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Authority Link Network is a blog network with a unique and interesting concept. Usually, blog networks cost a fee to join if you want to submit articles, so you can get backlinks from the sites in the network. Receiving articles from the network is normally free. Because of this, most networks rely on reaching enough webmasters who want to receive the (often low-quality) content for their sites, to grow the network. Authority Link Network is quite different.

Read on to see what ALN does differently and whether or not their plan works.

How it’s Different

First of all, Authority Link Network is free to join. Signing up and submitting articles to get backlinks from the network doesn’t cost any money. You do have to add a site of your own to the network, though and this site needs to have PageRank. Plus, the higher the PageRank of a site you add, the more articles you’re allowed to submit per day. You can cut the total amount of PageRank of all of your sites in the system in half, to get the number of posts you can submit per day, to ALN. For example, if you add in two PR3 domains, you can submit 3 articles per day.

Alternatively, you can also get submission credits by paying a monthly fee (and the prices are lower than in most other blog networks).

In each article you submit, you get to add up to three links and each article gets submitted to exactly 15 sites in the network. This is another thing that sets ALN apart from other networks: Usually there is no upper limit to the number of publishes an article gets. With ALN, you get a guaranteed 15 publishes, but never more. On the other hand, you can’t moderate the articles that get posted to your sites, either. You’ll get articles on all sorts of topics at a steady pace, as soon as you add a site to the network. In essence, you have to “sacrifice” a site to receive these articles, in order to be able to use Authority Link Network.

So, they’ve got a system in place that makes sure there are no rubbish PR0 blogs in the network and that incentivizes people to add higher-PR sites and they have a limit on syndication to avoid the sites getting spammed with too many articles.

Now the question is: Does it work?

Test Results

I did a very simple test with Authority Link Network: I picked two pages and two keywords and used nothing but ALN to promote them. Both of the pages were already indexed and one of them I had already built links for a while back.

The first keyword is a fairly competitive one in the fitness niche. The page in question had previously been in positions 15-12 in the Google results, before it dropped off to below the 10th page, for unknown reasons. It had been off the radar for several weeks and I had done no other link-building during this time. Then, I started submitting one to two articles per day to ALN, containing a link to this page. Just over three weeks later, the page is now ranked in position number 4 for it’s keyword.

Here’s a quick screengrab showing the steady increase in position:

[image align=”center” width=”401″ height=”147″ quality=”100″][/image]

The second keyword is slightly less competitive, but I had never done any link-building for the page in question and neither was it anywhere to be found in the first then pages of the Google search results, for it’s keyword. I also submitted an average of one article a day to ALN, for this page. Here, the results are less clear. The page emerged in position 30 after about two weeks, then dropped off again. It later re-emerged in position 20, just to drop off again. Currently, it’s back in position 20, but I don’t yet know whether it’s going to stay there or drop off again.


Keyword 1: Went from #15 – #4

Keyword 2: Went from #100+ – #20


Overall, I’m very happy with these results. In both tests, the ALN links clearly caused an upward movement in the SERP. For keyword 2 the rankings are a still unstable, but it’s clear that the keyword is only showing up in the first few pages of Google at all, thanks to the ALN links. Keyword 1 showed nice and steady improvements.

This once again indicates the importance of link diversity: Keyword 1 had other links built for it, before the test while keyword 2 has nothing but ALN links to it. I’m pretty sure that if I use some more tools and methods to add a few more backlinks for keyword 2, it will quickly start to stabilize as well.

Bottom line: Joining ALN is going to cost you a one-time investment in a domain with PageRank. You can get a PR3 domain for $30-$50, less than one single monthly fee for most blog networks. This will get you 30 article publishes per day from ALN.

Absolutely worth it.

Click here to sign up to Authority Link Network.


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