What to Do When You Launch a Product & No One Buys… IMP#36

In previous posts & podcast episodes, we've talked a lot about minimum viable products, getting businesses off the ground on a shoestring budget and the value of releasing rapidly.

If you follow the advice you find here, you'll soon find yourself with a product or service ready to present to the world and perhaps you even orchestrate a small launch for it.

Now, what if you do all this and get virtually no result? What if no one buys your minimum viable product, no one signs up to your launch list and you get no feedback from the market? Is it time to give up or are there other options?

Discover the answer in today's podcast episode...​


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Topics Covered in this Episode

  • ​What kind of issues & problems we see as normal and expected (after a dozen or more launches under our belts).
  • How we made a big mistake when re-launching a very successful product - and how we responded to the negative reaction we got.
  • How to get feedback from the market even if your product launch is not going well at all (discover several techniques we have used in the past).
  • Why the problem you're facing might be THE CURSE OF KNOWLEDGE & what to do about it.
  • The story of our worst product launch ever (you won't believe how badly this went...).
  • Why there is no "one size fits all" solution or correct response to a failed launch. Instead, see the different solutions we've used and learn which ones are best suited for which situations.
  • Listen to the story behind a whole range of launch experiences we've had, from things going catastrophically badly, to launches that went well, but not great and many in between. For insights into our most successful launches, check out this episode and this one.
  • Why we've walked away even from products that had successful launches. Failure is not the only signal that tells you to pivot.
  • The true (and usually misunderstood) benefit of following a "lean" product creation model and creating a minimum viable product. This point will change the way you think about building your business...
  • The difference between changing your plans or quitting the good way vs. the bad, time-wasting way.
  • The one mindset shift (activities vs. results) that will change you from being a "strong starter/non-finisher" to seeing project through.

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