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What is Web2Mayhem? That’s actually not an easy question to answer, because Web2Mayhem includes so many different things. One possible answer is to say that W2M is an all-in-one website promotion system. It includes automatic submission tools, a link-network and a syndication network, keyword research tools a link cloaking and tracking service and a complete step-by-step system for promoting websites.

Does this product deliver or is it spreading itself too thin? Read on to get the full details.


Name: Web2Mayhem
Creator: Jason Katzenback
Medium: SEO Software and Online Applications
Price: $127 / Month

W2M is a system that has many aspects. Actually, saying that is still an understatement. Below, you find a complete feature list with a brief comment for each item. If you’d like to see some further explanations and more details, check out my Web2Mayhem videos.

Web2Mayhem Software

  • Account Creator
    The Account Creator does what it’s name implies: You enter all of your account info (desired username, password, e-mail, profile-picture etc.) and this tool goes out to 97 different websites and creates accounts for you there.
    A great feature of the Account Creator is that it also uploads a profile-picture and a short bio to all the accounts where this is possible, giving them a human touch.
  • RSS Announcer
    The RSS Announcer will take any feed you specify and distribute it to 37 different RSS aggregators online.
  • Social Bookmarker
    This program can automatically bookmark any webpages you load into it on a total of 37 different social bookmarking sites like Diigo, Blinklist, Mixx and others.
  • Video Sharer
    This tool will upload your video files to a maximum of 17 different video sharing sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Flyxia and others. Note that for many videos, it won’t make sense to submit to all 17 sites, since some of them are niche-specific and don’t accept videos on every subject.
  • Article Distributor
    This program submits your articles to 29 article directories online. Among the directories listed are Ezine Articles, GoArticles, Articlesbase, articledashboard and many more.
  • Blog Poster
    The Blog Poster is quite an interesting feature. The Account Creator will create profiles for you on 10 free blogging platforms like Blog.com, Blogger, tumblr and so on. The Blog Poster is the tool you use to submit content to all of those free blogs.
    You can use this to just submit the same articles you’re already distributing to article directories, but you can also make use of the free blogs in additional ways. After all, most of these free blogs allow you to insert links in the body texts, add pictures and videos and generally let you do a lot more with your content than what you can do on an article directory.
  • PAD Submitter
    This tool submits PAD files to shareware and freeware directories. Even if you don’t have any actual programs of your own, you can take an ebook and convert that into a PAD file for submission. In this case, you probably won’t get much attention in the form of people actually downloading the files, but you’ll still get backlinks from the websites where your files are listed.
  • Podcast Broadcaster
    This program submits your podcast audio files to 14 different podcasting sites. Again, this is something that can get you a lot of exposure and some nice backlinks as well.
  • Content Spinner
    The Content Spinner is a relatively simple text-spinning application. It lets you simply mark text you want to create variations for and then manually enter those variations into predefined fields. The program will then insert the correct spinning syntax for you (and you can even choose among four different types of spin code).
  • Keyword Corral
    This tool lets you import data from the Google keyword tool and filter and sort it according to what you are looking for. It’s a pretty solid tool and a good addition to the Web2Mayhem system, but it does require quite a bit of manual labour, compared to high-end solutions like Keyword Elite 2 or Market Samurai.
  • Web Page Analyzer
    The Web Page Analyzer will check some on-page stats on your site and compare them to the top listed pages for a keyword you specify. You’ll get a rundown of keyword densities, occurrence of the keyword in title, header and META tags etc. The tool can also be used to analyze competitor’s pages before you even enter into the race for ranking for particular keyword.
  • Note that for all the submissions that have captcha protection, you can integrate Decaptcher into W2M, if you have an account there (Decaptcher is a paid service).

Web2Mayhem Online Applications

  • Syndicate Kahuna
    The Syndicate Kahuna is a network of blogs that you can submit content to. Similar to article directories and the free blogs, this is one more source of backlinks and traffic for your website.
    The only drawback is that you have to spin your text in order to get a good number of submissions (a non-spun article will not be submitted and the more you spin, the more submissions you are eligible for). After I plugged one of my blogs into the Kahuna and started receiving submissions from other members, I came to the conclusion that this is a big flaw in the system: Most of the articles I received were the kind of unreadable rubbish that auto-spinning software produces.
  • PAD Software Submitter
    In the W2M members area, you’ll find another PAD submitter which is separate from the desktop software one. It does the same basic thing, but submits to different directories.
  • Link Exchange System
    Also part of W2M is a very neat link exchange network. All you need to do is plug a script (or WordPress plugin) into a page on your website (this will be your links-page) and specify your niche. The script will then automatically create a list of links out to other sites relevant to your niche and in return, you get links back from other websites. The system makes sure that all the links are one-way and you get to pick the anchor-texts of the links pointing to your site.
    While links from link-pages may not be terribly valuable, the W2M link-exchange is the easiest and fastest way to get a couple of custom anchor-text backlinks that I’ve ever seen.
  • Collaborative Blogs
    As a Web2Mayhem member, you get the option to create mini-blogs on two collaborative blog sites. You can get your own category or subdomain on these blogs and have the advantage of your articles and links appearing on a frequently updated, aged, high-PR and frequently crawled web-property.
  • Web 2.0 Co-op
    This is a system that organizes the mutual promotion of social media content among the members. Here’s how it works: You can post “jobs” and see other members’ “jobs”. A “job” could be giving someone’s site a digg or a thumbs-up, rating and commenting on someone’s Squidoo lens or bookmarking a webpage for someone. For each completed job, you get credits which allow you to post your own jobs and thus get your own Web 2.0 content promoted.
    While you will never get thousands of diggs or stumbles just from the Web 2.0 Co-op, the system can give your content a great, initial boost that can make a big difference.
  • Redirect Kahuna
    This application is a link cloaking/redirection service that includes detailed tracking.
  • Keyword Research Tools
    Additionally to the offline tool (Keyword Corral), there are several online tools you can use for keyword research.

The System

If you look at that feature list and think that it all might be a little too much, you’re not alone. When I first saw how extensive W2M is, I expected the whole thing to be pretty chaotic and thought it would take me days just to learn my way around all the tools.

However, Web2Mayhem also comes with a step-by-step system and instructions on how to use it. The system simply runs you through several phases for promoting your website going from finding a niche and keyword to the initial promotion phase and all the way to the “maintenance” phase, which is when your site is ranking #1 in the search results and all you have to do is make sure it stays there.

If you just follow this system, you will be introduced to every one of the features of W2M one by one and there is a document and a video tutorial for each one.

Even though there is a ton of training material to go through, it is very well structured. The only thing I can complain about is that the video presentations could be better, but that’s really nit-picking.

As for the system itself: I found it to be very solid and fairly easy to implement. There’s no doubt that following this system will get your pages ranked. The system is nothing revolutionary in itself, it’s just that the W2M software lets you do a lot more promotion and link-building than you would ever be able to do manually.

So, What’s Bad About It?

I’ve been saying an awful lot of good things about Web2Mayhem so far and I’m starting to feel uncomfortable. I hate it when something I write starts looking like a pre-sale.

So, let me put my critic-hat on and tell you some things that could be improved in W2M:

  • Flexible Account Management
    W2M has only one set of user-data per account profile. This means that if you already have an account on GoArticles that you would like to submit to and you have another account on articledashboard, but with a different username, W2M can’t submit to both those accounts from the same profile. You’ll have to create separate profiles or create new accounts with identical username/PW combinations.
    It would be nice if there was an “I already have an account here” option.
  • All Browser Submissions
    All of the submissions are done in an automated browser window. The only problem with this is that it’s a bit slow, at times. The system works quite well, though, so there’s me nit-picking again.
  • Automatic E-Mail Confirmation
    Currently, you have to manually go through all of your mails and confirm the account creations. No fun.
    There are tools that can automatically go through your mails and confirm them. From what I read in the W2M forums, they might already be working on such a solution.



Brass Knuckles, Baby!

Again, I’m always careful about being too enthusiastic about the products I test, but I really have to say that Web2Mayhem is one hell of a fluff-free zone. The training material gets straight to the point and the entire system is focused on getting results. There’s none of the “I made $X in only X days and you can too!” bullshit that you so often find with make-money-online stuff. It’s all abaut learning how to do things and then doing them. No filler.

Web2Mayhem: Fluff-Free Zone.


My inbox has not suffered much from signing up to W2M. I do get occasional mails and most of them are at least somewhat promotional in nature but, and this is a big BUT, they usually contain some really good value like webinar and interview invites (and those webinars and interviews are well worth listening to).

Promotion + value = list I don’t mind being on.


No Scam at all (1 is the lowest this thing goes)

We can go straight to the synopsis-box with this one.

Nothing scammy detected.

Overall Rating

The core of Web2Mayhem consists of a very good collection of auto-submission tools and a solid, well laid-out system to follow for promoting your website(s). Just to be clear: You will still have to do work. To make full use of Web2Mayhem, you should ideally have at least one (better several) monetizable sites in place and be willing to write articles and make videos and maybe audio content on a regular basis.

What Web2Mayhem does, is take that content that you create and make the absolute most of it by spreading it far and wide across the interwebs. And if you’ve ever wondered how to best coordinate all of the different properties to which you submit content, you’ll find a very good answer to that in the W2M training manual and videos.

This is for you, if:

  • You have money-making websites already and want to get more out of them.
  • You know how to build and monetize a website, but lack the tools and/or knowledge to get them ranked in search results.
  • You already create content like articles, videos or podcasts and want to ramp up the results you see from them.

This is not for you, if:

  • You are completely new to online marketing.
  • You have never created a website before.

To sum it all up, Web2Mayhem is a powerful system with powerful tools. Work with it and you will be rewarded.

To learn even more about Web2Mayhem, check out my videos and to see the product itself, click the banner below.

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  • Jason says:

    Thanks for a great, honest in depth review. I’m really thinking about singing up for web2mayhem. Just out of curiosity did you start any fresh domains and take them through the web2mayhem course and tools? I have heard it’s similar to senuke but it seems to offer a bit more in terms of gaining links plus a plan of action. Are your banners part of their affiliate program? I’d like to sign up under you if that’s the case.

    • Shane says:

      Hi Jason,

      Thanks for your feedback. I didn’t promote any completely new domains from the ground up using Web2Mayhem. But I did use it one one domain that was almost brand-new and I successfully promoted several pages on different sites to page 1 in Google. :)
      I’ll be building a whole series of new domains to do some traffic experiments with, very soon. I’ll be using W2M on at least one of those, once they’re done.
      The links and banners to W2M on this page are my affiliate-links.


  • Jason says:

    I signed up through your link so I hope it worked for ya. Thanks again for the blog!

    • Shane says:

      Thanks, Jason. I’m sure you’ll like W2M and what it does to your rankings. :)

  • Joe Mojardin says:

    Saw your Blog bookmarked on Reddit. Nice Blog.

  • Hello Shane

    This is the most honest and comprehensive review about Web2Mayhem I’ve been able to found on the internet – I’m with Mark Ling (AffilloBlueprint) and Jason comes highly recommended by him as well. I’ve already burnt my fingers badly by buying all sorts of stuff and it did’nt yield results, so from now on I do my “homework” before I pull out the credit card!

    Keep well
    Elmien (aka eaglechick)

    • Shane says:

      Thank you very much for your comment! :)

  • Shane, I just got solicited via email to buy this product, then saw your review embedded in one of your instructional videos so I had to check it out! It sounds very similar to Baclink Battleplan only much more expensive.

    • Shane says:

      Hi Jolenta,

      Yes, I think there are similarities to Backlink Battleplan, just that here, all the automation is done from one central tool. I’d have to agree that if you own Backlink Battleplan, there won’t be much news in W2M for you…

  • art says:

    If you could only pick 2 tools to run your business would this be one of them. basecamphq+original content+web2mayhem=success?

    • Shane says:

      Interesting premise.

      Getting a multi-submitter tool like W2M would make sense in this scenario (only 2 tools allowed). But I don’t know what my personal combination would be. I love using lots of tools/services! :D

  • Mike says:

    Since this review is fairly old and web2mayhem is not on your recommended list, would you recommend web2mayhem at all? Would web2mayhem be a good tool to have along with backlinkbattleplan which I already have?

    • Shane says:

      Hi Mike,
      I think you’ll find that what Web2Mayhem does is quite similar to what the Backlink Battleplan teaches. W2M would be slightly more automated.
      At a lower price point, I’d definitely recommend it, but it seems to me that the 130 bucks a month are a bit too much for what is offered.

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