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I chose Banner Ad Blueprint as my next product to review for two reasons: It’s an Internet marketing product that very quickly rose to the top of it’s category on Clickbank and it deals with banner advertising (a.k.a. media buying), which is a subject that seems to be gaining momentum in the online marketing community.

So, will this product teach you everything you need to know in order to run profitable banner ad campaigns? Read on to find out.



Name: Banner Ad Blueprint
Creators: Saj P. and Philip Mansour
Medium: Info Product (videos and documents)
Price: $77

The major component in Banner Ad Blueprint is a series of almost 40 videos, split up into different “chapters”. The training videos take you through the entire course and the downloadable .pdf documents seem like more of an afterthought and can maybe be useful for reference. But the videos is where it’s really happening.

As the title says, BAB is about creating advertising banners and buying ad-space on websites or through third party services like Clicksor or Adbrite.

In other words, banners advertising affiliate offers, CPA offers or your own products, will be placed on various sites across the Internet and people will hopefully click through and make you some money.

Excuse Me While I Groan

Before I get to the quality of the product itself, there’s something that needs to be mentioned: Banner Ad Blueprint comes with three (yes three) “one-time-only” upsells. Once you’ve paid the $77 for the actual product advertised on the sales page, you’ll then be offered a $47/month membership, a $197 exclusive product and another $197 exclusive product.

As always, I did not try any of the upsell-offers. I did notice that they were of the redundant/scammy kind, meaning that they promise to teach you how to make lots of money. Since the main product is supposed to show me how to make close to 100K a month, why would I need those?

While we’re at it, it’s also worth mentioning that the sales-page states that the regular price for BAB is $297, but “today”, you can get it for $77.
No timer, no count-down, not even a javascript that inserts tomorrow’s date. Come on, guys! Try harder!

Content and Quality

Ok, back to the product itself. The content-page is very well structured and the training material is split up into several chapters, each one building on the previous ones. Each of the chapters contains several videos that are often a combination between a screencast and one of the product creators speaking directly to the camera.

All in all, BAB makes the impression of a very well put together product. Unfortunately, this positive first impression doesn’t last. The problem I personally have with Banner Ad Blueprint can be summed up very simply:

It is too basic. Far too basic, in fact.

I don’t consider myself a banner advertising expert, but I encountered absolutely nothing in this course that I didn’t already know. In fact, some of the information is so basic, that it hardly qualifies as information at all.

Let me give you an example by referencing article marketing, something I believe most online marketers are very familiar with.

Imagine I sold a product called “Ultimate Article Marketing Blueprint”. The sales-page would inevitably show off the massive piles of cash this method generates and go on and on about how powerful the techniques are, etc. Now imagine that upon purchasing the course, you’d find lots of videos with me talking about different article networks, showing you how to create an account with Ezinearticles and Articlesbase, showing you how to insert a link in your resource box and talking about how important it is to have an attention-grabbing headline.
I’m sure you’d agree that all this is valid information about article marketing, but you’d be left wondering where the big secret is. Signing up with article directories, creating resource boxes and adding good titles are all things you could have figured out about article marketing in an afternoon or two. Why buy a course to learn that?

That’s the feeling I was left with after going through the material in Banner Ad Blueprint. It goes into great detail concerning things I can easily figure out myself and it lacks a clear and novel “method” that I can apply to my campaigns.



BAB gets a very fluffy rating on the Fluff-o-Meter. Not because the info material lacks detail, but because the information is simply not relevant enough. BAB simply does not go beyond the basics of banner advertising and there’s a distinct lack of “insider” tips.

Way too basic.

(I’m omitting the spam factor because at the time of writing, I’ve only been signed up for a few days.)


This product does come across as quite spammy. On the one hand, the three upsells are just too much and severely devalue the main product and on the other hand, the product simply doesn’t deliver on the sales-page’s promise.

Three “one-time-only” upsells? Really?

Overall Rating

Just like I try not to be too positive about any product, I try not to be unfairly negative about any product either. In this case, though, there’s really not much I can say in favour of BAB. As mentioned above, the information is well structured and actually quite sound, but there’s no way info as basic as that could be worth a $77 price-tag. As much as I’d like to like BAB, I have to say: It’s rubbish.

This is for you, if:

  • You have $77 (or $518) you desperately want to get rid of.

This is not for you, if:

  • You’re looking for a good, comprehensive course on media buying and banner advertising.

As is my policy, no matter what my opinion and rating for a product is, I will always include my affiliate links to it regardless. So here goes: If you want to check out the sales-page of BAB, click here.

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