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Help Desk Software Comparison

I recently implemented a help desk to help handle the support requests from my various products as well as the SwissMadeMarketing products. With a service- or product-based business, you’ll inevitably get to a point where handling support via email just becomes too messy and that’s exactly what help desk software is made for. Most importantly, as soon as you hire people to help with your support, a helpdesk will make your life a lot easier.

This post is not an extensive review, since I didn’t test every help desk solution out there in great detail. I did, however, spend some time poking around, looking for (genuine) reviews and user feedback, combing through feature lists and weighing pros and cons. Since I already did all that work, I figured I might as well share what I learnt with you.

Read on to see which free and paid helpdesk solutions are right for you.

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