Podcast Episode 6 with Michael Aagaard

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In this week’s episode, we have a guest on our podcast. Michael Aagaard from ContentVerve is a copywriting and conversion optimization specialist from Denmark.

In the podcast, he tells us about his approach to conversion optimization and why sometimes, the best things to do is to break some rules. He also reveals his content marketing strategy for his relatively recently launched English blog.

Check out the video and audio versions of this podcast below:

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Podcast Video

Audio Version

Click here to download mp3 file.

Check out Michael’s blog here and follow him on twitter @ContentVerve.

Ask a Copywriting Pro!

Michael was kind enough to offer doing a follow-up to this podcast episode, where he’ll answer your questions about writing effective copy for products, blogs, opt-in forms or anything else you can think of.

So, let us know: what’s your most important question about increasing conversions on your site?

Leave a comment below and we’ll compile the questions for Michael!

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