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Why Giving Away Your Valuable Content for Free Can Seriously Hurt Your Business

If you sell information products (which is something I recommend you do) and you also do content marketing, you'll inevitably face a dilemma. On the one hand, it's your business to sell your know-how and expertise and on the other hand, giving information away for free is how you can attract an audience.

How can you know what to give away and what to charge for? And if you give away too much, will anyone still have a reason to buy from you?

Watch the video below to see my simple solution to this problem:​

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Free Line Concepts: Pagan vs. Belcher/Deiss

I already wrote about the meaning (and importance) of the so-called Free Line – the line that separates the stuff you give away for free from the stuff you charge for. In recent research, I’ve come across two different concepts, that both work effectively, but treat the free line very differently.

This post is about those two methods and how you can implement them in your own marketing.

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Guru Popcorn, Episode 1

Today, I want to introduce a new, ongoing series for this blog. I’m calling it “Guru Popcorn” and it’s all about Internet marketing Gurus and their big product launches. As I’m sure you know, the Internet marketing space sees big, elaborate launches for products in the $2000 price range on a regular basis. While I have never been a customer for these products, I really like to follow the pre-launch process and see how marketers build up hype and excitement (and they need to build up a lot of hype and excitement to convince people to part with two thousand bucks).

I also happen to believe that you can probably learn more about marketing by observing and analyzing what the successful marketers are doing than by buying their magic pills. Guru Popcorn is about following the big product launches, but instead of frothing at the mouth with anticipation for the product, we will watch, be entertained and learn from these marketing spectacles. It’s a bit like going to the movies, really.

Read on to see my run-down of one big launch that’s going on right now.

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The Free Line

The Free Line

This post is about the concept of the “Free Line”, the line that separates stuff you give away for free from stuff that you charge for. The Free Line is a concept that I first heard Eben Pagan talk about (though I don’t know if he coined the term) and it’s one of the things that is drastically different in online marketing, compared to “traditional” offline marketing.

Read on to learn exactly what the Free Line is and how it’s placement can dramatically impact your business.

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