Link Love Friday #02

Every Friday, I list all of the best sites, articles, and cool stuff I found online about online marketing. The emphasis here is on quality over quantity, so you might not find a ton of links, but their all worth following.

See this weeks selection after the break.

  • More on the Duplicate Content Myth – Jonathan Leger
    I recently posted my own thoughts about duplicate content. The linked article by Jonathan Leger actually has two parts (part 1, part 2), of which I especially enjoyed the second one. The posts are already a bit over one year old, but they are still relevant as ever and definitely worth a read.
  • Description of a CPA Scam – Harlan Kilstein
    A while back, I posted an article about the difference between a scam and a crappy product and stated how I often see the term “scam” being misused. The video linked above is an example of a real scam. It’s really disgusting that people do such a thing and the video is well worth watching.
  • Dennis Yu – Shoemoney
    Speaking of scammers, this is an in-depth post by Jeremy Shoemaker about the, by now notorious, Dennis Yu, a guy who managed to piss off a lot of high-profile Internet marketers in a very short time. It’s interesting and sometimes baffling to read his story. There’s more in this follow-up post.
  • 3 Symptoms of a Marketer Who’s Destined to Fail – Chris Rempel
    Finally, here is an incredibly good post about where most IM’ers that fail to make money go wrong. I’ve seen many a post with this type of “Top Mistakes to Avoid” theme, but this one just left me speechless. It’s really well written and contains priceless information. Go read it now!

And that concludes today’s roundup.

Have a great weekend!



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