November 6


Passive Income & the Entrepreneurial Fear Factor – IMP#31

Rob Cornish from Gain Higher Ground returns to our podcast to tell us about how he managed to take several months off (and travel the world), while his business still provides income.

The talk we have with him takes a surprising twist midway through and him, Paul and myself share some unusual but highly valuable insights.

Podcast Audio

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In this Episode:

  • How Rob set up a business that keeps providing income while he travels the world.
  • The typical “launch” model compared to some other methods that are less spectacular but more valuable in the long term.
  • Why focusing on the relationship you build with your audience can “override” factors like your sales copy, design etc.
  • Why “pulling the trigger” is one of the most important skills beginner entrepreneurs need to work on.
  • Why you “can’t escape the pain” and too many people give up searching for a pain-free business model.
  • The point in business where’s it’s just not about strategies or business models – the real difference between success and failure happens in your head.
  • The mindsets and mental models that Rob, Paul and Shane have used successfully to overcome fear and obstacles along the way.

If you have any questions about the topics discussed or want to share your thoughts, please leave a comment below!

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