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April 4, 2018 - 5 Comments

We've all listened to speakers who were simply not able to finish their long introductions and just get to the point. Once they get there, we wonder how it's all related to anything and if it's just us not getting what they're trying to explain. 

Those speeches are the worst. You know there's something important or interesting that you could learn from the expert on the stage, yet your head is filled with question marks and eventually you start zoning out. 

The same might be happening to your audience when they listen to you or read your content. Clear, concise communication that's also not boring doesn't come naturally to most of us. 

In this podcast episode, after a ton of requests, we're continuing our discussion on efficient communication - listen in!


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Episode Transcript

What You'll Discover in this Episode:

  • How to deliver any speech, presentation, or written piece of content clearly, effectively, to the point.
  • How this skill helps to to build amazing information products that sell.
  • How to use the skill of crystal clear communication outside of online marketing - understand your partners, coworkers, freelancers better and help them understand you.
  • The 3 keys to clear communication: how to avoid the curse of knowledge, explain concepts better and make it practical so that your audience will understand. 
  • The art of coming up with great, real-life examples that will actually make sense to others.
  • Content patters and how they help you create blog posts that are not only easier to understand, but also faster to write.
  • How to get constant feedback on your communication efficiency even when people are too "nice" to point your weaknesses out. 


Here are the resources we mentioned during the episode:

Your Turn!

We've got a little task for you: in the comments below, explain what you do at three different levels. You can think of the 'TOFU'-'MOFU'-'BOFU' distinction, have your grandparents, your friends and your business partner in mind or think of different generations - whichever helps you the most! 

Also, join the conversation in the comments section or send us a voice message by clicking on the button below, and share your stories, questions, suggestions with us.

If you have a question that you'd like to be answered on the podcast, send a tweet to @actigrow or leave a voice message below.

See you next week!

About ​Alexandra Kozma

Alexandra is a traveling marketer. When she is not editing podcast episodes or writing blog posts, she's out there exploring a new city. She's the creator of the Morning Mindset daily mindfulness journal.

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  • Bentox box thinking as you quite rightly point out requires practice and I certain want to acquire the skill and ultimately, I want to be able to do this subconsciously.

    Thrive Themes University ‘22 Tips to Build Your Mailing List Faster’ course is a first-class resource. I note in the opening paragraph there isn’t a prescriptive strategy for building a mailing list i.e. starting from day one, implement these steps, when objectives are realised step two and so on.

    The reason why I would find such a prescriptive signpost process so helpful is there are so many other things to do for example developing content and there is just an overwhelming amount of information to process. I feel like a rabbit looking into headlights. I realise there are no shortcuts that’s why step one, two strategies and so on would be so helpful. Any chance of such a course.

    Active growth is a fabulous resource. I’m really pleased I discovered your Active Growth site. Thank you.

  • Hey Shane & Hanne, I think the last episode did so well because over time you’ve successfully attracted an audience that fortunately prefer to put systems, strategy, and skills (unsexy stuff such as researching your audience) over mere tactics (10 hacks to get more followers.) Similarly to how much the people who follow Ramit Sethi differ from the shady internet marketers who brag about the $Ks they make a month.

    All great tips in this episode by the way! Loved the one about saying “I’m gonna do this anyway!” I noticed that with friends I, unfortunately, tend to not be so honest when they’re not so good to not hurt them.

    A cool quote this episode reminded me is: “Of all the talents bestowed upon men, none is so precious as the gift of oratory. He who enjoys it wields a power more durable than that of a great king. He is an independent force in the world.” -Winston Churchill


    • Thank you for your comment, Angelo!

      I sure hope that I’ve built an audience of people who don’t shy away from the nitty gritty stuff, yes. :)

      Epic quote! From none other than Churchill. Guy had a way with words for sure. :)

  • Hi Shane and Hanne, that was a great model – TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU. It clearly communicates the different kinds of communication and information that are required to communicate at different levels. Do you recommend that we use all three on our sales pages? (Landing pages, if you know the source, can be more finely tuned.) Cheers, Kevin

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