Link Love Friday #01

Every Friday, I list all of the best resources, articles, videos and other stuff I found online about Internet marketing. The emphasis here is on quality over quantity, so you might not find a ton of links, but their all worth following.

See this weeks selection after the break.

  • Pat’s First Annual Income Report – Smart Passive Income Blog
    Pat has been documenting his online marketing career on the Smart Passive Income Blog for just over a year now. He has been incredibly proficient in finding and leveraging sources of income and his blog is a real goldmine of good information. He posts monthly income reports and just recently, he posted his first ever annual report. Some very good summaries and insights await so go ahead and give it a look, if you haven’t already!
  • Grizzly Brears’ Take on SEO – How To Make Money Online For Beginners
    Griz has an interesting, relatively simple and probably accurate stance on SEO. This article is a good summary of said stance. He also takes on some of the misassumptions being spread about social media marketing. And in case you caught the “controversy” caused by Powazek’s recent rant about SEO being all lies and scams (to which SEObook and many other SEO blogs posted rebuttals very quickly), Griz also adds his two cents to this little discussion.
    All in all, I really liked this post for offering quite a wide overview over what’s currently going on in the SEO “scene”.
  • How I Ranked For 66’000 Visitors Worth of Keywords – ViperChill
    While it has a very spectacular title, this post is actually a “keyword research basics” kind of post. Glen from ViperChill explains how he drove a ton of organic traffic to his personal development blog, PluginID. Great resource if you’re new to keyword research, as he explains everything you need to know to do it and it’s all with free methods.
    Reminds me that I should do an RQR Basics post on keyword research.

And that’s it for today’s roundup.

Have a great weekend!

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