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The $300K Niche Membership Site with Ian McConnell

How lucrative is a niche market like “model trains” for someone who’s new to online marketing?

As Ian McConnell shares in this podcast episode, the answer is: VERY lucrative. At least, if you play your cards right.

Listen in and you’ll discover a brilliant traffic generation strategy that Ian used to drive the right kind of visitors to his offer. Plus, you’ll see how he built a very successful business in small, minimum-risk steps.

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Podcast Episode 14: Bootstrapping Your Way to Success

Travis Ketchum is the CEO of Contest Domination, an app that allows anyone to create viral contests that can be used to generate traffic and get more leads.

For anyone interested in building up their own business, Travis’ story is worth some close examination. Without any funding, he managed to bootstrap his way from a plugin to a successful SaaS business. In today’s podcast episode, he provides insights into how he managed to build and grow his company.

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Dan Andrews on Location Independent Business and Lifestyle – IMP#013

Many entrepreneurs dream of living the location independent life: travel the world, live wherever you want and run a thriving business – ideally from you laptop, while sitting on an exotic beach, somewhere.

Dan Andrews, our guest in this episode, doesn’t just live this dream; he’s become a leading expert in location independent businesses and has helped dozens (if not hundreds) achieve the same.

In this podcast episode, Dan shares some truly refreshing insights on growing and managing location independent businesses.

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The Missing Puzzle Piece – IMP#012

In all of the online marketing/blogging/work from home niche, there seems to be a crucial topic that everyone’s silent about: basic financial sense.

It seems that we’re all so preoccupied with the idea of getting rich over night that managing finances is deemed unnecessary. Hey, by next week, I’ll be so rich it won’t matter anymore, right? I’ll just go ahead and put this $4,000 course on my credit card…

Here’s a dose of reality, for anyone who dares take it:

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Podcast, Episode 11: You Are Now Thinking in Assets

How useful would it be to you, if you could gain more monetary value from every hour you invest in your business?

In this podcast episode, you’ll discover one way of doing just that. It’s about a major shift in focus that both Paul, myself have made (and thousands of entrepreneurs made before us). After listening to this episode, you’ll see how you can make better and safer (long term) investments when working on your business.

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Blogging is Hard, Selling is Easy? – IMP#010

In this podcast episode, Paul and I address a really important issue, facing anyone who starts an online business.

If you’ve ever felt like getting enough traffic, enough attention and enough customers is an insurmountable task, then you need to listen to this. And if you are ever afraid to pursue a business idea because you think it’s too difficult for you, or if you are looking for easier options because you’re overwhelmed, you need to listen to this.

We all face these problems and fears. And as is often the case, the truth happens to be very counter-intuitive.

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Podcast Episode 9: Traffic, Blogging and Calling Out Bad Guys with Ana Hoffman

In this podcast episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with Ana Hoffman from the Traffic Generation Cafe.

Ana, who was also featured in our recent expert roundup, started blogging about three years ago and she quickly went from zero to getting thousands of visitors to her site and building a large and active community.

In this interview, she talks about the importance of having a unique voice as a blogger, the methods she used (and still uses) to get ever increasing numbers of visitors to her site, her experience with scammy network marketing companies (and what happens when she calls them out on their scamminess) and much more.
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Podcast Episode 8: Sunil on Business Growth and Mindset

In today’s podcast episode, our guest is Sunil from the Extra Money Blog.

Sunil has a perspective on online businesses and passive income that’s quite different from the “mainstream” if it can be called that. In the interview, he explains his views on growing and nurturing income sources slowly, but steadily. We also talk about his niche sites and how he makes them Google-slap-proof and he shares his unique insights regarding motivation and drive, to see large projects through to the end.

Listen to the podcast episode below.

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Podcast Episode 6 with Michael Aagaard

Michael Aagaard Picture

In this week’s episode, we have a guest on our podcast. Michael Aagaard from ContentVerve is a copywriting and conversion optimization specialist from Denmark.

In the podcast, he tells us about his approach to conversion optimization and why sometimes, the best things to do is to break some rules. He also reveals his content marketing strategy for his relatively recently launched English blog.

Check out the video and audio versions of this podcast below:
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Podcast Episode 5

Podcast Episode 5

In this episode of the IM Impact podcast, Shane Melaugh and Paul McCarthy discuss the importance of adding emotional appeal to blog posts and other content. We also talk about some things we want to change about this website (and why) and some things that will never change (and why not).

Watch the video to see this latest podcase episode!

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Podcast Episode 4

Podcast Episode 4
In this episode of the IM Impact Podcast, Paul McCarthy and Shane Melaugh discuss business strategy and software development.

Why have we moved our focus from affiliate marketing to information products and now a mix of information products and lots of software development? And how can you go about creating your own software product? What lessons have we learnt in the process of creating several WordPress plugins and other tools?

Check out the video or audio below to find out!

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Drive, Motivation and Finding Your “Why?”

Podcast Episode 3 Banner

This episode was our first attempt at live broadcasting the podcast. And it kind of worked, so next time, we’ll maybe do it with an actual audience.

This episode’s main topic is all about where drive and motivation come from. Why are we sometimes highly motivated and easily work for hours on end, to achieve our goals, while at other times, we barely find the motivation to get out of bed in the morning? How can you find the right reasons for yourself and the right goals that will make motivation effortless?

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