Building a Lean, Mean Ecommerce Business – Podcast Episode 18

For a change of perspectives, the topic of today’s podcast episode is Ecommerce, featuring Andrew Youderian, a leading expert in the field.

While I have a background in Ecommerce myself, it’s not something I usually write about on this blog. However, Ecommerce is a business model I definitely advocate, since it falls squarely into the category of product and service-based businesses. Plus, it’s always good to gain insights from new perspectives and see what makes businesses work in other fields.

Andrew, today’s guest, runs Ecommerce Fuel and shares many insights, including:

  • How he used his online stores to fulfill the dream of a location independent, almost autonomous business.
  • How  “lean statup” principles can be applied to selling physical goods.
  • How to sell physical products without ever having to worry about stocking, bulk buying, shipping etc.
  • How to establish a small store, run by only a few people, against giants like Amazon.
  • The right and wrong ways to scale a business (applies to any business model).

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