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Ad-Space to Affiliate Sales: Monetization on a Sliding Scale

Yes, that's right. Bags of money.

There are countless ways of making money online and I cannot cover them all in this post. However, in terms of monetizing a website, there are four very common methods: Renting out ad-space, using AdSense or similar contextual advertising, promoting CPA offers and promoting products as an affiliate.

These four methods are arranged neatly along a sliding scale and understanding them makes for a good foundation of knowledge about website monetization in general.

So, let’s go right ahead and examine these four methods.

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Wealthy Affiliate Videos

Wealthy Affiliate Videos

I recently published my extensive, written review of Wealthy Affiliate and in this post, I follow up with some videos. Unlike in previous cases, I did not make an entire, detailed series of videos about this, but instead decided to distil everything down to just two clips. This way, you can get the essentials in just a few minutes.

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Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate Review

If you’re new to affiliate marketing and have been looking around for some information and guidance, it’s quite likely you’ve come across some promotions and recommendations for Wealthy Affiliate, sometimes also referred to as the Wealthy Affiliate University (WA or WAU). WA is a membership site that aims to be a launching platform for Internet marketing, offering lots of learning material, an active community as well as research tools and more.

Does Wealthy Affiliate deliver or is it just a newbie trap? Read this complete review to find out.

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Interview with List-Building Virtuoso Jonathan Gunson

Jonathan GunsonToday, I have a real treat for you: Below, you’ll find my recent interview with Jonathan Gunson from the Traffic Café. He is an Internet marketer with years of experience and his speciality is list-building and e-mail marketing.

In the interview, he talks about the best ways to get started with a list and also shares brilliant insights into what is called “integration marketing”. Integration marketing is a surprisingly understated and perhaps underutilised way of increasing traffic and sign-ups and if this is the first you’ve ever heard of it, you’ll be blown away by how much potential this method has.

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CRewriter – Free Article Spinning Application

CRewriter image


Unfortunately, CRewriter doesn’t exist anymore. As an alternative, I recommend you check out the free version of SpinChimp.[/error]

While I’m generally not a big fan of article spinning, I still make use of the technique here and there and I’m still going to be testing article marketing and rewriting software. Enter the CRewriter. This is an online application that you can use to make the article spinning process a bit simpler. Best of all, this tool is completely free to use.

Below, you’ll find a video showing the CRewriter in action and some more details about what it does and where you can find it.

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Gary Vaynerchuk Doesn’t Like Internet Marketers

Make no mistake: I love this guy.

Here’s how this works:

Step 1: You watch the video below, in which Gary Vaynerchuk says a lot of awesome things, then makes a huge blunder and then says some more awesome things.

Step 2: Watch the next video, below the first one, where I rant about how incredibly wrong Gary was with his statements about Internet marketing.

Step 3: Read the few paragraphs at the end, where I elaborate on some essential points.


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Link Love Friday #06

Ok, I actually wanted to do a link-roundup every Friday, but I’ve not been terribly consistent with this. Sometimes I just don’t find enough interesting stuff during the week to warrant a post, but more often, I’m just too caught up in a ton of other stuff and kind of forget about the LLF…

But I haven’t given up yet, so here’s another installment of Link Love Friday:
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Content is Not King

Fiddy says Content ain't King

I have read so many posts on the subject of “Content is King” lately, that I feel I need to chime in on this. Now, don’t worry, RQR will never turn into a “blogging about blogging” blog. Stuff like this will remain the exception and I’ll usually leave it to the blogging-bloggers.

For today, though, I want to shed some much-needed light on the “Content is King” theme. And yes, I’ll also explain why the hell I have a picture of 50 cent up there.

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Interview With Google Sniping Expert Gary Gregory


Today’s post is a very special one, because it is the first in a series of interviews with Internet marketing experts from many different fields of expertise like SEO, PPC, social media etc.

My first guest is Gary Gregory from Google Sniper Keywords. He is probably the most experienced Google Sniper out there, with over 100 sniper sites under his belt. In the interview, we talk about some of the most common difficulties people have when they start out with online marketing, find out what Gary’s manual and training is all about and learn why it pays off to be stubborn, in this business.

Below, you can find the download link as well as the straming player for listening to the interview. Enjoy!

[audio:|titles=Gary Gregory Interview]

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Web2Mayhem “Plus” – How to Make the Most of W2M

Web2Mayhem Plus

This post is a follow-up to my previous Web2Mayhem videos and the extensive Web2Mayhem review. It contains one video with three simple tips that can help you get the best possible results from using the system and one video with a brief, to-the-point conclusion about Web2Mayhem. Think of it like a mini-review or just a video-review for those who are too lazy to read.

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Web2Mayhem Review

Web2Mayhem Review Image

What is Web2Mayhem? That’s actually not an easy question to answer, because Web2Mayhem includes so many different things. One possible answer is to say that W2M is an all-in-one website promotion system. It includes automatic submission tools, a link-network and a syndication network, keyword research tools a link cloaking and tracking service and a complete step-by-step system for promoting websites.

Does this product deliver or is it spreading itself too thin? Read on to get the full details.

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Web2Mayhem Videos (Massive Video Post)

Web2Mayhem Videos

Once again, I have a rather extensive collection of videos that I proudly present all in one post (a.k.a. Massive Video Post). This time, it’s all about Web2Mayhem, a new all-in-one SEO and website promotion system that aims to out-do SEnuke, BruteForce SEO Evo II and the likes. I’m working on a review of Web2Mayhem and you’ll find it published on this very blog in just a short little while. Until then, check out the videos below to learn about each and every feature W2M offers as well as get all kinds of details and insider info on all it’s aspects.

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