Ex-Convict Out to Make Millions – Interview With Mark Lyford

mj1 Today, I can proudly present yet another great interview (I’m really having a blast doing these)! Mark Lyford shares his dramatic “rise-and-fall” story and tells us what he did to go from zero to generating about $5000 per month with his online business in a matter of just a few months. And as you’ll see, he’s not stopping anytime soon!

Check out the audio below and further down, I’ve listed and described all of the relevant links to sites we talk about during the interview. Enjoy!

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Millionaire Challenge – This is Mark’s personal video blog where you can follow his progress and everything he’s up to with his online business.

Millionaire Mentor Coaching – This is the site he mentioned where you can listen in on Mark’s coaching calls. I think this offer is especially remarkable from the product creation perspective: Mark is simply taking something he’s doing anyway (coaching) and turning it into a product. Pretty clever.

Internet Marketing with Brad Gosse – Brad Gosse is Mark’s coach. I’m a subscriber to his blog and I definitely recommend you check it out, too.

Finally, Mark mentioned a very good research method. Go to Google and type:

site:warriorforum.com “how to”

You’ll get about 20’000 results from people asking how to do one thing or another in the Internet marketing niche. Now, I’m sure you can see how this same method can be applied to any forum in any niche and with different queries… Easy way to find out what people want. All you need to do after that is find or create a product filling that need and connect the people looking for it to the product.

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  • Moon Hussain says:


    Excellent interview! Your accent is awesome and the interview was at a good pace. I’ll have to re-listen once I get home.

    Will also check out MIllionaire Challenge Tv.

    • Shane says:

      Thanks! I really liked the interview as well. I’m glad I started with this as every interview I’ve done so far has been a blast to do. And I’m usually surprised at how much cool info the interviewees are willing to share. :)

    • Mark Lyford says:

      Thanks for the kind word guys ! :)

  • Suhasini says:

    hey Shane nice interview this and it is quite inspiring too, thanks for sharing.

    • Shane says:

      Thanks for your comment! I’m glad you liked the interview too. Mark is definietly one to watch in the IM space.

  • vashti says:

    thanks for giving this interview. very good listen..

    • Shane says:

      Thanks for commenting, I’m glad you liked it! :)

  • Ricardo says:

    Thanks Shane, I really enjoyed the interview. And thanks to Mark for taking the time to share his CRAZY story… I know he’s not the only one thinking of crazy things to do to finance a project :-)

    • Shane says:

      Thanks for your comment, Ricardo!

      The success Mark has been having since he got out of prison is pretty amazing. He works extremely hard, knows what he wants and it’s been really inspiring for me to watch his progress. He’s got a big product launch coming up and I bet he’ll make a killing. :)

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