Guru Popcorn, Episode 3: Perpetual Traffic Formula

Wow. Just wow.

That was my first reaction to Perpetual Traffic Formula, or rather the free report, which you can get here and which is the first part of a launch sequence for Ryan Deiss’ next product.

The landing page is really slick and awesome looking and the report itself has great production quality as well. As for the content? Marketing at it’s best.

Read on to see the genius way in which this system is positioned as something new and different in what may well be the most saturated market ever… (video after the break)

The premise is this: “SEO is actually really easy”.

Think about that for a second. How many products are there, that have this basic premise? How many products promise to teach you some super-simple SEO secret? Tons of products have this premise because so many people are after “free” traffic (still need to pay for all the SEO ebooks, so it ain’t exactly free…).

What does Mr. Deiss do to make his product stand out from the crowd? Well, check out the report and be amazed. He brakes down SEO to three factors, one of which is “new” in that no one has talked about it before. Not in a big product, anyway. That element is “activity”. In other words, he says that Google checks for human activity on sites and uses that data to adjust rankings. More human activity equals better rankings.

Is this true? I don’t know. It’s certainly not true that human activity is necessary for good rankings. But whether it helps or not, I honestly don’t know. I’ll be testing it, for sure.

There are a few things that struck me as particularly interesting about the sales-process that’s going on with this product. More on this in the following video:

To get the free report, go here. How did you like the report? And what about the marketing style? Is it appealing to you? Finally, do you have any experience with whether on-site activity makes a difference to rankings? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Cheers,

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