see that there are advanced tutorials for SENUKE by Mark Dulisse which I see are highly recommended, but will cost you £77.

    Which program would you go for to get effective results and learn how to implement the process properly.

    Any help would be strongly appreciated.

    Keep up the good work.


    • Shane says:

      Hello Ryan,

      Thanks for your comment!
      W2M does include a very detailed strategy guide that walks you through exactly how to use the software and how to build links to promote a site. It’s really well made and one of the great things about the program.

      Unfortunately, I can’t tell you which is better between W2M and SENUKE, as I haven’t tried the latter program yet. I’ve been hearing very good things about SENUKE and I guess it must be very good too.

      Apart from those two, there are at least two more similar “massive-SEO-automation” programs that will be available soon. I’m working on getting access to those systems so that I can review them. I don’t know how long it will take, but my plan is to publish a review for each one of the systems and finally be able to make a recommendation for which one is the best.

      I also might make tutorials for the systems. That might not be useful to you, because it’s all off in the future, somewhere. Until then, I can recommend you try W2M or give SENUKE a try. I’m sure you can get lots of benefit from these tools, even if they aren’t the best possible ones available.

      • GRP Roofing says:

        Hi shane,

        Thanks again for your help, and look forward to your next reviews.

  • art says:

    Great real, hands on, review:)…are the 2 new solutions available? I too am on the fence between senuk and web2may..the video shows a much more user friendly interface. It looks web2mayhem might be better suited for someone that has high quality original content and wants higher rankings for brick and mortar business. they can convert articles into various formats..is that your take on web2mayhem?

    • Shane says:

      Hello Art,

      I can’t really say whether SENuke or W2M is better. As far as I know, SENuke has one or two features that W2M doesn’t, but it also costs more. At the end of the day, both get the job done, though.

  • Nath says:

    Hi Shane,

    Thanks for a great video. I noticed that web2mayhem charges $127 per month- do you happen to know if this is a service where they keep on top of the changes by Google and other technologies and adapt?

    Also- do you know if there’s a one time paid option? (or anything pretty close to this that’s only a one time fee) Or maybe 2 or more products that in sum would do what web2mayhem would do and only pay 1 time fee?



    • Shane says:

      Hi Nath,

      Yes, W2M was always updated during the time I was a member and that’s one of the advantages you get for the relatively high price.
      There’s no 1-time payment option that I know of.

  • Nath says:

    Thanks very much for your time and help…


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