Drive, Motivation and Finding Your “Why?”

August 25, 2012 , 5 Comments

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This episode was our first attempt at live broadcasting the podcast. And it kind of worked, so next time, we’ll maybe do it with an actual audience.

This episode’s main topic is all about where drive and motivation come from. Why are we sometimes highly motivated and easily work for hours on end, to achieve our goals, while at other times, we barely find the motivation to get out of bed in the morning? How can you find the right reasons for yourself and the right goals that will make motivation effortless?

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Links for this Episode:

  • Asana – the task/project management tool mentioned a couple of times.
  • Getting Unstuck – the blog post briefly mentioned towards the end.

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  • Hi Shane –

    Not sure why there are no comments, maybe people are still on holiday!

    One thing though, I noticed I never got the email for your podcast #2 for some reason, so not sure if that might have a bearing?

    Great podcast by the way! I am having a few motivational types of issues myself and the kind of thing you went over here. So will try the techniques you talked about to see if I can get out of my quagmire!


  • Hi Shane –

    really great vidcast – love the natural flow you guys have got going there. Please don’t change things about too much, just build on what you have – love it!

    Biggest thing I can recommend people do for motivation is to create or join a mastermind group – if you work on your own this is especially important! Having people to bounce ideas off and (when needed) to kick your arse is really great. But mainly it’s having like minded people with common interests and goals to talk to that can help when focus lapses (and at all other times!).

    Although a Mastermind group is so much more – it can help with motivation too!

    Remember pretty much everyone who is top of their game has at least one – there’s a very good reason for this!

    Looking forward to the `interactive’ show!


  • Great to see you, hah!

    Novel idea with the video btw, different from what everyone else is doing.

    PS: … no need to hide the podcast episodes in the “Archives” – time to shout about it on your home page I reckon (It’s just that it took me a while to be able to locate it on your site…)

    Looking forward to the next episode :-)

  • Haha oh man I enjoyed this episode, no matter how well you always seem to get your why down, life always seems to change things up and before you realize it you’re double guessing yourself again. It was a good exercise to reassess my own while listening to you both banter about yours.

    Thanks for the tip on visualizing the completed product, rather than the results of the completed product. I think this is in alignment with the productivity webinar Shane hosted I presume at a later date than this podcast recording. I will use that right away.

    A question for Paul: obviously this podcast was a while ago now- how did you end up finding your new Why?
    – Mostly interested in the process after you found yourself having completed your previous goal of traveling and leaving your job, would love to hear how that came about, organically? or did you arrive somewhere deliberately?
    – And if you feel like sharing of course for entertainment hearing what that changed to next, or is currently for both of you

    …Not sure if the fact that these old episodes are not on iTunes is deliberate, but it drew me back to your blog so maybe it’s a smart tactical move :P

    Cheers guys enjoying going through the back catalogue

    – Gun

    • Thanks, Gun!

      The iTunes thing isn’t deliberate. Our podcast RSS setup is broken, somehow…

      A lot has happened since this episode and it’s definitely something that would be really interesting to revisit on a future episode.

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