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Watch the video to see how you can combine your apps into your ultimate business suite:


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There is also a very similar service called IFTTT. I chose Zapier as the App of the Week, because it seems to have a bit more of a business focus, but I think it’s only fair to mention both solutions.

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Also, if you have any favorite apps that you think deserve a spot on this show, nominate them by mentioning them in your comment!


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  • David says:

    Shane this is awesome! I’ll be using it right away for multiple things. thanks!

  • Zane says:

    Awesome, it is, as David says in the first comment, but right now Zapier seems a little bit too complex for me. I am not sure if it is the right thing when your have a lot of trouble getting organized.

    Yes, I know it sounds like a contradiction but at least in my case I can’t do too much automation too fast or I get lost and the remedy ends up being worst than the problem.

    In any case your app of the week is truly interesting. I wonder how you, Shane, get so much done. Sometimes, I find myself wishing to have been born with a more analytical mind!

    • Shane says:

      That’s a very good point, actually. This kind of thing can get out of hand, if you’re not careful. IMO, these connections should never be set up for the sake of it. Only use specifically features that you know will benefit you in a very real way. There’s no benefit to overloading your inbox or calendar with dozens of automated messages and tasks.

  • Neil Walker says:

    Nice one Shane – I’ve been using ‘If This Then That’ for a while now and you are right, it’s very similar to Zapier – even the interface on IFTTT is almost exactly the same. There are definitely a ton of ways of using these ‘meta-apps’ – (a bit like macros for apps). I have mine set to ping me if there is a project with the keyword ‘video’ posted in Elance – then I can just quickly scan through the e-mails to see if any of the projects are worth responding to.

    • Shane says:

      Thanks, Neil! That’s a great example of how to use these kinds of apps!

  • Dr. David says:

    Brilliant!! Thank you, Shane. I can’t wait to explore this App fully.

  • Tony A says:

    Thanks Shane. Looks like another interesting tool that could help with productivity (once mastered anyway). It certainly seems to have plenty of potential apps that can be linked together.

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