Click Here to Join the Impact Insider Facebook Group!

On the page, you should see a link to request joining the group, like this:


So, my statement from the video was wrong. While I can’t add you to the group unless you’re an fb friend, you can still join yourself (makes perfect sense, right?).

  • Hi Shane,

    just asked to be a member of your new Facebook group.
    Unfortunately, I couldn’t leave a comment there.

    I hate this Facebook hysteria as much as probably you do but who knows, maybe it will work just fine.
    Wasn’t to much of a fan of the “old” impact insider forum as well.

    In the end I think to really built a community you should use one of the following dedicated forum software tools:

    – vBulletin
    – phpBB
    – XenForo
    – (former ip.board)


  • Paul says:

    Nothing that FB does makes sense to me!

    Looking forward to the new direction of the Group, I am glad you are stubborn as it would be a shame not to fully explore the potential.

    I for one have not participated in the ‘old’ group much due to personal circumstances overwhelming my time.

    That should all be sorted by the end of next week so I was looking to get up to speed after that, so I would have been disappointed had it stopped.



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