Staying Motivated for the Daily Grind & Why You Need ‘Self-Marketing’

As an entrepreneur, you have one job: conjure a working, profitable business out of thin air.

It's not an easy thing to do and that's why you have to embrace The Grind and you have to hustle...

But while most of us can work hard in short bursts, how can you stick with it for the long run? When the excitement of starting a new business has worn off, how do you keep motivated for the day-to-day work?

That's what we're answering in today's video...​


Motivation, Discipline & Self-Marketing

Here's a link to more details about what I mean when I mention The Grind. The post also provides some real-life proof that this concept works.

Even if you haven't thought of it like that before, "self marketing" is something you already do.

Think about the different ways you frame and "sell" things to yourself.​ Which ones are effective, leading you to take action right away? Which ones are ineffective, making you want to crawl up and hide instead of taking action?

Let me know about some examples of self-marketing in your life by leaving a comment below!​

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