SEOLinkVine Now Closed

Just a quick update: SEOLinkVine has now been closed for new members. It’s still possible to sign up for free and add your own sites to the network and receive free content. However, the link-building portion of SEOLinkVine, the part you have to pay for, is no longer open for new members.


SEOLinkVine has opened again and by all indications, it is now permanently open.


For everyone on the lookout for alternatives to SEOLV, please check out my very extensive blog networks roundup review. There, you will also see why SEOLinkVine is not recommended, compared to some of it’s competing products and services.

That’s all for now. Cheers,


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  • Jason Venters says:

    Hey Shane looking forward to your link-building strategy. When do you think you will have it out? By the way I was a bit confused on this post. I’m not sure if you meant to put the free in it. I put it in caps for ya.


    2. For anyone who wanted to join, but missed the chance, I also have something for you guys in store. I’ll be publishing a link-building strategy that you can follow for FREE and that will give you similar or even better results than a system like SEOLV (depending on how intensely you use it, of course). This will not be free, but I will be offering it for a very reasonable price.

    • Shane says:

      Really can’t say, yet. Right now, I’m still working on finishing my keyword research guide. I’m still not sure whether I will release a “small version” of the link-building strategy first and an expanded version later, or whether I should go with the expanded version right from the start.
      In any case, it will be a few weeks at least, before anything’s available.

      About the “free” part: Good point, I guess that’s a bit confusing. Here’s what I mean: The guide teaches advanced link-building using only free methods and tools. I will, however, charge a price for the guide.

  • Jason Venters says:

    Right on! Keyword research is probably the most important thing in my mind. I was talking to a friend of mine who has no idea about websites and stuff and saw an infomercial on a product about building a site and making money. It was interesting listening to him and the questions he had.

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