Guru Popcorn: Kajabi

In today’s episode of Guru Popcorn, I take a close look at the first pre-launch video for Kajabi, a tricked-out media/product/membership platform. There’s a lot of interesting stuff going on in the video and with the marketing of Kajabi in general. To everyone’s great relief, this might just turn out to be “not your average product launch” (because, let’s be honest: we’re getting tired of those…).

Check out the video below to see my take on the clever marketing tactics used in this launch.


If you haven’t seen the pre-launch video for Kajabi yet, click here to watch that first.

Kajabi Guru Popcorn Video

What I failed to mention in the video, even though I meant to, was how incredibly good Andy Jenkins is with narration. He's a guy who can practically speak on two tracks at the same time: He can say one thing with his words and use tone and rythm to say something else. Reminds me that I want to work on my own speech skills. Also: Sorry for saying "clever" about 200 times in my video... Leave a comment below and let me know what your thoughts about this launch are! Do you agree with my views of Kajabi? Or do you think I was too much "under the influence" of the marketing message, because I'm actually interested in this product? Cheers,  

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