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How to Insert Affiliate Banners on a WordPress Site

Someone asked me about affiliate banners in WordPress and I thought this might be an interesting subject for many who are just starting out with this whole affiliate marketing business.

Below, you find two short videos explaining everything you need to know about how to add affiliate banners to your WordPress blog. The first video covers the very basics and the second video goes into a little more detail, showing you how to cloak the banner-links, how to make your own banners (in case none are provided) and how to add a banner to the sidebar.

Part 1

Part 2

I hope you find them useful.

All the best,

P.S.: For good measure, here’s a banner:

What You Need to Know About Backlinks

Chainlink Image

This post covers the most important basics you need to know about backlinks. Getting backlinks to your web pages is an essential part of search engine optimization (particularly for Google). However, not all backlinks are equal. In this post, I describe the three things that matter most, in terms of backlinks. These three factors are: Amount, value and anchor text.

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Strategic Link-Building (Videos)

Link Network

We all know that we’re supposed to build links in order to get our pages ranking well in the Google results. But how exactly are we supposed to build those links? Of course, you can simply point every link you place in an article resource box, video description or on a bookmarking site at the same page. But there are some slightly more sophisticated strategies that allow you to get a lot more out of your link building efforts.
In this article and the accompanying videos, you’ll learn the basics about link wheels and link pyramids and I also show you the best (free) tool you can use to keep track of your backlink network.

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Automation Software: When to Use it and When to Avoid It

Automatic Submission Bot

Automation software for Internet marketing purposes: It’s all the rage right now, and has been for quite a while. There are numerous offers for programs that will automate all kinds of tasks from distributing articles, videos or bookmarks to completely creating or re-writing content (shudder). Look at a few discussion threads about automation software in a forum and you’ll quickly realize that bots are at the centre of many a heated debate. Some say that automation is all rubbish and never really works like it should and others swear by it.

In this article, I introduce three concepts that are essential to understanding the use and misuse of automation bots.

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Google Sniper Extended!

Gsniper Extended Image

In my recent review of Google Sniper, I mentioned that there were a few minor (and one major) flaws in this otherwise solid “make-money-online” course. In this article I’m calling “Google Sniper Extended”, I share some simple little tips and tweaks that take care of most of the minor flaws in Google Sniper. If you own this product, you definitely want to take a look in here and learn how to save some time and effort and avoid a mistake or two.

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Google Sniper Review

Google Sniper Review

Here it finally is: My extensive Google Sniper review. If you are already involved in Internet marketing, then you have very likely heard of Google Sniper. There is a lot of hype surrounding this program and it was promoted and discussed by many in the make money online business. I have been testing this system for about two months now and in this review, you will get the complete run-down of every feature, every strength and every weakness in Google Sniper.

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SEO Tool: SEO Quake (Video)

SEO Quake Logo

Here’s another video I made after a reader made a suggestion to me. Someone recommended the SEO Quake Firefox plugin and asked me if I could make a video about it. I took some time to play around with the tool and liked it quite a bit. Here’s the video I ended up making:

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Link Love Friday #05

Every Friday, I list all of the best sites, articles, and cool stuff I found online about online marketing. The emphasis here is on quality over quantity, so you might not find a ton of links, but their all worth following.

See this weeks selection after the break.

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Email Marketing is Dead! (Says Frank Kern)

Frank Kern's State of the Internet Address

Email marketing, a long-time darling of many Internet marketers, may be coming to an end. And it’s not just me saying that, it’s Frank Kern!

Actually, he didn’t say that at all, but something he said sparked this idea.

Let’s start at the beginning: I just recently watched Kern’s State of the Internet Address. It’s an almost 40-minute long video in which Kern talks about the past year in Internet marketing and makes some predictions as to what he thinks the coming years will have in store for us. It’s a great video and I absolutely recommend you go and watch it. There are some really simple and at the same time profound nuggets of information in this clip.

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Squidoo Video Tutorials (Another Massive Video Post)

019 Squidoo2A

Squidoo is a very popular article database. Actually, calling it an article database is a complete understatement. While the underlying principle is similar to that of an article database – you can register, publish your own content and also link back to your websites – Squidoo has a lot more to offer. What mainly sets it apart is that you can add a lot of multimedia and interactive elements to each of your pages (called “lenses” on Squidoo). From images and slideshows to videos, polls and digg-like voting elements, there is a huge selection of fun stuff you can add to each of your lenses.

Since Squidoo even allows affiliate links and encourages it’s users to make money (there’s a revenue sharing model), it’s a great resource for every online marketer or article marketer. I’ve put together a series of instructional videos that go into some detail on how to build a lens, how to add in multimedia elements and how to promote the lens to get more visitors and clicks.

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Successful Squidoo Lenses: Analysis

Squidoo Analysis

Someone made the suggestion to me to make some tutorials about Squidoo, an interesting article/webpage publishing service that many online marketers use for a bit of article marketing and backlink building. I will be publishing a series of Squidoo tutorials here, shortly. Before that, let’s take a look at some of the top-ranked lenses out there to see what we can learn about making great Squidoo lenses.

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Sniping Grizzlies: On-Page vs. Off-Page SEO

Sniping Grizzlies

What’s more important for ranking in Google, on-page or off-page optimization? On-page optimization is concerned with header tags, page titles and keyword density. Off-page optimization is concerned mainly with links pointing to your site and their anchor-text. You’ve probably encountered many opinions about which is more important. In today’s post, I want to introduce Grizzly Brears, a strong proponent of off-page optimization and George Brown, who’s product called Google Sniper is focused almost entirely around on-page optimization. Let’s see what we can get out of this little showdown.

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