Create Your Product

The 3 Keys to Success

Lesson 6

You've now heard the complete story and you've got a detailed outline of what I did to launch my first product.

In conclusion, let me summarize what I believe are the 3 most critical factors that helped my make this work, as a beginner to creating and launching products.

1) Aim First

This is really what all the market research comes down to: aim before you shoot.

Can you point out, very specifically, who the people are who need your product and where you can reach them?

If you can, you're half way to a successful product launch. If you can't, drop whatever you're doing and work on getting this information.

2) See It Through

As you can probably guess, creating a product isn't going to be the easiest thing you'll ever do. It's not going to be smooth sailing all the way from your first idea to the bank.

Be aware that there will be obstacles. There will be difficulties that you didn't plan for and sometimes, things will go a lot worse or be a lot harder than you imagined.

Whenever you encounter such obstacles, you'll feel like giving up. Sometimes, you'll question this entire thing and calling it quits will seem like the most reasonable choice you can make.

This is when you need to keep at it. You need to have the grit to see something through, past these obstacles.

For more on this, check out this post about when to give up and when to keep going.

3) Don't Make Excuses

What I hope, above all, is that you look at my story and see that I didn't do anything you can't also do. I really hope that you're not thinking: "Shane can do this, but it wouldn't work for me because XYZ".

There's really nothing extraordinary about any of the steps I laid out here. And there's no critical step I didn't tell you about. There's no secret formula to success that I'm keeping to myself.

There's nothing magical or superhuman here. It's just a bit of strategic thinking and a whole lot of hard work.

If there's some value you can and want to bring to the world as an entrepreneur, then I hope this course will help you. I want to see the value you have to offer. Me, and the rest of the world, are eagerly waiting.

All the best,

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