Google Sniper Review

Google Sniper Review

Here it finally is: My extensive Google Sniper review. If you are already involved in Internet marketing, then you have very likely heard of Google Sniper. There is a lot of hype surrounding this program and it was promoted and discussed by many in the make money online business. I have been testing this system for about two months now and in this review, you will get the complete run-down of every feature, every strength and every weakness in Google Sniper.


Name: Google Sniper
Author: George Brown
Medium: ebook plus videos
Price: $77

The Google Sniper package consists of one main, 99 page manual, eight training videos as well as a document with process maps laid out for you, so you can easily follow the system step-by-step. There’s also a short introduction ebooklet, but it’s pure fluff. You can just ignore it and get started with the manual right away.

The premise of the system is as follows: George Brown says he can teach you how to build simple, small WordPress websites in just a few hours and get them ranked on page one in Google without having to build any backlinks.

So, the idea is that you can do some keyword research, build a site like this in a very short time and then move right on to the next site because you don’t need to do any article writing, backlink building, social bookmarking or anything else like that, once the site is built. A pretty bold claim, to say the least. Of course, these sites ranking on page one for their keywords can then be easily monetized by promoting some kind of affiliate program.

Hard Selling

Let me get one thing right out of the way: GSniper is very sales-heavy. Right after the purchase, you’ll encounter two upsells, the first one for $97 and the second one for $77. As per my reviewing guidelines, I didn’t buy or test either, but especially the first one looks really scammy to me. The reason being that it’s a “niche marketing course” that will teach you how to make lots of money online. This begs the question: Isn’t that what the product I just bought is supposed to be?

In addition to this, you are signed up to a $37 monthly membership when you purchase GSniper. If you don’t want to be part of this membership site, you have to opt out of it after the fact. To be fair, the first month is free, which is a good thing. But I’d still rather opt in to something like this than have to opt out of it.
I was only a member for about six weeks, but in that time, I didn’t see anything in the membership section that warranted $37 a month.

Finally, the keyword research tool Keyword Elite 2 is promoted/recommended within the Google Sniper course and the membership and download areas contain advertisements and affiliate-promotions.

In short, there will be a lot of product pushed your way once you sign up for Google Sniper.

What’s it About?

As already outlined above, the system will teach you how to build a WordPress powered site in a very specific manner. The final site will only consist of around 5 to 10 pages of content and all of it will be focused on one keyword that you pick beforehand. The site will be promoting one product and one product only (no Adsense ads or multiple products) and the goal is to get this site to rank on page one in the Google results for the targeted keyword and convince as many visitors as possible to buy the promoted product through your affiliate link.

The system covers a wide range of topics starting from how to set up the website and what kind of content to add, how to find the right kind of keywords to target and walking you all the way through the process until you have one completed GSniper site. The detail in the instructions is usually very good and easy to follow. The videos support what’s written in the manual quite well, although some of them are pretty redundant after having read the text.

I particularly liked how much emphasis was put on how to create content, how and where to place affiliate links within your site, and how to test for optimal conversions.

Something I noticed is that the manual often contains a piece of advice followed by something along the lines of “…this is only a guess” or “…not sure but it works for me”. It would have been nice of George Brown had actually run some tests instead of including a bit of guessing and unfounded claims in the ebook. On the other hand, I think it’s great that he is honest about the things he doesn’t know and didn’t test instead of just pretending like they’re all rock-solid facts.

Pros and Cons

Google Sniper does many things right and gets some things wrong. Here, I want to lay it all out for you, so you can decide whether this product is worth your money or not.

One thing that needs to be mentioned is this: Yes, it really works.
You can get a simple little WordPress blog listed on page one, getting free traffic and making sales. So, fundamentally, the system works and you can and will make money if you follow through on it.

The greatest strength of the course lies in how the creation of the website is laid out. The manual and the videos give you a very clear idea of what the final website should look like and what it should contain. There’s also a lot of thought put into what kind of theme you should use and what kind of story you should tell about yourself on the website, all carefully tailored towards getting more sales.

One part where George completely drops the ball, however, is when it comes to choosing a product to promote. There is no really useful information about what criteria to choose products by and the video on this subject consist of George browsing CBengine, seemingly at random, and basically saying: Pick a ClickBank product with high gravity. I bet you couldn’t have guessed that by yourself.

Another little issues comes up with the keyword research component: Finding the right keyword is absolutely essential for making this system work. You have to find a very particular kind of keyword if you want to stand any chance at all of getting a page ranked for it without any backlinks.

Google Sniper contains detailed information on what kind of traffic volume, number of competing pages and criteria in the pages already ranking for the keyword to look for. You will also be presented with three suggestions for picking keywords:

  1. Find a keyword using the free Google Keyword tool and spreadsheets.
    This method is free but requires quite a bit of work with copying data into spreadsheets and manually sorting and filtering it.
  2. Find a keyword using Keyword Elite 2.
    Makes it a lot easier to find good keywords, filter them and analyze the competition for each one of them, but the program is quite costly.
  3. Simply use the product name as your keyword.

The third method, using the product’s name as your keyword, is presented as the quickest and easiest way to pick a good keyword. It’s true that a product name is generally a good keyword since people who search of a product name already know what they want and are quite likely to buy.

But, and this is a big BUT, in combination with the product selection advice from before, this becomes absolutely terrible advice for Google Sniper sites. Why? Because you can bet that for any ClickBank product with a high gravity, there will be tons of marketers out there, targeting the product name and building search engine optimized sites, creating backlinks to them, bookmarking them and so on. In this kind of environment, a Sniper site with zero backlinks doesn’t stand a chance to get a permanent listing on page one.

What You Need to Know

I realize that I’ve been very critical of this product so far. It remains, however, that the system fundamentally works and that you can make money using it. I don’t mean to bash this product or George Brown in any way.

There are two things you absolutely need to know if you decide to try Google Sniper and these things are:

  1. Finding the right keyword is the most important part.
    Needless to say, you won’t be able to rank for highly competitive keywords with a zero-backlink site. Therefore, it’s absolutely essential that you find the right kind of keyword: A keyword that gets a good amount of traffic, consisting of potential buyers, but that has the kind of profile that will still enable a Sniper site to be listed in the top spots in a Google search.
    Since using product names won’t work for very popular products, you either need a way to find ClickBank products (or other products) that can get good sales, but that you can still compete for, or you need to do the keyword research. And be warned: Finding a keyword that matches all the criteria outlined in the course can be very difficult. Even using a tool like Keyword Elite or Market Samurai, you can easily spend an afternoon sifting through results before you find a usable keyword.
  2. It’s a numbers-game.
    If you start with the GSniper system, plan to build at least five sites before drawing any conclusions. Some will work, some won’t and you can’t always tell beforehand whether a site will stick or not. Google moves in mysterious ways, after all.
    If you stick to the system and build five sites according to it, you will definitely have at least one or two winners in there. And for the sites that don’t quite make it to page one, it’s worth considering biting the bullet and building some good old-fashioned backlinks to them anyway.


There is some fluff in Google Sniper, but it isn’t rampant. Apart from the completely useless introduction manual (clearly just padding to make the feature list a bit longer) and the almost non-existent advice about selecting products to promote, the course is quite action-oriented, though. The system is laid out quite well and the process maps are a good addition.

Two instant “one-time-only” upsells that seem to devalue the purchase just made and a thin, paid monthly membership that you are signed up for without any real choice and have to opt out of if you aren’t interested certainly get the scammy-and-crappy alarm ringing. That, plus the advertisement and promotions in the member section are really too much. Overall, the excessive product-pushing significantly devalues this product.

Overall, I can’t really recommend Google Sniper. The prodct isn’t downright bad, but it certainly lacks polish and the aforementioned product-pushing just leaves a bad taste. It could have been a lot better and more newbie-friendly if some blunders in regards to keyword research and product selection would have been avoided. I also feel that the content and delivery of the videos could and should be a lot better.


This article has been getting some views again, because it turned up in the “popular articles” list, due to the number of comments it has received. I’ve adjusted the article content little bit and I just wanted to add: In addition to the issues mentioned in the article, the system is somewhat outdated, by now. I do not recommend this product.

About the Author Shane Melaugh

I'm the founder of ActiveGrowth and Thrive Themes and over the last years, I've created and marketed a dozen different software, information and SaaS products. Apart from running my business, I spend most of my time reading, learning, developing skills and helping other people develop theirs. On ActiveGrowth, I want to help you become a better entrepreneur and product creator. Read more about my story here.

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  • Dear Shane,

    I love the way you review this product, very honest way of review. I think this kind of review should be included in the product’s testimonials, so it refect the true picture of the products.


    Quality Professional

    • Shane says:

      Thanks for your comment! I’m very happy to hear that you like the review. Good to know that the work I put into making these reviews pays off for the readers.

  • Thomas says:

    I actually read your whole review ! Most review sites are short on review and more on sale. Yours is not.

    • Shane says:

      Thanks for commenting! That’s exactly what I’m trying to offer on this site: Real reviews and info instead of the sales-pitches you see everywhere else. :)

  • Gary Gregory says:

    Hi Shane,

    As a fellow Sniper, I can appreciate your comprehensive review.

    I am having a good look at your overall site and like very much what I see. Good work!

    Good luck in 2010!


    • Shane says:

      Hi Gary,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!
      I’ve got some very exciting things planned for 2010, so stay tuned. :)


  • roberto says:

    thanks for the honest review – it is really appreciated in a world where egoistic sales goes over honest thoughts and actions.

    i especially like the fact that you not only find the weak points but actually give answers to some sniper problem (i.g. sniper extended)

    you explain in simple and clear words, the link building lesions was groundbreaking for me.

    well done!


    • Shane says:

      Hi Roberto,

      Thanks for the comment!
      Always good to know that the reviews are useful to my readers and that I’m headed in the right direction! :)
      If you have any other questions, just let me know, ok?


  • Bill Kibby says:

    Hello Shane…
    Since I went to school with Fred & Barney I’m very internet challenged. I’m not unintelligent, but very uneducated in this arena. With that being said…. My wife and I are looking to work from home, and we’re searching for a new way to make a living together. G-sniper sounds like a possible way to go, not to spendie and it seems like we can get support on ways to find key words if needed. This will not be our only source (we want to be multi-stream eventually) but a good place to start.
    Excellent review…seems to be unbiased and fair. We like that!

    • Shane says:

      Hello Bill,

      Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, I would say that Google Sniper is a pretty good place to start, although if you are completely new to all this then it is a bit short on information about keyword research. Make sure to check out my Google Sniper Extended post, so that you can avoid some mistakes with the system.
      My recommendation is to be prepared to create lots of content when you start out. Also, never hesitate to ask for help (for example in an online marketing forum) when you get stuck.

      Cheers and good luck to you!


  • Bill Kibby says:

    Thanx for the info….I’m assuming W/F IS AN EXCELLENT PLACE TO SEEK GUIDANCE. What do you think?

    • Shane says:

      Yes, the Warrior Forum is a good source for info and help.

  • Peter says:

    As a recent GS purchaser, I think Shane has absolutely nailed his review of it. This is such a refreshingly honest and detailed review. I’m certainly impressed and have bookmarked your site.

    • Shane says:

      Thanks, Peter!

      And good on you for bookmarking. As you may know, bookmarking RQR (as well as subscribing to the RSS feed) automatically makes you awesome. :D


  • george brown says:

    shane i came across this site after watching the interview you did with gary whos a friend of mine.

    Fair enough on your review but I have to STRONGLY disagree with your take on the membership. Can’t see where the value is? 2 bloody good training videos a month? A video detailing an entire new sniper site case study every month? A Q & A webinar where I answer all your questions?

    What more could you want?

    I have never seen any IM site give that much value, and I’m extremely proud of it.


    • Shane says:

      Hi George!

      Thanks for stopping by!
      Ok, it’s no surprise that you defend your product and membership and I did not mean to imply that the membership is a rip-off. It’s simply that during the time I was a member, I saw nothing that really compelled me to stay.

      I am very catious about any ongoing expenses. I’m always the type to much rather pay a lot up front than agree to ongoing payments.

      And don’t forget to see the bright side of my review: Your product got a good score and those are hard to get around here. ;)


  • Gary says:

    Hi Shane, I would like to know how to unsubcribe to the 37.00 per month
    before the trial period is up. Who to contact to do this. Thanks,Gary

    • Shane says:

      Hi Gary,

      You unsubscribe via Clickbank. Go to the Help Centre in Clickbank and then choose “Look up your Order” in the right sidebar. There, you can search your order by PayPal-ID, Order Number and more. Once you’ve found your order, you should be able to see the subscription and cancel it.

      When in doubt, simply submit a support ticket with GSniper. They will be able to direct you through all the necessary steps.


  • John says:

    Hi Shane, I purchased one of the upsell products and immediately asked for a refund. You are right because it definately, definately was not worth the money and I felt quite angry that I had been scammed. Because of this I also demanded a refund for the main product, which I would have otherwise kept if I hadn’t been badly scammed with the upsell.
    As for contacting GSniper support, don’t hold your breath on that one because I tried a few times that way and a few times via the supplied email address and never once got a reply so I cancelled direct with Clickbank. I know it wasn’t just me this happened to because of comments I have read on other forums.
    George Brown commented that there is a video detailing an entire new sniper site case study every month. This is not true because I have a friend who is currently a member and the last two months have NOT had any case studies, which I feel is unacceptable when paying such a high monthly membership fee.

    • Shane says:

      Hi John,

      I understand that you feel cheated, but I think you are over-reacting a little bit. As you probably know, I’m not a great fan of instant upsells on the same topic as the main product either, but don’t let the upsell give you a wrong impression of the main product.
      I think you should give the Google Sniper method a chance, if you’re serious about Internet marketing. And about the membership: You’re feeling angry and saying bad things about it that you heard from someone else. At the same time you are calling George, who was friendly enough to come here and leave a comment, a liar. That’s not fair and not reasonable.
      I don’t want to censor you, so I’m leaving your comment as it is. But I just want to make it clear that I don’t support the bashing of products, even though I understand where it’s coming from.

      All the best,

    • Peter says:

      I cancelled my monthly membership as I really felt it wasn’t good value. In the month and a half I’d been a member, there was only one new piece of content added to the members area and the Jan 22 Q&A session still hadn’t been put on the site as of Feb 14.

      I suspect George has been putting a lot of effort into his new product and has possibly let the GS side of things slip a little.

      Don’t get me wrong, I still think the core GS system is a good product and well worth the money, it’s just the monthly fee is a lot of money to pay for very little new monthly content.

      • Shane says:

        Yes, that was my impression as well. Thanks for your comment! I hope the GS system is working out well for you! :)

  • John says:

    Hi Shane,
    I would like to say that I never once called George a liar in my last comment. I did send him numerous emails asking for a refund and I never once got a reply from him, this is why I cancelled direct with Clickbank. I don’t think it is good customer service to ignore emails and support tickets.

    I would also like to say that I did not bash Google Sniper in any way, but I certainly did not think the upsell product was worth anywhere near the money, which actually cost more than Google Sniper itself! This is the reason I felt let down.

    Google Sniper may be a good product, but I was turned off because of the above issues I experienced.


    • Shane says:

      Hi John,

      Thanks for clarifying. I hope your next experience with Internet marketing will be a more positive one. :)
      If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me, I’ll be glad to help you out.


  • Elle says:

    Hi Shane,

    Thanks for your insightful review! :-) I’d like to check something with you – Given you’ve picked the right product, niche and keyword, would Google Sniper sites STICK for months or years to come?

    Also, what if there are two or more sniper sites targeting the exact same keyword? Will the newest/oldest one be kicked down?

    Your further clarification would be greatly appreciated! :)

    • Shane says:

      Hi Elle,

      There’s no guarantee that your sniper sites will stick forever. However, there’s also no reason why they should suddenly disappear. As the domain and website gets older, it’s ranking power will actually increase, because domain age is one of the factors Google looks at for ranking.

      However, it’s not impossible that someone else will find that same keyword at some point and build a site that outranks yours. Unfortunately, there’s never a guarantee that you can keep a niche to yourself.

      If two sniper sites target the exact same keyword and both have zero backlinks, then it will be down to on-page factors. The pages will not be 100% identical, so there will be factors there that determine which one is listed first. However, should this really happen and the owners of the sites notice, I reckon they’ll start a backlinking race.

  • Peter says:

    Regarding domain age, here’s what Google have to say about it

    • Shane says:

      Thanks for the link, that’s an interesting video.
      There are many interesting videos in that series, but I’m never quite sure how much they can be trusted. I don’t want to be paranoid, but Mr. Cutts always needs to present Google in the best possible light and he always has the agenda to “make webmasters behave”. Just keep that in mind when watching the videos. ;)

  • Daren says:

    Hi Shane,
    Well a great review and this is how it should be.
    Any way I have bought Google Sniper and I wish to give it a go, but I looked at your video on your 3 points and you said about keyword programs/software, what do you use to do your keyword tool do you use?
    And if you could give me a email, I would like to get some advice on a better way of implementing the sites.

    • Shane says:

      Hello Daren,
      Thanks for your comment. I personally use Keyword Elite 2 for my keyword research. When you’re starting out, I wouldn’t recommend making the relatively large investment necessary for a KW research tool, so I’d just go with the Google KW tool to begin with.
      Best regards,

  • ian says:

    Hi Shane, wow what a great review, i love the little fluff/spam/scam etc meters you have, great idea.
    And its nice to find and honest review that’s not just a flat out pitch.

    Great stuff

    • Shane says:

      Thanks Ian! I appreciate that you took the time to leave a comment. :)

  • nick rees says:

    Hello Shane, Just came accross this review site. it makes such a change to get honest pros & cons on a product. I have bought the sniper course & you voiced many of my sentiments, especially re the membership site. But there is a lot of valuable information in the course, especially for the beginner.
    cheers Nick

    • Shane says:

      Hi Nick,
      Thanks for your comment! I hope your having success with the GSniper System! :)

  • Hi Shane,

    Great review, I totally agree on the scammy aspects. It’s a shame for GB,cause it devaluates his image and personality. But that’s his problem.
    I purchased this product about 5 weeks ago and I wanted to opt out of the membership(didn’t bring what it promised, therefore useless) but couldn’t find a way to do it. Maybe I overlooked something. I unsubscribed from the aweber list but that didn’t work. Got any idea?

    best regards,

    • Shane says:

      You have to unsubscribe through ClickBank. Log into ClickBank, go to the Help Center and look up your order (by order number or paypal ID). There you should find the monthly membership subscription listed and an option to unsubscribe.

  • John says:

    I also thought the membership was useless. You pay a lot of money for George Brown’s monthly membership, but after being a member for 6 months, only the first 2 months had a ‘sniper site case study’ when he promises one every month and the last month has not had any content added at all. This is totally unacceptable when you are paying $37 a month.

    He is ripping people off by not suppling what he promised. Oh, and he never replies to emails or ticket requests, which is also unacceptable.

    My advice would be to tread carefully with this one because you won’t get what you expect. I cannot get a refund because he is not replying to emails. All I can do is cancel via clickbank and loose the rest of my membership money. You have been warned.

  • Cullo says:

    Hi Shane,
    Thanks for your honesty, its refreshing. I am a newbie to IM and just studying the industry through reading comments and opinion pieces on forums/sites at this stage … have not purchased any products yet. Its hard to find a genuine review site but this one is great.

    • Shane says:

      Thanks for your comment! It’s wise not to jump on every new product that comes along, so your careful stance is surely the right way to go. Just make sure that, at the same time, you are doing something online. Build some websites, write articles etc. Even if you don’t really know what you’re doing yet, you’ve got to be doing something. Way too many people get into Internet marketing and end up just doing nothing for a few months and then giving up.
      I wish you all the best with your endeavours!

  • Damian says:

    Wow, very nice and honest review. Have you tried this method yourself? And how much did you make? I’m very interested.

    • Shane says:

      Hi Damian,
      Except for testing the method, I’ve never implemented the GSniper method to the letter. I have, however, implemented some of the aspects of the strategy for some of my own sites, combining them with what I usually do (which includes link-building).

      In my opinion, it’s actually easier to include some link building in the process as this allows you to rank for slightly more competitive keywords.

      Anyway, because I don’t follow the system to the t, I can’t really say how much it’s made me.

  • Steve says:


    I have been reading your site for about two days now. Your site is great and it’s a pleasure to find an Internet Marketer such as yourself that is unbiased, straight forward and more than willing to help. I had seen GS about 2 months ago but passed because of the cost and my back pocket. But I think it is a good approach if a person added the backlinks. The best to you and to George Brown as well.

  • Michael says:

    Hi Shane,

    great review of GSniper. I bought GSniper and immediately cancelled the membership. However, I found the initial product very well done. I learned a lot and created several sniper sites that still earn money (4 months ago). More importantly I learned several techniques I found useful for non-sniper sites.

    I agree with you that choosing the right keyword is critical with the GSniper approach. I tested different keyword numbers. When I veered outside the parameters set out in the GSniper guide, those sites didn’t rank (so I built some backlinks).

    That said, I have 2 criticisms in addition to your criticisms about GSniper:

    1. The best conversion copy techniques touted by GSniper include making up stories/personas and representing those personas as true. I did not do this because I find that completely misrepresentative. I contacted GSniper support with my concerns about this approach and the FTC regs. Support told me it was okay. I suspect it is not okay. Therefore, because I veered from the “false persona” approach, my conversions were lower than advertised by GSniper.

    2. There’s a video tutorial that shows many ways to build backlinks. I learned nothing new. GSniper appealed to me because I hate building backlinks. Lo and behold, I buy GSniper and then watch a video that tells me how to build backlinks to gain higher rankings. In my view, the main selling point of GSniper was building sites that rank without building backlinks.

    Do I regret buying GSniper? Absolutely not. Do I recommend it? Yes, because there are some great nuggets of information that I still use. However, my main focus now is building authority sites (completely opposite to a GSniper site), yet some of the techniques taught in GSniper are very applicable to larger sites.

    Although I recommend GSniper, I would not write false persona reviews. I believe GSniper was released before the new FTC regs came into effect … but GSniper should have been updated to include an FTC regs discussion.

    Shane, I just found your site and I think it’s fantastic. You tell it like it is. Thank you.

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