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Webinar Connect and the New Traffic Paradigm

With Webinar Connect, I’ve released a new software product that helps anyone who hosts webinars get more registrations and get more traffic. The product is one in a series of releases and while all the products are separate entities, they all fit together with my overall business strategy and the topics I cover on this site.

Read on to find out why Webinar Connect was created and how it fits into the New Traffic Paradigm.
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Website Clinic Replay

In this post, you can watch the replay of our website clinic webinar, where we showed live examples of how to improve websites to make them better and more profitable.

In addition, you’ll also discover the easiest ways to replicate the tests we utilized during the webinar and you’ll find a list of all the sites and resources we mentioned during the call.

Read on to get everything you need, to start making more sales from your site as well.

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IM Impact Live Website Clinic

Today, I have a pretty special invitation for you.

This coming Saturday, I’m going to do a live webinar unlike any I’ve ever tried before. You’ll get a unique chance to get help with creating better websites, getting more traffic, getting better conversion rates and more.

Watch the video below to see what the webinar will be about.

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The New Rules of SEO

Search engine optimization has always been a moving target. Algorithms change, people’s expectations of websites and web content change and SEOs need to adjust accordingly to keep up.

The Google Panda update of March 2011 and many of the subsequent updates have shook up the SEO world to a greater degree than any updates before that (at least since I’ve been involved in SEO). As a consequence, there’s quite a bit of conflicting and misleading or simply out-dated information about SEO floating around right now.

In this article, we’ll take a close look at exactly what the new SEO landscape looks like and what you can do to rise to the top, once more.
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My New Affiliate Program: Webinar Recording

The IM Impact/SwissMadeMarketing affiliate program is now officially launched! Why SwissMadeMarketing? You’ll see in the video below. This is the affiliate program where you can promote all of my products and all joint products I have with business partners and earn tons of money for it. And I mean that. This program was built with one goal in mind: Make it ridiculously lucrative for my affiliates. Because what’s good for my affiliates is good for me.

Check out the video below to see the recording of the launch webinar, where I explain all the details:

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Conversion Non-Secret: Presentation on Profit Funnels

Here’s a (long) video-presentation on the topic of “Funnels”. Whether you use an autoresponder, a multi-page website, a series of content like in the typical product launch or even one-on-one follow-up with your prospects on the phone or face-to-face (in the offline world), you’re using a sales-funnel of sorts.

And if you aren’t, then your conversions probably suck…

Watch the video below to get all the details on why funnels increase conversion dramatically, how to set them up and what the essential components are, that make them work.
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GoToWebinar vs. dimdim

GotoWebinar vs. dimdim

This is just a quicky review of GotoWebinar by Citrix and dimdim, two online meeting and webinar services that I have used. I’m simply writing this post to share the experience I had with both services and explain why I ended up using the one I ended up using.

After many webinars and some bad experiences, I hope I can make the decision a bit easier for you, if you’re currently on the lookout and unsure which service to go with.

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Fakeinars, Pitchfests and Webinars

What’s your gut reaction when you see an e-mail from a marketer, inviting you to a webinar? If you haven’t done much screening and unsubscribing from lists for your “guru inbox”, I’m guessing your gut reaction is a negative one. Many people’s history with webinars is that they “have been burnt” and now know better than to attend them, or attend them very cautiously, with their anti-advertisement shields up.

I personally love doing webinars and it’s my favourite way of keeping in touch with my subscribers and customers. There’s nothing wrong with webinars. What I don’t like are Fakeinars and blatant pitchfests… (warning, ranty post ahead)

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