Why You Don’t Get Replies from the Influencers You Contact – IMP#34

A tried and true method of getting more traffic and getting traction for your business is collaboration. Specifically, collaboration with people and companies that are ahead of you in the game – those that have greater reach than you and can give you access to audiences you can’t otherwise reach.

This is the basis of guest posting, JV promotions, cross-selling and many other promotional strategies.

But how exactly can you contact an influencer who could help your business in such a way that you don’t just get ignored? Listen to today’s podcast episode to find out:

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In this Episode:

  • Why learning how to contact influencers correctly is one of the best ways to go “from zero to something”, with a new business or new website.
  • The majority of requests influential people receive are clumsy and really not worth considering (for them). This is an opportunity for you.
  • The simple 24-hours test that helps you write better outreach messages.
  • The me/you analysis: a simple method that will reveal with high certainty whether your message has any chance of being considered by the recipient or not.
  • How to consider the time/effort balance and avoid making veiled requests instead of enticing offers.
  • Why even in outreach messages, specific offers are far more effective than vague offers.
  • How to not just send a generic message, but make an irresistible offer, no matter who you contact.
  • The most effective (long term) networking strategy that has ever been used on me.
  • Example: dos and don’ts of pitching a guest post.

I hope you enjoy this episode! If you have any questions about how to make outreach marketing work or have some examples of your own to share, please leave a comment below.

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