Introducing the Impact App of the Week

This week, I’m introducing a new show called the “App of the Week”.

If you’re an email subscriber, you already know about this (because subscribers always get extra special treatment, around here).

What is the App of the Week all about, why should you care and how can you take part?

Read on to find out…

All of the Apps, None of the Distraction

I have a thing for apps, software and gadgets.

I love technology, even when it’s just for technology’s sake and doesn’t really serve a useful purpose.

Maybe not when it's quite as useless as this...

When it comes to your online business and technology, you’ve probably experienced the following dilemma:

On the one hand, without technology, the business is impossible to run. But on the other hand, it’s easy to get completely distracted and overwhelmed with the sheer amount of options available.

You have to walk that fine line between finding and using all the tools that will actually help your business, but not over-analyzing or over-indulging in too many different tools.

App of the Week is a show that will help you solve this problem.

Here’s Exactly What You Get

Every Thursday, I will present one app. This can be some desktop software, an online app, a service or even a mobile app. It can be a free or paid app.

The only criteria are that each App of the Week is software based (i.e. no information products) and that it’s extremely useful for anyone building and running an online business.

Think of it like this: I’m out there, scouring the web for apps and tools all day long, anyway (because I’m a bit obsessive like that). Plus, I have ridiculously high standards. I honestly don’t know anyone who’s nearly as picky as me.

With the App of the Week, you can now make use of this because I’ll show you one app that passed through my “this is good enough” filters, every week.

And with each app, you’ll know that I’ve tested and used it, otherwise I wouldn’t recommend it.

Plus, in every episode, I don’t only show you what the app is, but also how you can best use it to grow your business. My promise is this: once every week, you’ll discover a really cool app and after watching a short video, you’ll instantly know whether or not it’s something you need.

No more guesswork, no lengthy testing you have to do yourself.

And no more overwhelm, because it’s one per week, not several per day.

How You Get In On This

Simple: to receive the App of the Week updates, just sign up below. Note that you have to sign up, even if you are already subscribed to my regular newsletter. The App of the Week is a separate show and I’m only sending these updates to people who ask for them.

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Sign up now and you’ll instantly receive my first App of the Week recommendation. After that, you’ll get one new update every Thursday.

See you soon!

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