Cashvertising: How to Make Your Website Work Harder!

Cashvertising (or Ca$hvertising) is a book written by Drew Eric Whitman. With its roots in offline and print media advertising and with a strong emphasis on copywriting, is this book any good for purist online marketers?

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Early in the book, the author compares advertising to sales personnel: each ad you publish, each page on your website, each sales- or squeeze page is like a sales rep. The question is: are these sales reps doing a good job? Are they doing their best to get you more customers and spread your brand? Or are they lazy and ineffective? One of the chief ways to make your "virtual sales reps" work harder for you is by using better copy and that's where Cashvertising's main emphasis lies. This book teaches you all the fundamentals necessary to create attention-grabbing headlines and titles, to keep visitors interested and engaged and quite simply to make more sales. The book comes with many practical examples and tips you can implement right away. I enjoyed reading it and on more than one occasion, it sent my head spinning with new ideas. The only downside is that some of the chapters are very specific to print advertising. You can probably skip those chapters, as they don't offer anything that translates to a purely online-based business. Click here to get your copy of Cashvertising! Did you enjoy this review? Would you like to see more book reviews on IM Impact? Do you have any recommendations for books about marketing and advertising? Let me know by leaving your comment below! Shane's Signature

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