Welcome to the Impact App of the Week!

Watch the video below to see not one but two mind-bendingly useful tools (and how to use them for your business):


  • Asana – amazing tool to manage your projects and your team. Use it and get more done than ever before.
  • Evernote – this is now your new brain, online. Thank me later.

Go forth and use these tools, if you aren’t using them already. Also, leave a comment below! How do you like this week’s recommendation? Let me know and let’s get a discussion started.


Shane's Signature

  • Hi Shane,

    As always you have a knack of finding simple stuff that really helps us. I don’t mind if you cheat a little.


  • Dennis Hill says:


    I’m gonna love this series. Always looking for time savers and these are excellent apps to kick it off! I also deeply appreciate your detailed explanations.


  • Niels says:

    I can recommend Evernote too! It´s a great tool!

    Thanks Shane


  • Bill Brine says:

    Shane: This is awesome! I’ve been searching and trying out project/task management solutions for a few weeks now. Asana looks like its the right solution for what I need. This came along just at the right time. As usual, your information is timely, relevant and very useful. Thanks!

    As for Evernoet, I’ve used it for years, could not live without it.

    • Shane says:

      Thanks, Bill!

      I was lost in a sea of task-managers before I found Asana, as well. :)

      • Lisa says:

        I’ve been lost fr so long at sea, that asana sees like a mirage. I have had the same experience as yu…either too simple or too complicated. For me I also like to be able too see the list all the time.

  • Dave says:

    Hi Shane,

    Thanks for the share… I have never heard of Asana before. I will check it out. I have a Team of 21 and I have tried all types of software to manage my Team. I have never found one that was I completely happy with.

    As you mentioned in your video, the apps with the all of the bells and whistles make it difficult to set up a new task quickly… and I end up not using it. The simple apps aren’t robust enough to do all the things that I require for managing my Team.

    I use Evernote mainly to clip things that I find on the web and I think I may want for reference at a later point in time. I use it as my online junk drawer.



    • Norm says:

      Thanks for the tips Shane.

      I’ve had Evernote for a long time, always intended to use it, but really didn’t take the time to learn it or what it was good for. I guess I thought I wanted it to be an answer for everything, but when you explained what it was really good at I think I can go back now and put it to good use.

      Besides, I’m getting buried under the paper trail!

      Also never heard of Asana so will give it a try. Looked at a few project management tools but they just seemed too much and you end up getting bogged down in all the details.

      Thanks again…


      • Shane says:

        Hi Norm,

        That’s exactly it. I think the way I’ve ended up using these two tools works so well for me, because they both get out of the way instead of swamping me with more details and more clutter.

    • Shane says:

      I think (and hope) you will find that Asana is the solution you’ve been looking for. I’d love to hear back once you’ve given it a spin.

  • Stephen says:

    Great reviews and recommendations, Shane!

    I’ve previously used Asana and found it particularly good for collaboration.

    I’ll take another look at Evernote. It may be a mindset thing, but in the past I’ve found that using apps like this tends to see me just collect ideas rather than take action. :o)

    Keep up the good work!

    – Stephen

    • Shane says:

      Hi Stephen,

      I agree that Evernote is more of a collection tool than an action-taking tool.

      If all you do is go through your notes once a month and sort them into “not important” and “important” folders, that will make a world of difference, though. And I find that if I can’t record ideas when they pop into my head, I lose focus.

  • Pee-Jay says:

    Great advise Shane!
    I’m looking forward to trying both apps out.
    I appreciate the tips and BTW, your non-pressured approach makes the internet experience a little more humane and fun.


  • Chris Weezorak says:


    I am at the early stages of starting up my Health and Fitness Coaching Business.

    I will definately give them both a try. Thanks for the share!


  • Thanks Shane,

    I’ve been using Asana and Evernote for a long time now (I think you briefly mentioned them before) and they are both awesome.

    The Asana daily reminders and the fact that it syncs to my calendar make it very hard to procrastinate…

    I use the Evernote web clipper when I am researching material for my next blog post. This feature is a huge time saver.

    Awesome stuff Shane, I can’t wait for the next app of the week.

    Ian McConnell
    Western Australia

    • Shane says:

      Hah, I didn’t even know Asana syncs to a calendar. I’m not much of a calendar user, but that sounds like a nice addition. :)

  • John Canada says:

    The app of the week is a wonderful idea and I will look forward to each weeks addition.

    I currently do not use Asana or Evernote, but I will start today.

    Thanks for the info.

    You stuff is outstanding,
    John Canada

    • Shane says:

      Thanks for your comment, John!

      Let me know how you get along with the tools. :)

  • Jeff K says:

    Evernote is where it is at. The integration with so many mobile and web apps makes it perfect for business use!

  • tom says:

    I have to totally disagree with you, tried Asana and Evernote and they are way too complicated for my use! I use
    Simpleology. I have a dream catcher to put any notes I need and the to do list is a click away. I abandoned both of your tools that you recommend months ago as way too complex and cumbersome. I don’t need any of that crap. Simpleology has everything I need and more.

    • Paul says:

      “I don’t need any of that crap” – haha, I like it. Some passionate comments :)

    • Shane says:

      Wow, I’m really surprised to read that. I tried simpleology a while ago and I couldn’t stand it.
      To each their own. :)

  • Chirag says:

    Hi Shane,

    Awesome stuff .. I’m a huge evernote user .. and i do use all the bells and whistles that they provide — web clipper (favorite tool), screenshot, etc.

    I know asana is quite popular. However, i’m a big fan of Trello .. I love their board and lists system relative to asana which is a little more sequential… anyway.. personal preferences ..

    I also wanted to chip in here and let your readers that evernote also provides an audio recording feature .. that is use record audio using their web and mobile apps .. TranscribeMe has just completed its integration with evernote .. that is all audio recordings that you record using Evernote, can be converted to text using TranscribeMe’s fast and accurate transcription service! Check it out here http://portal.transcribeme.com/evernote ..

    We have only done a soft launch at this stage .. but if anyone is keen, then ping me and we can provide some awesome subscription plans ..

    Look forward to the next week’s app!!


    • Shane says:

      Thanks for the comment, Chirag!

      I agree that Trello is pretty awesome. It was a close call between that and Asana, for me. In the end, I spend a little less time in Asana, to get the same results, so it won for me.

    • Phil says:

      Glad you both mentioned Trello. I tried Asana before I settled on Trello. As a very visually-oriented person, I just found Trello preferable and easier to learn than Asana. Evernote is one of my all-time favorite apps, and I’ve found several news ways to use it just reading this thread today. Thanks.

  • Hazel Lau says:

    Thanks for sharing!

    I’ve been using OmniFocus as my GTD tool. Not using any project management tool yet since my sister and I stay together – I do marketing stuffs, she do designing works. Together we provide Kindle publishing and designing services. Will consider to get a project management tool once our business grow further. The only CRM that we use is Capsule as I use it to keep all our clients record. Not the best tool and I’m searching for something that would do the stuffs better. I want something simple – keep all the prospects and clients contact info, to track the business we have done (to present them in a sale report hopefully so I’m able to see how much “value” a particular client earns me), to keep track the emails etc.

    I am a big Evernote user! I’ve been using it for about a year or at least half a year. It’s great! The first thing to keep myself focus when I turn on my laptop is to login to my Evernote. Get a desktop version, it’s easier and faster. I use App version just to check the content as I found it pretty slow to type in whenever I’ve idea. I capture my idea on Notepad or Omnifocus when I’m away from my laptop.

    I use Evernote to capture almost EVERYTHING about my life. Since I learnt about it, I’ve been transferring all my documents, papers to digital version and store them on Evernote.

    Some tips for Evernote in business –
    1. Get Web Clipper to clip notes!
    2. Use Evernote to keep your swipe files.
    3. Read this article if you love GTD and Evernote. http://ruudhein.com/evernote-gtd

    Thanks Shane! I look forward for more app and gadget recommendations!

    • Shane says:

      Thanks for your comment, Hazel!

      I done work with CRM very often, but I can recommend you take a look at OnePage CRM. I find that very pleasant to work with.

      • Hazel Lau says:

        It looks interesting. Checking out and waiting for their reply for couple of questions. Thanks! Do you mind to introduce your experiences with CRM in your upcoming video? That would be great!

      • Shane says:

        OnePage might make it to the App of the Week sometime in the future, but I’ll need to use it more extensively, first. As I mentioned, I don’t have much experience with CRM, so it’s not a topic I have very much to share on.

  • Well Shane I think this “app of the week” series is going to help me tremendously. I am going to go straight away and tryout these first two apps. They sound absolutley great tools to get me better organised and working efficiently.
    Thanks and I’ll be waiting every Thursday for more from you, don’t let me down and be late…LOL

  • clara says:

    Hi Shane. I’ve a feeling I’m gonna love the App of the week series. :)

    Instead of Evernote, I use Springpad.com because it allows me to add images, really great for me because I’m a visual learner. And it has a really nice aesthetic feel to it.

    You can customise the folder background and plaster it with pictures and patterns! haha it’s probably more popular with the girls than guys though.

    I’m just starting to build my team now so this one’s good timing for me. Btw, what do you think of other project management tools like basecamp or zoho? Are they one of those tools you mentioned that offer far too many features than you feel is required?

    • Shane says:

      Thanks for your comment! Took a quick look at Springpad and it reminds me of Pinterest… which I also don’t use. :D

      But it’s always interesting to discover new tools, so thanks for sharing!

      I have worked with Basecamp previously. Not with Zoho, but that’s a CRM, so I don’t think it’s a one-to-one comparison with something like Basecamp or Asana.
      To me, Asana is 100x smoother and faster than Basecamp. Completely different level of usefulness, IMO.

  • Mark Lawton says:

    Excellent Shane – thank you.

  • Dennis Rosenberg says:

    Good stuff Shane, going to give Asana a try right now.

  • David says:


    I have had Evernote installed on my system for over a year and haven’t been using it. Thanks for the great reminder, I will implement it today. Bookmarking websites, tagging emails, always wasting time trying to find old “how to’s” and resources.

    Now it’s all going into Evernote…

    David Corbaley

  • Juan says:

    Asana is awesome – thanks for this goldmine of a share.


  • Thanks Shane, I was just about to sign up with Basecamp for US$50 per month. Looks to me that Asana is just as good if not better.

    • Shane says:

      Definitely worth giving a try, yes. I know many people swear by Basecamp, but it’s not for me.

  • Navjot Singh says:

    Nice video Shane.

    I like Asana, but personally I’d recommend WorkmateApp, I’m using this one from long time, it’s simple and awesome!


  • Hi Shane,

    Currently, I use “TheBrain” (Can’t live without this one), “MissingLink Project Management” for Outlook, “Notezilla” (because the Note Spawn feature and synchronization with Outlook), and “GoalScape” (My last discovery and love it).


  • Hi Shane,

    Great idea to have an app of the week. For a simple, easy to use yet powerful CRM check out Nimble, the Social CRM which integrates all of your social network accounts and email as well as all of the traditional features of a CRM system, contacts, diary, lead tracking, etc. Full disclosure: Smartcloud is a Nimble partner and you can find info about Nimble on our site – http://www.smartcloud.ie/nimble

    Looking forward to your weekly suggestions!

  • Coleen says:


    Thank you so much for starting app of the week. Your first video was excellent. I can’t wait to get started using both apps. I am looking forward to see what next Thursday brings.

    Coleen E

  • Oakland says:

    Great information will definitely check asana. Instead of evernote I use diigo.com have you ever looked at that.

  • Scott Rogers says:

    Thank you Shane…. this is going to be a great service and feature of our friendship! This 2 apps look fantastic and should save clutter ON my physical desktop, and IN my virtual desktop. I wonder what 3M will do since I will be purchase so much less Post-it Notes!

    I always have TOO MANY creative thoughts that I put down in too many places, and then can’t FIND or PRIORITIZE them how I need them —- when you run a one man company one is unable to delegate too much to oneself!

    I’m not sure here is the place… but… I need an useful, simple, minimalist APP for an email “followup” or “reminder” for design proofs that I send out from Thunderbird. I send out complimentary designs (a linked pdf in Dropbox) to clients. If they DON’T RESPOND in 7 days, I want to followup with an email reminder (or did you get this?). I have tried to use the calendar plugin for Thunderbird, without much success.

    Thanks Mr. Value Added,


    • Shane says:

      Hey Scott,

      How’s the business going? I remember checking out your site a while ago. :)

      I don’t know if the thing you’re looking for exists, but perhaps you can “build” it for yourself, using IFTTT.
      IFTTT is a service that lets you connect together various other services. Maybe you can create a rule like “If I send an email like this, then create a reminder here”.

  • Phil Marston says:

    Great advice Shane. I use MS OneNote rather than Evernote simply because it came free with Windows professional. It is very comprehensive, but I must admit I use it primarily for screen capture. I must start using it’s other capabilities as well. I tend to use Freemind to capture ideas in Mindmap form, and I have a “Mindmap of Mindmaps” so I don’t lose track of all those different ideas.
    I have never found a project management tool that ticked all the boxes so I will definitely give Asana a try.

    Thanks, and keep up the good work!


  • Rushi says:

    HI Shane I am Trying to buy secockpit , and the payment method is only paypal, There ia a problem with my paypal account so that i can not use my paypal account for the payment process.and i know with out creating a paypal account i can made a payment , but the paypal is forcing me to create account and pay. So please let me know is there any other payment options.


    • Shane says:

      Hi, I sent you the support link for the SECockpit team. I’m sure they can help you out.

  • Ben says:

    Shane, How many hours do you have in your day? I only have 24, but it seems like you have much more than that!

    Great idea with the app sharing thing. I use Evernote every single day, but Asana is new to me… I’ve used Remember the Milk for tasks.

    Have you used remember the milk? What is your thoughts on the difference if you have used it.

    • Shane says:

      I tried RTM quite a long time ago. The user interface didn’t really work for me, although I can’t remember the details of why I stopped using it.

      What I can say is that most other solutions seem very sluggish, compared to Asana.

  • James says:

    Thanks Shane I will give it a go

  • Andy says:

    Hi Shane ,

    Thanks so much for this APP of the week … I have bought a few of your product Hybrid connect etc … And looking forward to implementing them , as they have stellar reports …

    I have signed up for app of the week since first launch , but do not seems to be receiving mails .. Can you check this for me ??

    Thanks again .

  • RexSpencer says:

    I see you share my passion for things that make business’s more efficient. I’m looking forward to seeing future posts. I purchased Hybrid Connect and looking forward to implementing it on my site.


    BTW.. I’ve used Evernote before but didn’t organize it like you did. I use OneNote but not the way it should be used. Asana would be awesome if it allowed a critical path and task linking but maybe that would make it too complicated.

    • Shane says:

      Thanks for your comment, Rex!

      I do have a passion for software and anything that I can use to run my business. It’s a bit of an obsession, really, but I’m looking at this App of the Week thing as a healthy outlet. :)

  • Stephen says:

    I’m a bit of a software junky so App of the Week is right up my alley. Have been searching for a good project management program for some time now but never heard of Asana. Thanks for the share. Been using Evernote for awhile to cut down on the many sticky notes and scribbles that cover my desk. Cheers Shane

  • Peter says:

    Hello Shane,

    Good advice. I have used Evernote for some time and can strongly agree that any serious business should use it. In the past I have tried other programs but Evernote beats them all.

    Regarding project management I started years ago with pen and paper but that was a problem as I had to write fast to get everything down and then could not remember what my abbreviated note meant or I could not read my own hand writing. I progressed to using a text file but each page was stored in different project folders. Then project management software started to appear online. I’ve tried a few but they all lack something. Asana looks very interesting. I can imagine it avoids many of the problems I have seen on other programs. I am going to give it a try.

    Thank you for the information.

    Best regards,


  • Thank you Shane great tools to help us with our business

    Pat Brosnan

  • Jean-Gardner says:

    Thanks for the Asana recommendation, Shane! I’ve used Evernote for a couple of years now, but you’re correct that it’s not too strong in task mgt. The synergy you described should help my productivity.


  • Chris says:

    Hi Shane,

    I’ll certainly check out asana. However from my experience I much prefered Springpad to Evernote.

    Kind Regards

  • Rusty Eddy says:

    Hi Shane,

    Just became a hybridconnect user great work!

    What a coincidence, LOVING it so far. Over the past years I have used, basecamp, active collab, gqueues, remeberthemilk (really love remember the milk for simple task lists, but it’s not a PM tool), insightly..

    As for the last day, I am loving asana and pretty sure I’ll stick with it.

    One small nit with Asana is that I really wish It provided a “page” feature, as I typically like to gather high level ‘notes and resources’ associated with tasks that don’t quite fit into a “task”.

    However, a simple link to a google doc solves that problem.

    At anyrate, good stuff. Been an evernote user for a couple years now, it just keeps getting better.


  • Phil says:

    Hi Shane,

    Thanks for those tips. Might be that asana is a great tool but they lost my trust already right at the beginning. Went to asana.com with my Android tablet and have been immediately redirected to a signup/login page. No about page, no what we do, nothing, nada… Of course I already got some insight through your geat video but if someone asks me to pay first (with my contact info) before telling me what they’ll deliver, I’m off. Evernote of course is anamazing tool I use for different purposes (shared bookmarking, research etfc.)


  • Pat says:

    Evernote is a must

    • Shane says:

      Agreed. Can’t quite remember what life was like, before Evernote. :P

  • Jeffrey says:

    I am a huge Evernote fan. It is a great place to not only organize your ideas but to store business papers in PDF format in order to go paperless!

    I have also been a longstanding fan of Toodledo. I don’t have a team so I don’t need that functionality. But I’m going to give Asana a try to see if it flows better than Toodledo. Who knows? I may be a convert.

  • Andrea Nagar says:

    Thanks for the video review. It’s great to see applications reviewed on video. I’m looking forward to see the other reviews.

  • Mary-Ellen McAllister says:

    I love this series already! I’ve been looking for something like this.
    you are awesome!

  • Bill says:

    Shane thanks for the heads-up on Asana. It looks really useful particularly if used with Evernkte as you suggest.

    Keep on breaking the rules!


    • Shane says:

      Thanks, Bill! Asana gets better the more I use it. I’m sure you’ll love it as well. :)

  • Great recommendations Shane!

    I’m fairly new to your mailing list after purchasing Hybrid Connect, however every email has been really informative and helpful. Great stuff.

    I already use Evernote half-heartedly but I can see how with Asana, they can both be used as a great organisational tool. Will be getting that app very soon.

    Looking forward to next Thursday now.


  • Gordon says:

    Hi Shane, Evernote is a very popular choice, but I started using Asana, and then I moved to Podio, which in my opinion is MUCH better – take a look: http://www.podio.com – let me know what you think…


  • Gordon says:

    Also – a very minor point – but you could do with adding in a bit more skin tones into your video, as you look VERY pale…. Don’t want you passing out before telling us of the new apps you found…

  • Paul says:

    Hi Shane,

    Been using Evernote for a few years, started with just text and as it evolved I have introduced the bells and whistles. It is my total brain dump of everything but still easy to find even the smallest bit of info no mater how old.

    Also coincidentally started using Asana this morning a few hours before watching your video. Moved from Toodledo (used it for more than a year) and have to say it is great.

    Great indus and all that ;)



    • Shane says:

      Good stuff, Paul!
      I used Toodledo for a while as well. It’s quite nice, but Asana beats it hands down for working with teams, IMO.

  • Jason Mathes says:

    Great video post! I’m definitely going to have to look into Asana as my client list grows I’m finding a bigger need to keep all my tasks straight!

    I’m a huge Evermore fan too. I like using the voice recorder tho take down quick ideas. It’s faster than typing while on my mobile device and I can go back and create more detailed notes later on.

  • Great post. I think TeamBox is equal to Asana. Both are really good, price competitive and offer a streamlined UI.

    While Evernote is good, check out NoteSuite. It is billed as the ‘Evernote Killer’. The CEO has worked in a number of top software companies, including senior management at Apple. Currently it only has a Mac and iPad version but iPhone and Windows are set for release this year.

    No subscription fees, 5 apps in 1 and a much better indexing system to find your notes. Notesuite is my pick above Evernote.

    • Shane says:

      Thanks for the recommendations, Brendan! I’ll have to give NoteSuite a look.

  • Rowland says:

    Hi Shane,

    I’ve been using OneNote but taking a look at EverNote as it looks like it has good features for capturing info from the Web while researching ideas. And Asana looks fantastic, I set it up for some home projects and may try it for a small work team too!

    Thanks so much, looks like a very useful series – how many weeks can you come up with something this good :) ?!


    • Shane says:

      Thanks for the reply, Rowland!

      I can’t keep it up indefinitely, but there are many good tools yet to come. :)

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