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Unfortunately, CRewriter doesn’t exist anymore. As an alternative, I recommend you check out the free version of SpinChimp.[/error]

While I’m generally not a big fan of article spinning, I still make use of the technique here and there and I’m still going to be testing article marketing and rewriting software. Enter the CRewriter. This is an online application that you can use to make the article spinning process a bit simpler. Best of all, this tool is completely free to use.

Below, you’ll find a video showing the CRewriter in action and some more details about what it does and where you can find it.


The CRewriter is a very neat tool that basically inserts the spinning syntax (curly brackets and pipes) for you. You still have to do the actual rewriting yourself and that’s a good thing, because it means no one is going to create horribly unreadable garbage like most automatic spinners produce.

Most importantly, CRewriter lets you enter alternatives for entire sentences or any amount of text you like and it supports nested spinning. If you are serious about rewriting complete articles, you’ll get the best results by starting out with spinning large sections of text and then spinning sentences and words within those variations. This will result in the best kind of unique articles, if you can keep the overview over what you’ve spun and how the variations come together.

If it could handle larger portions of text without slowing down, this would be a flawless little tool. As it is, it’s still amazing value considering that it’s free to use.

What are your experiences with article spinning? Do you know and/or use tools like the one above or do you know a better one, perhaps? I’d love to hear your take on this!



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  • Ricky says:

    Hello Shane,
    i see u r not using fcg. Let me know if u need any help. I have sent u an email regarding the changes.

    • Shane says:

      Hi Ricky,

      Thanks, i received your message. Sent you a mail back. :)


  • Article Marketing is actually one of the best ways to promote a website and sell some products online.

    • Shane says:

      I tend to agree. Heavily depends on what kind of article marketing it is and what strategies are used, but article marketing done right is definitely very powerful stuff.

  • Tom says:

    Hello :) Great review, thank you! I just added synonyms in 4 different languages. Now crewriter is more than powerful tool! And it’s FREE :)

    • Shane says:

      Hi Tom!

      Awesome! The CRewriter really is an amazing tool, considering that it’s free. I keep recommending it whenever people ask me for a good article spinner.

  • atul tanna says:


    Have yet to try it. Does it give multiple unique articles or a single version of the original?


    • Shane says:

      It can produce a bunch of spun texts for you, but in most cases, you’ll want to use the text with the spin-syntax inserted, directly. For example, that’s the text you’ll submit to blog networks or article submitters that support spin syntax.

  • fred beers says:

    Thanks shane for the review. I’ve been looking at spinning for a while now and the crewriter is similar in a little bit of how the spinner I have been using works, which is also free.

    I like how it takes out the need to keep typing in all the curly brackets and pipes while writing. thats cool. it gets pretty crazy when you start doing all the nesting.

    maybe you could review the to see what you think of it. thats what I have bee using.

    it downloads to your computer locally. I haven’t noticed any bogging down of my computer at all and I’ve pasted in a ton of text before.

    the cool thing is that you can put in just about any kinda content you want to, not just articles, and it will spin it and keep the correct formatting. so i can spin press releases, blog posts, video profiles, social bookmarks, rss feeds, web 2 properties…etc.

    its at and its made by a guy named ross goldberg who used to be part of stompernet. its totally free, too.

  • Wandtattoo says:

    I was using crewrite some times and for sure it is ab powerfull tool. but since today the webside ist offline. I hope it will come back soon…

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