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In my recent review of Google Sniper, I mentioned that there were a few minor (and one major) flaws in this otherwise solid “make-money-online” course. In this article I’m calling “Google Sniper Extended”, I share some simple little tips and tweaks that take care of most of the minor flaws in Google Sniper. If you own this product, you definitely want to take a look in here and learn how to save some time and effort and avoid a mistake or two.

Finding a Product

The chapter on selecting a product to promote is a real blunder in Google Sniper and it seems like not much thought was put into it.

Let’s fix that.

First of all, let me say that there is a big, wide world of products you can promote as an affiliate outside of ClickBank. So, if you can’t find the kind of thing you’re looking for on CB, hop on over to Amazon or Commission Junction to name just two out of the countless possibilities out there. That’s not to say ClickBank is a bad place to start. It offers a good range of products that often pay handsome commissions. But just browsing through the marketplace (directly or using CBengine, as suggested in GSniper) won’t get you very far towards finding your ideal product.

Both the marketplace and CBengine just don’t offer that much information about the products on offer. To dig a little deeper and get valuable information about products on CB, head on over to CBtrends.

Watch this video to see how you can best make use of CBtrends:

Link Cloaking

In Google Sniper, it is suggested you cloak your affiliate links by creating a .php command for those links. I found the method described overly complicated, to be honest. Truth is, you can do redirects for link cloaking much more easily by setting up a simple .htaccess file or using your host’s cpanel. However, since you’ll be using WordPress for the Sniper Sites anyway, there’s an even easier and more elegant solution. Watch this video to see it implemented:

Final Post

This is another very minor “glitch” I saw in the Google Sniper course: Basically, you are setting up a WordPress blog and you want the page where you are promoting your product (your product review or whatever) to show up on the homepage. Now, on a blog, it’s always your newest post that shows up right on top of the homepage. In GSniper it’s suggested that you create your promotional post last and then leave the blog as it is. But what if you want to add some new info or make a few more posts but keep your main sales post on the first page? Or what if it turns out that one of your other posts (not the one you used as the final post) is generating more sales than the final post? How can you bump that post up ahead of the top one? Well, luckily, all of this is very easily done with a WordPress feature called “sticky posts”. Just go to your WordPress admin area and select the post you want to edit. In the upper right hand corner of the window, you’ll see this tab titled “Publish”. Click on the Edit link highlighted in this picture: Now, you’ll see a box saying “make this post stick to the first page”. Tick that and confirm by clicking “OK”. And that’s it, now you can add as many posts as you want and the one you just modified will always stay on top of all the others (until you deselect the sticky feature again). WordPress sticky post 2 I hope these tips were helpful for you. Use ‘em and get even more out of your Sniper Sites in less time. Cheers,

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  • Hi Shane

    Have you since noticed that GSniper has been re-released as version 2.0 apparently with some changes/additions

    Just wondered if you have seen/reviewed this updated version lately. Certainly with the advice about LSI Keywords in it, already is irelevant as the google keyword tool no longer offers the areas/tools that GSniper tells us to use

    Would be interested in your review of the latest 2.0

  • Shane

    I just clicked to watch your videos above immediately after leaving my comment – only to find they don’t work as you have closed your youtube account they were on!

    Can you update the links as I would like to see both your videos

    Seems a common thing online – people keeping their work updated……… lol !

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