Why We Take a Deep Dive on the ActiveGrowth Podcast (Instead of Rapid Fire Content)

Our minds crave variety all the time. We are always in a hurry: we want it all, we want it fast and we want it now. We want to consume new and exciting information as rapidly as possible as we think this is how we make fast progress.

But are we really? 

If you've been following the ActiveGrowth podcast, you may have notices that we take a different approach with our content. We go slow. We spend weeks on a single topic, talking for even as long as an hour each week if we need to. Why?

Because "slow down to go fast" is not just an overused cliché. 

Before we dive deep into our next big topic, listen to our mixup episode to learn why we take things so much slower and how you can benefit from doing the same. 


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Episode Transcript

In This Episode, You'll Discover...

  • Why "haste makes waste" i.e. why going fast won't take you anywhere
  • How craving for variety and wanting to be in a hurry doesn't match well
  • Why consuming a lot in a short time makes you feel like you're making progress
  • Why we're taking it slow at ActiveGrowth and discuss the same topic for weeks when the other way would be more exciting?
  • The hardest part of deliberately choosing to go slow and getting over it
  • How Thrive Themes benefited from the going slow approach

Slow Progress O​​​​ver No Progress

What is your way to apply changes to your life? Do you like taking it slow and focusing on one thing or you're trying to do all at once? Share your experience with us!

Want to be featured in our future podcast episodes? Leave us a quick voice message about your story and experience with the topic:

The Traffic Question

So, we've covered traffic generation in our first series (starting here) and our main point was: forget about traffic generation.

But maybe you're thinking: "I already have an offer on my website. What I need is more traffic!"

If you've already done the work of creating a product or offer of some kind and you have a website - if you're in the position that people could theoretically buy something from you, but they don't - then I want to hear from you.

If you have the "I have an offer, but I need traffic" problem, please let me know by leaving a comment on this post or by contacting us here.

We will dedicate one of our future content series to helping you solve this problem.

About the Author Alexandra Kozma

Alexandra is a traveling marketer. When she is not editing podcast episodes or writing blog posts, she's out there exploring a new city. She's the creator of the Morning Mindset daily mindfulness journal.

  • christinapetrie says:

    I have the “I have an offer, but I need traffic” problem

    • Can you tell me some more about your business? What’s your offer? Who’s your target market?

  • Dalila says:

    Very insightful Shane. You totally speak to me. I love how you tap into our fear of responsibility when you make choice and decision to be disciplined and committed to one thing.

    • Thank you for your comment, Dalila! It means a lot to me to know that my message gets through to someone.

  • Karen McCamy says:

    Once again, you’ve managed to zero in on one of my biggest problems! I even found myself completing sentences during the podcast! ;-) “Great Minds…and all that! Your message here is totally on the mark, yet I still find myself faced with the same problems of overwhelm! That’s when I need to back off and s-l-o-w down, asking the very question you posed at the end of the podcast! :-)

    I think one of the biggest benefits I receive from these podcasts is that I feel you are right here, coaching me!

    The irony is… If I had only trusted my own “gut” about the logical way to proceed **several years ago** — knowing full well what my audience wanted and needed — I’d be a LOT farther along by now. Your sage advice has confirmed I was on the right track all along, but my insecurity stopped me in my tracks! Your podcasts serve to validate I was on the right track but I had no one to support my decisions! (Thus,,,chasing to many “gurus” & “shiny objects!”

    Oh well… Live and learn!

    I am so grateful for these podcasts and your incredible sharing of entrepreneur knowledge: both what works & what doesn’t!

    Thrive Architect is awesome, btw! It truly is “cutting edge” and has raised the bar for all of the other “builders” out there! You must be very proud of your design team! I can’t begin to fathom how much development work has gone into the product!

    • As the saying goes, there’s nothing new under the sun. I’m sure many listeners already know many of the things mentioned in this episode or, like you, at least had a hunch about it. And I certainly can’t claim to have invented these ideas. But from my own experience, I also know that sometimes, you need to be told the same things many times over before it clicks. And I’m glad to know that I’ve been able to do that for people in my audience, on some occasions. :)

  • Abigail says:

    This is unbelievably relevant to every entrepreneur out there, thank you for being painfully honest and sharing advice that a lot of big names tend to refuse to acknowledge.

  • raul says:

    Congratulations on this great 13th podcast, and on the amazing Thrive Architect. Thanks for facing this issue of slow growth. I am also suffering it. For example in blogging, after making more than 300 posts in a corporate blogs, we end up with a “zombie” blog that goes without neither profit, neither loss. Small tasks may get done, but we do not leverage the real potential. Now I think that with the team working together to solve one issue at a time, will create “excellence” in the resolution of the task. And will make us end up with an excellence stock, that make real growth happen. Also, by getting use to identify each week and solve an issue, I wish we will become good at the process of solving important issues. And growing. So worth trying, and by the way, more fun to work this new way:)

    • Thank you, Raul!

      I’d love to know more about how this deliberate process works out for you.

  • Pamela says:

    I also have the “have an offer, need traffic” problem. I am publishing a paid newsletter for moms of little kids (just curated, relevant, bullet point summarized news – no listicles, celebrity stuff, bullshit scare stories, etc). I have a small paid subscriber base with a high open rate, but I need to start getting strangers to the site/Facebook page.

    • Thank you for your comment, Pamela! How did you get the initial subscribers for this newsletter?

  • elizabethvillegas92 says:

    I have an offer but I need traffic.

    Okay so I’m still in my early stages but I’m about almost done with my funnel. I have the free offer, the mid offer and core offer.

    What I don’t have is the people.

    My ideal client hangs out on Instagram and Facebook.

    I currently have an Instagram with about 9,000 followers but I haven’t posted in about 3 months. And as you guys have mentioned before, algorithm brings in less attention. But I know I need some kind of momentum in becoming visible online.

    I feel like I should begin there while adding content onto my website. Then grow the platform later on to Facebook.

    I’m just unsure where to begin.

    On Instagram, I have tried to come up with a content plan but every time I try to do it, the posts feel very random. Idk if social media should have an approach of weekly topics or something.

    I guess my biggest struggle is content.

    What should I start posting/talking about on my social media and blog.

    This issue also came up with trying to create new subscriber follow up email sequences.

    Is there a specific category for this problem? Lol, is it content creation issues?


    That’s where I’m at currently.

    • Thank you for your feedback!

      To clarify something: yes, it’s dangerous to build your whole business on a platform like Instagram of Facebook, but if you know that that’s where your crowd hangs out, then there’s nothing wrong with tapping into those platforms for marketing purposes. We just advocate that the foundation for your business is something separate, so that it doesn’t all go away if Instagram would cease to exist.

      As for content creation, there’s this post on the Thrive Themes blog that might be helpful for you. The second part of this post outlines some content types that you can try to apply to your niche.

  • Lan says:

    Thank you, great episode!

  • Susanne says:

    Thank you, Shane and Hanne, for one more great and very useful episode!

    I am currently working 1:1 but want to scale. With the help of a course I am building a launch with a challenge currently, but for the moment I am exactly in that place: a product (not finished – I heard you :-) ) but no audience yet so I need traffic.

    • Thank you for your comment, Susanne. Can you tell me a bit more about your product? And what do you feel is the reason why you don’t get traffic yet? What’s the source of the problem, in your opinion?

  • >