Interview With Terry Kyle – SEO and Linkbuilding Expert

September 7, 2010 , 13 Comments

Terry KyleHere’s an awesome interview with Terry Kyle, one of the two owners of the Backlinks Forum and the creator of Backlinks Hydra, which is easily the most advanced and most innovative backlink building guide available anywhere.

In the interview, Terry reveals some of his coolest methods for building backlinks and talks about what you can do to win the (often difficult) battle for that number one position, even for pretty tough keywords. He also talks about some of his experiences with buying aged, high-PR domains and and different ways to utilize these for backlink building.


Listen to the interview here:

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  • Great interview Shane. Can’t wait to hear what your follow up question is. Would be interesting if you could expand on your question about how Backlinks Hydra would tie in to your Backlinks Battleplan.


    • Thanks, Gerry!

      And thanks for your suggestion, I’ll definitely send out something on making Battleplan and Hydra work together. :)


  • Hey Shane,

    Awesome interview with Terry who is certainly one of The backlinks experts around.

    His latest course Backlinks Hydra is probably the cutting edge product of using backlinks as a means to conquer that desired No. 1 position on the first page of Google´s results -especially if not only for high competitive keywords.

    On the other hand his techniques are pretty much advanced stuff and not easy to implement for the small home business owner who´s goal it is to gain that No. 1 position on Google for his keywords in his niches.

    Terry has bought hundereds of aged domains over the months to be able to control the quality of his backlinks to his money sites -which obviously is a super advanced way to get a lot of link juice to one´s money-sites. But it is also something most people will not be able to afford as these aged domain sites are not really cheap.

    Your own Backlinks Battleplan course in my opinion would be the much better option for small to medium size home business owners to start with.

    Anyway, very good interview and some meaty content to take into consideration for our own backlink building efforts. Thanks for sharing



    • Hi Mirko,

      Thanks for your comment! Yes, Terry’s stuff is very high-end, advanced stuff, in my opinion as well. It’s not ideal for beginners and those with no or very limited budgets. But it’s perfect for everyone who’s gotten some success with SEO and is looking to step up their game, go for more competitive terms etc.
      I’m actually working on a full review of it right now, where I’ll elaborate some or on these points. :)


  • That’s a second from me….BLB and Hydra….then retire


    • Hi Peter,

      Thanks for your comment!

      Let me add a slight correction to your formula:

      Step 1: Backlink Battleplan
      Step 2: Backlinks Hydra
      Step 3: ?????
      Step 4: Retire



      • Look forward to the review Shane – great to hear from Terry.

        How about this…

        Step 1: Backlink Battleplan
        Step 2: Backlinks Hydra
        Step 3: Synnd
        Step 4: Retire


      • Hey Alex,

        I’m liking how this retirement plan is taking shape. :)

        So, you’ve had good results with Synnd? I’ve been meaning to test it, but it’s one of those things that always ends up on the bottom of the pile.

  • Hi

    I have just joined the back linkers forum and have just purchased the report, I am looking forward to reading it and watching the videos this weekend.


    PS a review of Synnd would be most welcome


    • Cool. I bet you’ll love it.

      I’ve been told that Synnd are currently doing a major update. I’ll be reviewing the service once that’s completed. :)


  • Thanks Shane, for a very informative interview with Terry. I was looking for some information on his course, and after stumbling on this interview its clear he knows what’s happening in the backlink world ;)


    • Thanks for your comment! Terry is definitely on top of it. One of the guys worth listening to because he spends most of his time “in the trenches”.


  • Great interview Shane, you really got some gems from Terry. I wasn’t sure about hydra before but what Terry has shared in this short snippet has me want to get it.. and I will be later this week. Thanks again


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