Building a Lean, Mean Ecommerce Business – Podcast Episode 18

July 26, 2013 , 5 Comments

For a change of perspectives, the topic of today’s podcast episode is Ecommerce, featuring Andrew Youderian, a leading expert in the field.

While I have a background in Ecommerce myself, it’s not something I usually write about on this blog. However, Ecommerce is a business model I definitely advocate, since it falls squarely into the category of product and service-based businesses. Plus, it’s always good to gain insights from new perspectives and see what makes businesses work in other fields.

Andrew, today’s guest, runs Ecommerce Fuel and shares many insights, including:

  • How he used his online stores to fulfill the dream of a location independent, almost autonomous business.
  • How  “lean statup” principles can be applied to selling physical goods.
  • How to sell physical products without ever having to worry about stocking, bulk buying, shipping etc.
  • How to establish a small store, run by only a few people, against giants like Amazon.
  • The right and wrong ways to scale a business (applies to any business model).

Podcast Video

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Podcast Audio

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  • Hello again Shane,
    Very informative podcast, thanks Andrew!

    How are you generating your traffic to your sites and do you control the traffic? With 25% margins PPC doesn’t leave much profit on the table, so what are you doing to get traffic? I can see you get some organic traffic but where is the bulk of your traffic come from? Or are you advertizing your site instead of relying on traffic…

    P.S. Shane, still love Hybrid Connect, it’s working well for me and thanks for

  • Thank you both, that was helpful in a lot of ways. Particularly helpful were the discussions about adding value by providing more information, and along with offering a run down of available solutions to customers.
    It was also good to hear that PPC is often not economically viable for margins under 25% (I’m sure exceptions apply).
    Finally I was nodding along about the need to grind it out in the early days. It’s so true that if the business owner doesn’t have the passion, nothing that’s outsourced is going to have the same return as a motivated owner.

  • Hi Shane,
    I’m a Hybrid Connect customer and I enjoyed this in-the-trenches interview with Andrew on eCommerce. Even though I’m in the life-coaching area, the interview contained a lot of good nuggets. I’m launching a web TV show in August and would love to know what tech solutions you used to produce this video podcast. My initial plan is to do my experts interviews using Google Hangout on Air. Any recommendations?

  • Hey Shane and Andrew,

    Thank-you for the insights, especially the value add about selling product solutions and selling information products that go hand and hand along with selling a physical product. A little too late, I’ve already tried to compete with Amazon and learned the hard-way so I joined Amazon and I still could not compete with top sellers in my niche market. It’s all a learning process and is good I suppose. My next venture will be trying to fix products that I happen to sell if I can’t fix your product you might buy the new one from me. I’ll Add value and then hope to sell the product to you. I’m off to visit eCommerce fuels… Thanks,

    Fred Tappan

  • I love the information about eccomerce and how it worked out with Andrew.

    I actually went over to his site and it is pretty amazing. A lot of great information over there worth checking out if people are interested in reading about eccomerce.

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