Brain vs. Business & the Flywheel Principle

There are parts of your brain that really aren’t qualified to run a business at all, but they’ll trick you into making bad decisions (if you let them).

This post is about the ups and downs you experience as an entrepreneur, why they don’t matter and what you should focus on instead. Plus, discover the one question you need to be able to answer about your business, if you ever want to achieve breakthrough success…


Links & Resources

  • Good to Great – book that this representation of the flywheel principle is based on. Read this if you are running a business with more than 5 employees.
  • The Impact System – my whole product creation and marketing strategy. Includes steps to take, to make sure your strategy is viable.
  • Minimum Viable Products – the most important strategy I use to make sure my business is going in the right direction.

The Question

Here’s the one question it comes down to:

What is the one thing you’re applying the flywheel principle to? What is the one thing you are working on continually and incrementally improving, every day?

Let me know your answer, or any thoughts or questions you have about today’s video.

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