Link Love Friday #04

Every Friday, I post links to my favourite blog-posts, news and resources concerning SEO, making money online and everything Internet marketing. I usually don’t post a lot of links, but all of them are worth checking out. Quality over quantity, baby!

Here are today’s recommendations:

  • Google Personalized Search on SEO 2.0
    There were two insightful posts into the recent Google upgrade, making personalized search based on the search history, a standard for all Google users. This is the case, even if you aren’t logged into a Google account. The first post is a list of ways in which personalized search affects SEO and the second one contains some ideas on how to use personalized search to your advantage.
  • Great Content Does Not Make for Great Rankings (by itself) – SEOmoz
    Very interesting post on SEOmoz about the sometimes unfortunate fact that “build it and they will come” rarely applies in the online world. Just having great content will not automatically lead to good rankings and this post explains why.
  • Mark Lyford’s Millionaire Challenge
    Mark is a guy who’s seen some ups and downs in his time. He used to make tons of money, then got in dept and even spent time in prison. On the day of his release, he embarked on a personal challenge to make a million dollars. On his blog, you can follow his progress daily. Very interesting to see someone who’s been around the block build an online business from scratch. Definitely worth checking out.

And that’s it for this week’s roundup.

Have a great weekend!


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